Weekend Weirdness: Pig Gets the Cannabis Munchies, Won’t Share Its Stash

There's a drug-addicted menace plaguing Queensland, Australia, and he's been quite literally pigging out on some cannabis. When responding to reports of a "disturbance," Queensland police officers discovered a "large feral pig" munching quite contentedly on a cannabis plant.

The cops were unable to wrest the plant away from the portly porker, but they did search the property and discover an additional 140 grams of cannabis on the premises. The property's owner was subsequently charged with producing and possessing cannabis and is due in court later this month.

As for the pig — what a squealer, amirite? Here's hoping he doesn't end up on the chopping block, although I'll admit, cannabis-infused pork does sound mighty tasty. In fact, one Seattle butcher feeds cannabis stems, leaves, and root bulbs to his pigs to give their meat a "more savory bite." Mmmm…