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The High Life Episode 4: Jeremy Potvin’s Next Day Job

The High Life Episode 4: Jeremy Potvin’s Next Day Job

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January 2, 2019
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The High Life features co-hosts Sarah Hanlon and Ian Campeau in a weekly discussion with some of the most fascinating Canadians, all of whom share an affinity for cannabis.

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The High Life, Episode 4: Jeremy Potvin

This week: Jeremy Potvin talks about transitioning from a career in fashion and tech to his latest venture, the cannabis startup Weedbox.

Meet Your Show Hosts

ian CampeauIan Campeau, a founding member of A Tribe Called Red, is a DJ, artist, and a leading force in both hip-hop and Canada’s indigenous cultural scene.


sarah hanlonSarah Hanlon, the winner of season three of Big Brother Canada, is a brash, outspoken pop culture maven and social media master.

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The High Life is produced at Leafly Canada’s headquarters in Toronto, and features the music of Toronto producer and hip-hop artist Junia-T.

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