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Alien Invasion: Extraterrestrial Cannabis Strains & Products

September 6, 2018
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E.T. phone … cannabis? If you’re a fan of all things extraterrestrial, then adding a touch of weed to the mix can only bolster those alien theories. After all, it’s only a matter of time before a few UFOs visit earth, and when that happens, what better earthly gift to give them than a bunch of fresh, potent nugs?

Get yourself ready for the inevitable invasion with spacey strains and these galactic alien-themed products below.

Alien Hand Pipe With Slime Accents by Stash Lab Technologies

(Courtesy of Stash Lab Technologies)

Dripping slime and terrifying teeth adorn this horror-movie favorite crafted into a terrifying yet functional pipe. The Alien Hand Pipe by Stash Lab Technologies plays on the alien buff in you. Just be sure no creepy-crawlies burst out of your chest at the end of your next exhale.

Price: $79.99

Cannabis Wilderness UFO Grinder by Jewelry Volt

(Courtesy of Jewelry Volt)

If aliens come to earth, the first thing they’ll beam up will probably be a bushel of herb. After all, if they’ve been studying us for a while, they can’t deny the good times that occur when we consume cannabis. Give them what they’re searching for with this Wilderness UFO Grinder by Jewelry Volt.

Price: $49.99

Strain: Purple Alien OG

So potent and pungent it’s almost from another world, Purple Alien OG will have you flying high at the first inhale. Relax and crush any signs of insomnia with this powerhouse strain.

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Spaced Out Pin by Pinch Co

(Courtesy of Pinch Co)

“Too spaced out to hang out” is the name of the game on this weedy Spaced Out alien pin from the artsy online shop, Witchsy. Pin it to your hat, backpack, shirt, shoes, socks … whatever you feel, but make sure it’s front and center when our outer space friends start searching for a new specimen to beam on up.

Price: $10

Piratt Alien Head Concentrate Rig by GlassX

(Courtesy of GlassX)

A bit on the pricey side (but oh so worth it) this Piratt Alien Head Concentrate Rig by GlassX is gorgeously crafted with unique and stunning alien elements. It’s a showstopper through and through, making it both functional and artistically sound in an absolute alien way.

Price: $870

Strain: Alien Kush

Touching down with powerful cerebral effects, Alien Kush will send you to outer space and back when you pack a pipe and toke up. Puff and pass this strain with your friends and take a ride to the moon together.

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Alien Head Hand Pipe by Jordy Minnick Glass

(Courtesy of Jordy Minnick Glass)

Another stunningly intricate glass piece, the Alien Head Hand Pipe by Jordy Minnick Glass is both creative and terrifying, making it the perfect piece when turning on your favorite alien-themed movie. Load up the bowl sink into a night of campy horror.

Price: $215

Take Me Home Patch by Moon & Bear

(Courtesy of Moon and Bear)

Ever feel like you belong amongst the stars and not on this earthly planet? Then check out the Take Me Home Patch by Moon & Bear. This sweetly stitched number will serve as a reminder that bigger and better things are out there—even if they’re millions of miles away.

Price: $7.60

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