The best munchies for keto, paleo, and vegan diets

Published on January 19, 2023 · Last updated February 24, 2023
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Think about the last stoner comedy you watched: Did any of the characters, amongst their prolific smoking seshes and slapstick antics, ever stop to eat a vegetable? The enduring stoner myth positions cannabis users as diametrically opposed to health and wellness, but research supports the idea that people who smoke cannabis doenjoy exercise

In fact, Leafly has previously reported  growing research indicating that cannabis may positively impact consumers’ metabolisms, and that regular cannabis users have lower rates of obesity and lower BMIs than non-users. 

As a new year begins, many people are implementing changes in their diets, like incorporating more sustaining nutrients into their daily meals and limiting processed foods and sugars. Although Keto, paleo, and vegan diets may seem exotic,  they often provide instrumental guidelines for developing consistent and healthy approaches for nourishing the body. 

Don’t let the word “diet” fool you—you can still enjoy a plethora of munchies without feeling like you’re compromising your health and wellness journey. Here are some stoner snacks to enjoy and sustain you if you’re ready to try a keto, paleo, or vegan diet.

Best keto munchies to snack on when stoned

“Keto” is shorthand for the ketogenic diet, a diet that calls for high fat and moderate protein intake while minimizing carbs. When the body has no carbs to burn, our primary source of energy, it will enter ketosis and begin burning fat in order to produce energy. 

Many people try keto to lose weight, but it’s also recommended to help children manage conditions like epilepsy. Keep in mind that the keto diet makes it harder to get all your necessary nutrients on a daily basis, since fruits and vegetables are high in carbs and have no fat. Balance is key.

Charcuterie board (minus fruit and crackers)

Charcuterie Board with Cheese and Olives
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The renaissance of charcuterie arrangements may be waning, but they still make for an easy, keto-approved pick-me-up in between meals. While crackers, bread, and fruits (including jams and jellies) all contain significant carbs and sugars, the main players of the charcuterie board all pass muster. Lay out your favorite cheeses, cold cuts, olives, and certain low-carb nuts (pecan, macadamia) to munch on after your favorite strain has taken effect. 

If you’re feeling particularly inspired, you can lay all these finger foods on top of a keto-friendly cannabis butter board!

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Chips and guac

Avocados are a star player in keto diets; chips, not so much. But nowadays, you can find plenty of protein-based chip alternatives on the market if you’re hankering for something salty and savory, and you can even make your own keto tortilla chips. Let the tang of lime and sharp crunch of your keto-approved chip put your carb cravings to rest.

Chocolate peanut butter fat bombs

Don’t let the name scare you! We’ve all fallen victim to the late night sweet tooth rearing its ugly molar to drag us into the kitchen for any and all things glucose, and being stoned makes the temptation even  greater. When you need something sweet and quick but don’t want to break ketosis, these easy-to-make “fat bombs” pack sweetness, saltiness, and satiation into a handful of ingredients, including peanut butter, coconut oil, and unsweetened baking chocolate, all of which contain  minimal sweeteners and just a couple grams of carbs.

Best paleo munchies when stoned

The paleo diet reflects how human beings ate roughly 20,000 years ago during the Paleolithic era, also known as the Stone Age. The diet centers on meats, nuts, fish, eggs, and wild fruits and vegetables that were available before humans had started agricultural production. It omits grains, legumes, bread, sugar, processed foods, and dairy. People follow a paleo diet to help lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes, and to lose weight

Nut and trail mixes

Take yourself back to hunter-gatherer days by munching on some nuts and seeds. Nut mixes and trail mixes offer a reprieve from salty cravings, and most assortments found in stores are paleo-friendly. Just make sure the mix you pick doesn’t have oats or grains in it, and ideally no chocolate nibs. Dried fruit is okay. 

Biltong or beef jerky

shaved biltong jerky meat snack
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Meat was once a complete meal for humans around the world. After years of scientific research, it’s become more apparent that perhaps it shouldn’t be.  Still, protein was always a huge part of the human  diet before the advent of farming and widely available carbs. Biltong is essentially seasoned beef jerky with a South African twist, prepared so that the final product is leaner and retains more moisture than a Slim Jim. These snacks are a great way to fill up between meals if you’re feeling peckish.   

Fruit salad

fruit salad bowl kiwi berries
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If you’re hankering for a sweet treat, do like our ancestors did and munch on some fruit. For thousands of years, human beings had no consistent source of sugar.  Yet in the modern era, study after study shows that human beings today consume way too much sugar, which can lead to increased risks of diabetes, heart disease, and even memory problems. Back in the day, our ancestors munched on fruits for a glucose fix, so cut up your favorite apples, peel some oranges, and throw in some berries for good measure.

Best vegan munchies when stoned

Veganism is a diet that excludes any food or food product derived from animals, even if they have been farmed or harvested by ethical means. This means no meat, dairy, eggs, bones, stock, honey, or gelatin. Veganism relies on plants, fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, grains, and products made from plants. Modern veganism is often a reaction to the waste and cruelty of factory farming, and some people may choose veganism for health reasons or allergies. 


Surprised? One of the most versatile cookies available is also vegan—the icing and the cookie halves contain no animal products. Oreos are affordable, accessible, and available in a variety of types to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and other tasty cereals

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In almost every stoner movie or TV show, the main character will eat cereal at some point. This bodes well for vegans—most cereals are vegan. By swapping out dairy milk with  plant-based alternatives (oat, soy, almond, hemp, etc.), you can satisfy your sweet tooth in true Harold and Kumar fashion. 

Chips and salsa

A lot of these snacks reflect sugary and processed cravings, but there are plenty of healthy vegan snacks—in fact, most of the paleo and keto snacks are also vegan. To stay away from sugar, the classic combo of tortilla chips and a salsa of your choice makes a great fresh snack.

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