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Devon Scoble

Devon Scoble is the Guides Editor for Leafly Canada. Devon has over a decade's experience as a lifestyle writer and editor, and has spent the last three years focusing exclusively on cannabis stories. Find her on Twitter @devonscoble.

Most popular articles

6 Weed-Loving Parents Share Tips for Consuming Cannabis at Home

To toke in front of the kids or not to toke in front of the kids? That’s the question

Devon Scoble - December 13, 2018

What to do with disappointing weed

Mids become magic with these practical tips for transforming bad strains into good—or at least better—experiences.

Devon Scoble - July 15, 2019

Conceive With Caution: How Cannabis Can Affect Fertility

Is there enough evidence surrounding cannabis and infertility to make any conclusive claims?

Devon Scoble - July 10, 2019

Articles contributed to Leafly (by most recent)

A cannabis-friendly Canadian Thanksgiving guide

Just because cannabis is legal doesn't mean it's always accepted, or understood—or that you can make the creamiest ever cannabis-infused mashed potatoes without a little help. Thankfully, Leafly Canada has you covered in this comprehensive guide to hosting—and enjoying—a cannabis-friendly Thanksgiving.

Devon Scoble - October 8, 2019

How to put out a great weed board for your next party

Whether weed is the central attraction of your event, or simply a social stimulator, these hosting tips will ensure the party starts—and stays—on a high note.

Devon Scoble - October 8, 2019

A cannabis-infused Canadian Thanksgiving feast

From creamy mashed potatoes to mini pumpkin cheesecakes, these cannabis-infused Thanksgiving sides and desserts are brimming with fall flavours.

Devon Scoble - October 4, 2019

How to talk to your grandparents about cannabis

Six tips for talking to boomers and their parents about weed.

Devon Scoble - September 20, 2019

What Canadians need to know about cannabis on campus

A crash course in cannabis consumption at post-secondary institutes across Canada.

Devon Scoble - August 23, 2019

Meet Canada’s Coolest Cannabis Professors

Meet six cannabis professors bringing street credibility and academic accolades to classrooms across Canada.

Devon Scoble - August 22, 2019

The Stoned College Student’s Guide to Getting Good Grades

Successful, cannabis-loving graduates offer stoner-specific tips for balancing fun and academia for your next post-secondary semester.

Devon Scoble - August 21, 2019

How Canadian retailers guide customers to the right kind of cannabis

Whether categorized by cultivar or suggested effects, Canadian retailers are getting creative when it comes to guiding customers to cannabis products.

Devon Scoble - August 19, 2019

7 Scenic Smoke Spots in Ontario

Take a deep inhale—these scenic spots will have you exhaling in no time.

Devon Scoble - July 18, 2019

Leafly’s Guide to Cannabis in Ontario Cottage Country

Pot shops, attractions, and scenic smoke spots en route to your cottage or campground.

Devon Scoble - July 16, 2019