Sploofs 101: How to reduce smell when smoking cannabis

Published on January 10, 2022 · Last updated October 25, 2022
DIY weed sploof
A DIY sploof to reduce the smell of smoking weed. (Jesse Milns for Leafly)

Cannabis, for all its merits, has one drawback—it lacks subtlety. The aroma of a joint you light in one room may linger and even carry into the next; a quick sesh in the car or in the park may give you away. Lucky for us, inventive smokers have designed some sleek solutions: the sploof.

What is a sploof?

Instead of stuffing a towel under the door the next time you smoke weed, take odor control to the next level.

The sploof is a classic stoner device used for weed odor reduction that you can make out of common household items, or splurge on a high-tech design. It’s a handheld smoke filter that separates particulate matter from exhaled smoke, reducing the pungency of its smell and keeping you discreet.

Why use a sploof?

Sploofs aren’t 100% smell-proof, but they will help reduce the dank stank of your cannabis.

Whether or not cannabis is legal where you live, the stigma of weed odor persists, and public consumption often isn’t allowed even in adult-use states. Even if you’re OK with the smell of weed, you likely have to contend with roommates, parents, neighbors, or others who might take issue with the skunky scent of smoking cannabis.

To maintain a low profile and respect those who don’t like the smell of cannabis, or if you simply don’t want your own place to reek of weed, try using a sploof.

How well do sploofs work?

The efficacy of your sploof will depend on how you make it or where you buy it from; an electronic sploof made by a cannabis accessory company will always trump a homemade sploof made from a toilet paper roll and a dryer sheet. But even a DIY sploof will drastically reduce the smell of weed in the air.   

How to use a sploof

Whether you make your own or buy a pre-made sploof, the process remains the same. After you take a hit of weed, simply blow the smoke into one end of the device and the sploof will scrub the smoke as it goes through.

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How long does a sploof last?

The lifespan of a sploof varies. If you’ve made one out of a toilet roll and dryer sheets, don’t expect more than a handful of uses. Many automated sploofs have filters that can last hundreds of draws before they need to be changed.

How to make a DIY sploof

DIY weed sploof
A DIY sploof to reduce the smell of smoking weed. (Jesse Milns for Leafly)

Need a sploof fast and at practically no cost?

All you need to MacGyver your own DIY sploof is:

  • Finished toilet paper roll
  • 6 dryer sheets
  • 2 rubber bands

To make the sploof:

  1. Stuff the toilet paper roll with four dryer sheets
  2. Cover one end with two more dryer sheets
  3. Secure the dryer sheets snuggly over the end with rubber bands

And there you have it, a sploof that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

You can even decorate it too. Want to call it “David Blowie,” in honor of the rockstar’s 1976 arrest for weed? Go right ahead! You can even bedazzle it with fake jewels if you’re into arts and crafts.

How to make a sploof without dryer sheets

If you’re not a fan of dryer sheets or don’t have them lying around, you can easily adapt your sploof-making. Keep in mind, this may not work as well as using dryer sheets. You’ll need:

  • Finished toilet paper roll
  • 1-2 paper towels
  • Air freshener or fragrance
  • 2 rubber bands
  1. Spray the paper towels with air freshener/fragrance
  2. Stuff the toilet paper roll with part of the paper towel
  3. Cover one end with the rest of the paper towel. Make sure it smells like your intended fragrance.
  4. Secure the paper towels snuggly over the end with rubber bands

Best sploofs you can buy

Let’s be honest, your homemade sploof just can’t compare with the air-tight manufactured ones with chambers and carbon filters—though it’s certainly better than no sploof at all. But if you have the cash to spare, investing in a long-term sploof can take the stress out of your smoke sesh.

Here are some sploofs you can buy online or in a store.


The Smokebuddy. (Jesse Milns for Leafly)

Cost: $20-30

The Smokebuddy is the OG handheld smoke filter. They’ve been around since 2008, and have consistently innovated their models with new designs.

While the Smokebuddy fits in your hand, its bulk probably won’t fit in your pocket. The Smokebuddy comes in a variety of visual designs, including tie-dye, camo, or your favorite primary and secondary colors.

The company estimates the Smokebuddy lasts for about 300 exhales. They also have a small “junior” model, as well as a large “mega” model, in case you need to take it on the go or want to keep one around the house.

Eco Four Twenty

eco 420 sploof
The Eco Four Twenty sploof. (Jesse Milns for Leafly)

Cost: $30 US; $35 CAD

Replacement filters: $15 US; $21 CAD (pack of 2)

The Eco Four Twenty is sleek and solid with an aircraft-grade aluminum casing. It feels much like a regular sploof, just fancier. This small, cylindrical device is a heavyweight that exudes: “I am unbreakable.” Perfect for a long, hearty smoke circle. 

While it costs a bit more than the Smokebuddy, the Eco Four Twenty has a replaceable cartridge system that uses activated carbon smoke filters as well as a HEPA filter, good for 500 exhales.

The Eco Four Twenty feels good in your hand and is attractive enough to leave on your coffee table. The replaceable filter makes it one of the more eco-friendly options. Plus the founders are Canadian!


The Sploofy. (Jesse Milns for Leafly)

Cost: $22 US; $25 CAD

Replacement filters: $30 US; $38 CAD (pack of 3)

Sploofy was one of the first competitors to Smokebuddy and has a legion of fans. They are on version three of the device, which has a reusable smoke filter system and boasts a non-plastic, biodegradable filter.

While Sploofy’s website doesn’t estimate how many exhales you get, this bad boy lasted us quite a while.

The device is covered with a sheath of hard plastic, which reveals an ugly undercarriage containing the filter and a big wad of glue holding a mesh screen onto the filter. But hey, does anyone’s car look clean under the hood?

Ashley Keenan, Amelia Williams, and Pat Goggins contributed to this article.

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