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8 Cannabis Strains That Will Make You Exclaim “Holy Cow!”

Published on July 15, 2016 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Because every day must be deemed a holiday (however pithy) in this digital world, July 12th was “Cow Appreciation Day,” which sounds udderly ridiculous until you realize what our bovine buddies have contributed to the cannabis moo-vement. In addition to a number of cow-themed strains such as Alpha Cow, Madcow, Purple Cow, and Afghan Cow, our comely cattle companions have also inspired an oft-used phrase used in many a Leafly review: “Holy cow!”

In honor of these dearly beloved domesticated ungulates, here are eight cannabis strains that inspired Leafly reviewers to exclaim “Holy cow” that I’ve helpfully paired with a corresponding gif.

Leafly sativa Durban Poison cannabis strain tile
  Durban Poison

“holy cow I’m flying. no such thing as stress or anxiety with this strain.” – chaosanon

Twister cow

Leafly hybrid Blockhead cannabis strain tile

“I hit some of this from a bong along with some crazy dank lemon skunk and then vaped some of this blockhead (all with a friend) and holy cow i was flying high as a kite.” – chroniccannabisconsumsr

Cow on a wrecking ball

Leafly hybrid Kandy Kush cannabis strain tile
  Kandy Kush

“Holy cow was a privilege to try out this strain. […] Probably the smoothest that I have ever smoked. Was like a dream and to boot the exquisite candy floss flavour it brings is unbelievable!” – TheBigGreenGiant

Cow with hair flowing in a breeze

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Leafly sativa Super Green Crack cannabis strain tile
  Super Green Crack

“Holy cow. […] Never felt more energetic in my life. Just felt like an energy to just get up and start doing shit. – hkim823

Energetic cows

Leafly sativa Sage N Sour cannabis strain tile
  Sage N Sour

“first commercially grow strain I’ve ever had, that being said HOLY COW! I ripped three huge hits from a bong and didn’t feel much yet so I killed the bowl, then it hit me …. I had to sit down for a sec and as the high progressed I got more and more energetic and super trippy I dont know how else to describe it but like being in. a 3D movie it was weird and then the world got flat and 2D like it was amazing then as I was coming down I felt like a super hero being ably to switch between reality,2D ,And more real than real 3D movie feeling” – COMetalHead

Trippy cows

Leafly sativa Lemon Haze cannabis strain tile
  Lemon Haze

“Holy COW. […] I got it last night, after I had already been smoking so I didn’t truly know its potential. I woke up this morning and loaded it up, about 2 hours before I had to go to work, with my last hit about 30 minutes before work. It is a GREAT get up and go, but be warned, you might [not] comprehend what you [are] getting up and going to. […] It was a fun experience though. :3” – thewhitewidow

Cow skiing

Leafly indica God Bud cannabis strain tile
  God Bud

“…I tried this concentrate and HOLY FREAKNG COW! This is the best indica. I was immediately at ease and calm. Great for relaxing at home.” – ariellm91

Relaxed cows

Leafly sativa Pandora's Box cannabis strain tile
  Pandora’s Box

“…My new favorite strain. Holy cow man. […] After decades doing this, I’m higher than I have been in recent memory. Crazy good stuff…” – MrFadedGlory

Cow milking a cow

We Get It, These Strains Make You Higher Than a Giraffe's Genitals

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