Cannabis Glossary

The terpene ocimene is awesome. (Leafly)

Ocimene is a common terpene found in some types of cannabis, as well as in a wide variety of other plants, such as mint, parsley, pepper, basil, mangoes, orchids, and kumquats. Typically recognized for its sweet, fragrant, herbaceous, and woodsy notes, this terpene often functions to help plants defend themselves in their natural environment.

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A glass bowl piece for bongs that features a built-in glass screen to maximize airflow, provide even burning, and reduce clogging.  “I can smoke half the flower I usually do because this octobowl is so efficient.

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OGs, also known as “Kushes,” are a family of cannabis phenotypes that were originally cultivated in California from seeds obtained at a Grateful Dead concert, believed to be related to Chemdog and Hindu Kush varieties. OGs are some of the most popular cannabis cultivars and are known around the world.

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A Grav one hitter.

As the name implies, a one-hitter is a small pipe designed for just one hit at a time. One-hitters often have the bowl facing straight out, away from the mouthpiece, rather than on the top of the pipe, and usually don’t have a carb.

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Open blasting

Open blasting is an outdated method of cannabis extraction that uses a flammable solvent outside of a closed-loop system to “blast” trichomes off cannabis plant material. It is highly dangerous and does not meet standards for licensed cannabis extraction in any state because the flammable substances are not enclosed. It is not recommended.

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Slang word for weed. It’s a playful take on “yes” in French—“oui”—which, when pronounced, sounds like “wee,” with the letter “d” added to it: “weed.” Other variants are “oui’d” and “ouide.

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An ounce is a common unit of measurement for weighing cannabis. An ounce of weed equals 28 grams. In the legal cannabis market, an ounce of cannabis flower is usually the most weed you can buy and possess at once.

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Cannabis grown outside, exposed to the open environment. Outdoor cannabis is generally cheaper to grow and more environmentally friendly than indoor cannabis because it uses light from the sun. A greenhouse can be used to protect and help control the outdoor environment.

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