Weekend Weirdness: The Traffic Lights in Serbia Are Looking a Little…Different

A prankster in Serbia has been sprucing up the traffic lights, changing each color to a different symbol. Whereas before red meant stop, it now displays a little heart. Yellow became a sunshine symbol, and green turned into a little cannabis leaf.

Altered traffic lights in Serbia featuring a cannabis leaf as the green light symbol

Altered traffic lights in Serbia (source: OzonPress)

The newly altered lights were spotted in a village called Ljubic, with two sets in the area identified as having received the facelift. Unfortunately, the joke was considered to be vandalism since the perpetrator actually painted each light black and then stenciled the symbols on top. Thankully, it was an inexpensive fix to replace the lenses (about $9 USD).

For many of us, “green” certainly means “go” in the cannabis movement (as in go support efforts to decriminalize and legalize, already!), and although the symbol change put a smile on our faces, we strongly advise that you don’t vandalize signs or transportation symbols in order to spread any pro-cannabis messaging.