Photos: See Canada’s first legal homegrow harvest

Published on October 24, 2019 · Last updated November 16, 2020
Devon Scoble/Leafly

Canadians from coast to coast are celebrating their first legal outdoor harvest this fall.

While cannabis was legalized in Canada in October 2018, it wasn’t until the following spring when many Canadians planted their inaugural legal seeds. Now, as our short growing season comes to a close, it’s time to admire the fruits of this labour of love.

Check out these photos submitted by members of Leafly’s homegrowing community and glean insights from fellow green thumbs as they share highlights and challenges of homegrowing in Canada’s newly legal landscape.

Photo by Scotty

I only grew two plants this year but they were honestly very simple and I loved the process.

Challenges: “Overall the process was simple and it is such a relief to be able to grow your bud right in your own backyard.

I don’t think most people would realize just how easy it is to grow great weed at home!” – Scotty

Photo by Pot Luck

How to make your own DIY cannabis topicals

Photo by Debra

I relied on my knowledge of 20+years as an organic veg gardener and used the tricks I had.

“I suffer with chronic back pain and PTSD since birth.

Highlights: Nothing in these 64+ years has worked as well as cannabis to relieve the pain, and help me cope with every day life. I am thankful to all those who have gone before me. All the “How To” videos that have taught me the skills to make my own oils, butter, salves, hash, gummies. THANK YOU” – Debra

Photo by Anonymous

Photo by Little Lady

Challenges: “Aphids and predatory mites. Practice makes perfect.” – Little Lady

Photo by Pot in a pumpkin patch

Challenges: “I don’t have a clue what I’m doing but it looks pretty.” – Pot in a pumpkin patch

Photo by This bud’s for me

Photo by 2hands

Plans for this harvest: “Edibles.” – 2hands

Photo by Chicago Don

Highlights: “Plant only grew to a height of 23 inches. Yield of nearly 13 beautiful nugs. Grow time was 11 weeks from seed. Did very little maintenance. It is now time to harvest the cola and let the rest develop. It was fun watching the little girl grow.” – Chicago Don

Photo by Anonymous

Highlights: “This was my favourite plant. Grew amazing.” – Anonymous

Photo by Gary78

Plans for this harvest: “Probably just smoke it.” – Gary78

Photo by Lonestar Genetx

Challenges: “Gnats. I hung fly tape.” – Lonestar Genetx

Photo by No

Plans for this harvest: “Smoke it.” – No

Photo by Anonymous

Photo by SoOntarioGrow

Challenges: “I had to deal with the stresses of starting the plant outside then switching to inside once I had received the materials. The spider mites and powdery mold that are common in Southern Ontario traveled inside on the plant. Oh well, it worked out fine in the end anyhow, Happy Growing.” – SoOntarioGrow

Photo by Islington Village Balcony Grow

Highlights: “I grow on my balcony I’m very lucky it faces west. Auto allows for a fast harvest. I planted the seed on August 1.” – Islington Village Balcony Grow

Photo by Devon Scoble

Plans for this harvest: “I’ll use some of the leaves to infuse coconut oil for edibles and topicals, and some of them to mix with herbs that contain complimentary terpenes for custom teas. I’m also planning to dry the roots into a powder for tea. If the teas are as yummy as I hope they’ll be, I’ll give them away as Christmas gifts.” – Devon Scoble

Photo by Rory

Highlights: “This year was my first attempt. Grown 100% organically. Learned a lot and can’t wait to do it better next year.” – Rory

Photo by Dreemaholic

Photo by Blair

This first run, I plan on utilizing the trim for oil.

Highlights: The seeds I planted where actually seeds I found in my LP bud. I didn’t expect much. Bought cheap nutrients, transplanted them to larger pots about 3 weeks later than I should’ve, and had clay in my pot.

Yet despite all of that, these ladies took off. Even with the horrible, wet summer, they were big and bushy. I didn’t trim, which by the end of August as they began to flower, and I was forced into the realization that I now needed a light and tent, I really wish I had of trimmed more. In a 36x36x60 tent, the 3 plants I have are crowded. Other than that, I really didn’t do much. Pretty hardy plants.” – Blair

Photo by Thatch

Photo by Pappy Swindle

Photo by Michael Wilson

Thank you to everyone who shared their photos. 

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