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Cannabis Glossary


A Hindi term for cannabis that refers to the plant’s buds, which are meant to be smoked. The term is most commonly associated with Rastafari culture and is used in Jamaica but originates in India.  “This ganja is fire.”  “The best ganja I ever had was in Kingston, Jamaica.

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Short for “gasoline,” gas or gassy is a term that refers to the aroma of certain types of marijuana that are peppery, spicy, astringent, biting, bitter, or earthy.

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Genotype is the genetic blueprint or code of a cannabis plant. The physical expression or appearance of a plant depends in part on the plant’s genotype. The environmental conditions in which a cannabis plant grows also plays a significant role in determining the activation or suppression of specific genes.

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Geranyl, also known as geranyl acetate, is a terpene found in cannabis that emits a pleasantly fruity, floral scent. Studies indicate that geranyl boasts a number of therapeutic properties, such as antimicrobial action. Geranyl is present in high levels in cannabis cultivar Zkittlez, known for its fruit-forward aroma.

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The process in which a cannabis seed sprouts, which will eventually turn into a full plant.  How to germinate a cannabis seed Cannabis seeds need three things to germinate: water, heat, and air.

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The most popular material used to make pipes and bongs. Glass is a favorite because flavors won’t leach into your cannabis and it can withstand temperatures well. Glass is also easy to manipulate and create artistic pieces with.

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What is a gram of weed? A gram of weed is one of the smallest amount of weed you can buy from a dispensary. Many people choose to buy a gram of weed because they don’t smoke often or because they are planning on smoking the gram right away.

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Green out

While there are no known cases of overdosing on cannabis or it sustaining permanent damage to an individual, “greening out” refers to feeling adverse effects after consuming too much cannabis, including dizziness, nausea, disorientation, anxiety, passing out, and sometimes vomiting.  “I greened out after eating a pot brownie that was waaay too potent.

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A structure used to help grow cannabis outdoors, a greenhouse protects plants from the elements and helps regulate temperature and humidity. Greenhouses are environmentally friendly because they use natural sunlight and don’t use the heavy amount of resources that indoor growing does.

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What is a Grinder and How Do You Use It for Cannabis?

A grinder is a tool used for grinding up dried cannabis flower into smaller pieces for a more even burn when smoking, usually to roll into a joint or blunt, or for cooking into oil for edibles.

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Guaiol, also known as champacol, is a lesser-known cannabis terpene that tends to appear only in trace amounts according to lab testing. It is known to carry a sharp woody aroma similar to pine.

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