How to put out a great weed board for your next party

Published on October 8, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
Weed board, grinder, pipe, bud bar, records, ashtray
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It’s your party—get high if you want to.

No more rolling joints in the bathroom or sneaking to the backyard for a sly puff—now that cannabis is legal in Canada, you can go ahead and share it with the same care and attention you’d give to a cheeseboard, a charcuterie platter, or a selection of spirits. Call it what you want: a rolling station, a cannabis cabana, or first stop on the fun train, but a weed board is exactly what you think it is—a selection of cannabis products presented for sharing.

Below you’ll find suggestions for tailoring your weed board to different types of parties, but first, some general advice:

Variety is key

The same strategy that makes for a stellar cheeseboard or a bang-up cocktail bar apply here—offer a variety of options so guests can choose their own adventures according to preference, tolerance, and intention.

Consider ‘the rule of three’

There’s a concept among writers called ‘the rule of three’, the idea being that three characters are better than two. Jack and Janet need Chrissy to make company, and there’s no magic to Harry and Ron without Hermione, or so it goes.

What is a party but a story waiting to be told? Cast yours well by offering a minimum of three choices. You can’t go wrong with one high-THC product, one balanced or 1:1 option, and a low-to-no THC or microdose option.

Accessories help

Just as a selection of cheese demands tiny knives and crackers, an array of weed needs tools for processing and consuming. Which accessories you should present depends on the cannabis you’ll be serving, but it’s not rocket science: if you’re offering a selection of pre-rolls, put out an ashtray and lighters, or hemp wicks if you’re feeling fancy. If you prefer to supply buds, then a rolling surface, grinders, papers or pipes, and tools to help pack and prepare the pot will be appreciated. Serving infused pudding? Spoons and serviettes, please.

Set your budget—and your intention

As you start planning your party, remind yourself why you want to include cannabis in the first place: because it’s fun! It’s perfectly fine to show off your fancy accessories and arrange your flower for friends and Insta baes to admire, but if budget is a concern, spend your money on the one thing that actually affects your guests’ experiences: the cannabis itself. We can’t all live like Kardashians, but we can all be considerate hosts, so choose the best cannabis you can afford and get ready to rock (and roll).

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Tailor your weed board to your party

Let’s just get this out of the way—these tips are for grownup parties. For specific advice on consuming around kids, visit here.

Sunday funday brunch

Brunch weed board, bagel, coffee, CBD coconut oil

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Lazy Sundays get their due when you include cannabis at brunch. Whether you’re hoping to start the day on a healthy high note or kick hangovers to the curb, this weed board has you covered.

What to serve:

  • CBD-infused coconut oil for eating, drinking and rubbing into Saturday-sore soles
  • Your favourite energizing flower, preferably a balanced or 1:1 strain
  • Your favourite energizing high-THC flower

Pair it with:

Coffee, tea, and baked goods—all tasty vessels for mixing or schmearing with CBD-coconut oil.

Take it up a notch:

Focus on cultivars that complement or contrast the dominant flavours of your menu: try chocolate-leaning cultivars with coffee, or flower with berry notes to go with, well, berries. Choose accessories according to mood and intention—put out a vape or two to complement a health-oriented meal, or a pipe, papers and bong to smoke out Saturday’s damage and inspire you to dig into those hash browns.

Big game night

Weed board, prerolls, pipe, bong, popcorn

Forget the flower—you’re here to cheer, so save yourself the hassle of rolling during the game and opt for infused bevies and pre-rolls or pre-packed vapes. Go team!
What to serve:

  • A microdosed cannabis-infused ‘mocktail’
  • 1:1 pre-rolls packed with focus-enhancing pinene-rich flower (so you can keep your eye on the ball)
  • A vaporizer full of CBD flower (for post-game recovery—useful whether you need to take the edge off the loss or come down from the win)

Pair it with:

Chips, pretzels, nachos and other armchair athlete classics.

Take it to the next level:

Order rolling papers in your team colours, and display the joints inside team-branded merch, such as shot glasses or cups.

Classic cocktail party

Party weed board, cheese board, rolling station

Jesse Milns/Leafly

Maybe we need a new name for this kind of party, since it doesn’t require cocktails to be successful—simply add cannabis and stir. To inspire an evening of conversation and conviviality, seek out energizing strains (look for the terpenes pinene or terpinolene), and encourage anxious guests to go heavy on the CBD, which can mitigate social anxiety and paranoia.

What to serve:

  • A selection of cannabis-infused edibles, including CBD-only options
  • Pre-rolls in varying sizes and potencies
  • A variety of flower so guests can mix, match and roll their own salad joints

Don’t forget:

Labels! Use pop-up cards, appetizer flags or stickers to describe the evening’s offerings, including details like cannabinoid composition, terpene profile, dose per unit, and reminders to cannabis newbies to start low and go slow.

Pair it with:

Put your weed board next to the cheese board for the ultimate congregation station.

Take it to the next level:

Group or label items according to potency, for instance ‘mild’, ‘medium’ and ‘oh my.’

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