Cannabis Glossary

Utopia Cannabis technicians monitor vacuum ovens that purify solvent hash. (Elise Mcdonough for Leafly)
Vacuum oven

Vacuum ovens are commonly used by extract manufacturers, specifically BHO makers, to purge butane and other impurities from concentrates. This specialized oven dries cannabis through a vacuum chamber rather than through conductive or convective heat. A vacuum chamber reduces pressure and boiling points of substances inside the oven, allowing for easy evaporation of unwanted contaminants.

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Valencene is a terpene that can be found in small amounts in some cannabis strains, and has the aroma of sweet orange, fresh herbs, or freshly cut wood. It is commonly found in Valencia oranges, for which it is named. Valencene has been shown to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergic properties.

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To inhale cannabis vapor from a vaporizer, vape pen, dab rig, or e-nail. Vaping cannabis is typically considered to be less harmful than smoking.   “I was vaping off a one-gram cart all weekend long.

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Vape pen

A common type of vaporizer, vape pens are handheld, discreet, and can fit in your pocket. They usually consist of a battery with a cartridge, or “cart,” that screws on top; the cart contains cannabis oil and a heating element.

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The conversion of a substance from a liquid or solid state to a gas. Vaporization usually heats cannabis between 356-392°F (180-200°C), at a lower temperature than combustion, preserving more cannabinoids and terpenes, and is generally thought to be healthier than smoking.

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A vaporizer is any device that uses heat to vaporize cannabis. Vaporizers can be small and portable or large tabletop devices, and can vaporize cannabis oil or flower. Vaporizing cannabis is typically considered to be less harmful than smoking.   “I prefer vaporizing flower to oil.

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Vegetative stage

The period of growth of a cannabis plant after the seedling stage and before the flowering stage. During the vegetative, or veg, stage, cannabis plants grow the most, packing on branches and fan leaves but not buds.  “These veg plants are huge—I need to flip them into flower soon.

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Venturi chamber

A feature on a bong that funnels and spins smoke, cooling it and creating a smoother hit. The Venturi chamber is named after the Venturi effect, discovered by Italian physicist Giovanni Battista Venturi. “This Venturi chamber creates a spiral of smoke when I hit it.

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