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Meet high expectations with these holiday gifts from Pure Sunfarms

Pure Sunfarms
Presented ByPure SunfarmsPublished on November 16, 2021
There are risks associated with cannabis use. For information, search online "Health Canada - cannabis health effects." Courtesy of Pure Sunfarms.

Pure Sunfarms combines greenhouse expertise with hands-on knowledge of legacy grow practices to bring you pure, potent, BC buds—the perfect green to spark a little joy over the holidays.

No matter how you choose to celebrate this holiday season, we have prepared some gifting ideas to spark joy, drive connection, and promote relaxation—on your own, or with the ones you love.

Get baked with Pure Sunfarms and give a gift to meet high expectations.

Pink Kush 10-Pack Pre-Rolls

holiday gifts from Pure Sunfarms
Courtesy of Pure Sunfarms

These perfectly packed pre-rolls are great for quick sessions. Available in packs of ten, grab a few for yourself and bring the rest to spark a little joy at your next holiday party. Packed in a ready-to-gift reusable tin, these pre-rolls are set to impress even the pickiest of stoners. 

Each 0.3g pre-roll is filled with Pure Sunfarms best-seller, Pink Kush, which is high in THC and aromatic with pepper, butterscotch, coffee, and earth. Rolled with care from filter to twist, the sleek, tapered design holds precision-ground flower for the perfect pull.

Sour Black Cherry THC Gummies

holiday gifts from Pure Sunfarms
Courtesy of Pure Sunfarms

Pure Sunfarms gummies make for a delightful holiday treat and are perfect for cozy gatherings. These premium, delicious cannabis-infused gummies are plant-based and made with real fruit puree. Each gummy features 2.5mg of THC, tailored for those seeking a spotlight on THC. Available in packs of four.

CBD Oil 30

Courtesy of Pure Sunfarms

This one is for the CBD lovers on your list. Made with two simple ingredients—natural coconut MCT oil and cannabis extract—Pure Sunfarms CBD Oil 30 is one of the purest, most controlled ways to consume and reap the benefits of this popular cannabinoid. Packaged in a recyclable amber glass bottle, the oil is easily measured for precision and control. With non-impairing effects, this CBD oil is a thoughtful option to help introduce loved ones who don’t want to get high to the healing potential of cannabis.

High THC Vape

Courtesy of Pure Sunfarms

To meet the high expectations of all the cannabis connoisseurs out there, Pure Sunfarms offers the High THC Vape. Filled with pure cannabis extract with no additives or flavourings and made from flower selected for cannabinoid concentration, these vapes deliver a smooth and potent pull for a pure THC experience. Available in 1g and 0.5g 510 vape cartridges.

Pure Sunfarms x Laura Garcia Serventi Art Prints

holiday gifts from Pure Sunfarms
Courtesy of Pure Sunfarms

Inspired by the world of cannabis, these art prints will light up any room. Created by botanical artist Laura Garcia Serventi, these custom illustrations capture the origins of Pure Sunfarms’ signature strains including Afghan Kush, Blue Dream, Pink Kush, Jet Fuel Gelato, Black Cherry Punch, and more.

For more out-of-the-box gift ideas for the cannabis lovers in your life, check out the Pure Sunfarms Marketplace. The collections feature a variety of high-quality apparel, accessories, objects, and art inspired by the brand’s love of plants and modern life.

How Pure Sunfarms is bringing iconic BC bud into a new era

Pure Sunfarms
Presented ByPure Sunfarms
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