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Rare cannabinoids are coming to Canada’s cannabis scene

Spinach FEELZ
Presented BySpinach FEELZPublished on June 30, 2022 · Last updated July 12, 2022
Courtesy of Spinach FEELZ™

The Spinach® team wants you to get all up in your FEELZ with carefully curated experiences, made possible by cannabinoids like CBG.

Spinach FEELZ is changing the cannabis game, and it’s much bigger—but also smaller—than THC and CBD. Those two primary cannabinoids give your favourite strains their unique effects, but they’re not alone. Spinach FEELZ products unlock other, rarer cannabinoids, ones that only appear in trace amounts in most cannabis. They have a chance to shine in these brand-new vapes and gummies, offering you a customized high like never before.

You may have heard of the entourage effect theory—the concept that the various compounds in cannabis plants work together to create effects that are greater than the sum of their parts. This team includes cannabinoids big and small, along with terpenes and flavonoids. Using a unique fermentation method, the Spinach® team harvests large amounts of lesser-known cannabinoids like CBG and CBN, unlocking a revolutionary new cannabis product. With this newfound abundance, Spinach®-branded products can fine-tune cannabinoid blends for carefully crafted cannabis experiences. 

The Spinach FEELZ sub-brand has kicked things off with its Chill Bliss line, two fresh, tropical products, each with a different THC to CBG ratio so you can get to know this rare cannabinoid. Future FEELZ products from the brand will bring whole new vibes, but for now, here’s how Chill Bliss can become your own personal paradise.

What is CBG, and how is it different from THC and CBD?

While CBG is a relative newcomer on the market, scientists first synthesized it way back in 1964. It’s known as the mother of all cannabinoids because it’s a chemical precursor to many others, including THC and CBD. This also explains why it usually only shows up in trace amounts: By the time cannabis plants are all grown up, most of it is already on its way to becoming something else.

If you’re familiar with THC and CBD, you know that they have very different impacts on the body and mind. THC is intoxicating, meaning it can get you “high.” CBG is like CBD in that it’s non-intoxicating, but can still have an impact on how other cannabinoids move through your body. It’s another variable in the mix, unlocking new possibilities for what cannabis can do.

Don’t sleep on other minor cannabinoids, either. While most cannabinoids start as CBG, many of them later become others, such as CBN—a non-intoxicating cannabinoid popular at night time. CBC, another non-intoxicating cannabinoid, binds to different receptors in your body than others. THCV is another rare cannabinoid, often used during the daytime.

There are more than 150 of these minor cannabinoids in a cannabis plant, and we’re still learning more about them. Scientists even discovered two new ones, THCP and CBDP, at the end of 2019!

The Spinach FEELZ Chill Bliss lineup: Two finely tuned highs

Get up in your FEELZ with CBG gummies and vape cartridges. These tropical offerings are designed to help you turn up the good vibes while melting away negativity, like a sunny day on the beach.

Spinach FEELZ 7:1 Chill Bliss Vape

Add a sense of relaxation to your THC-heavy high with the 7:1 Chill Bliss Vape in Tropical Diesel CBG. This 510-threaded cartridge fits most batteries and packs in 700mg THC and 100mg CBG in a single gram. Designed to whisk you and your crew away on a mini island vacay with its luxurious terpene profile with notes of guava and citrus, it’s a must-try

Spinach FEELZ 2:1 Chill Bliss Gummy

Find a little happiness without getting caught in the clouds with Spinach FEELZ2:1 Chill Bliss gummies. This carefree product is less potent, with 5mg THC and 2.5mg CBG per piece, for a subtle, balanced relaxing-in-the-hammock vibe, blended for kicking back for happy hour or starting a weekend right. These sour gummies slowly give way to sweet pineapple and starfruit flavours that transport you to the tropics.

The way you want your cannabis

Chill Bliss is the first Spinach FEELZ™ line, a dialed-in high made possible by CBG, but, as we all know, chill isn’t always the vibe. Stay tuned for more FEELZ collections that deliver brand-new experiences. With the right combo of cannabinoids, you can feelz the way you want.

Spinach FEELZ
Presented BySpinach FEELZ
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