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The Leafly Buyer’s Guide to Southern California Cannabis Topicals

Published on February 16, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020

The Leafly Buyer’s Guide provides a curated editorial list of top cannabis product picks on the market now, chosen by local experts in each region.

1) De La Beuh: Bath Bomb

(Courtesy of De La Beuh)

Based in: Los Angeles

Handmade from all-natural ingredients, De La Beuh’s bath products combine pure CBD with specially selected aromatherapy essential oils to bring the healing power of cannabis into your beauty regimen. Start with the Bath Bomb for a full-immersion, total body experience.

Three places to find it: MedMen OC in Santa Ana; Greenwolf in Los Angeles; Bodhi Sattva in West Hollywood

2) Mrs. Excellence: Lemongrass Balm

(Courtesy of Mrs Excellence)

Based in: Los Angeles

A homegrown Los Angeles company, Mrs. Excellence sources a wide array of essential oils for their cannabis-infused balms, which also blend organic beeswax and vitamin E oil into a coconut oil base, and come in four varieties: Lemongrass, Lavender Mint, Eucalyptus and Midnight Vanilla.

Three places to find it: HCMA in Los Angeles; Zen Noho in North Hollywood; Green Tree Remedy in Anaheim

3) Awakened Topicals: Raw Cannabis Balm

(Courtesy of Awakened Topicals)

Based in: Los Angeles

The founder of Awakened Topicals discovered the healing power of transdermally absorbed cannabis after a surfing accident resulted in spinal surgery and a long recovery. Now his company makes both a Pain Stick and a Raw Cannabis Balm that blends whole-plant cannabis oil with an ideal 1:1 ratio of CBDA to THCA with whole leaf aloe vera, calendula flowers, myrrh gum resin, frankincense resin, jojoba oil, essential oils of lavender and vetiver, and gem essences of jade and purple amethyst.

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Three places to find it: California Alternative Caregivers in Venice; Malibu Community Collective in Malibu; Palm Springs Safe Access in Palm Springs

4) Foria: Pleasure

(Courtesy of Foria)

Based in: Los Angeles

Foria Pleasure is an all-natural sensual enhancement oil that mixes coconut oil and lab-tested cannabis oil in a blend optimized for women to apply topically to their genitals. According to the manufacturer, “for some women, it may awaken arousal and [make] orgasms more intense, fuller or easier to access. For others, it can help promote natural lubrication, reduce pain and tension and create the relaxation necessary for sensual experience or restorative rest.” Your mileage may vary.

Three places to find it: Greenwolf in Los Angeles; Desert Organic Solutions in Palm Springs; Anaheim Patient Care in Anaheim

5) Mackenzie Medicinals: Suppositories

(Courtesy of Mackenzie Medicinals)

Based in: Los Angeles

The husband and wife team behind Mackenzie Medicinals began their cannabis journey with a skin cancer diagnosis. Already adept with herbal medicines, they decided to try a cannabis-infused topical before pursuing doctor-recommended surgery. That led to further experimentation, which ultimately blossomed into a full line of healing oils, tinctures, and even suppositories, a product that can be uniquely helpful to seriously ill patients.

Three places to find it: Buds & Roses in Los Angeles; Cornerstone Research Collective in Eagle Rock; Palm Springs Safe Access in Palm Springs

6) Lord Jones: 1:1 Pain & Wellness Body Lotion

(Courtesy of Lord Jones)

Based in: Los Angeles

A well-known luxury cannabis brand with popular candy and chocolate products, Lord Jones also makes a range of high-end cannabis infused lotions. Every 100 ml bottle of their 1:1 Pain & Wellness Body Lotion contains 20 milligrams each of THC and CBD, scented with notes of sage, mint, and green citrus. A special vacuum pump ensures delivery of precisely 1 milliliter of lotion per application.

Three places to find it: 99 High Tide in Malibu; Herb in Los Angeles; Buddha Companyin Los Angeles

7) Honey Pot: Bear Butter Lotion

(Courtesy of Honey Pot)

Based in: Southern California

A family owned and operated business involving multiple generations of cannabis activists turned entrepreneurs, Honey Pot specializes in their signature mix of California wildflower honey and cannabis infused cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, which is available as an edible and also blended into a variety of topicals. Their Bear Butter Lotion infuses this base with a variety of therapeutic herbs and essential oils, in a ratio designed to absorb quickly and bring lasting relief.

Three places to find it: Apothecary in Los Angeles; Exhalence in Sun Valley; Circle of Hope in Northridge

8) High Gorgeous: Luscious Lime Lip Balm

(Courtesy of High Gorgeous)

Based in: Los Angeles

From luxury cannabis brand Yummi Karma comes a line of cannabis beauty products packaged and marketed to compete with mainstream trendy purveyors. Alongside the expected body lotions and bath soaks, you’ll discover more surprising applications, like Nice Buns Cellulite Treatment and lip balm that’s available in Luscious Lime or Juicy Cherry.

Three places to find it: The Higher Path in Los Angeles; 678 Meds (Delivery) in Laguna Niguel; Canabliss in Moreno Valley

9) Emu 420: Mentholated Medicated Rub

Based in: Southern California

Formulated to provide superior pain relief, Emu 420’s full line of products all combine the healing properties of CBD with Emu oil’s anti-inflammatory and moisturizing benefits to provide topical relief that penetrates deep into your pores. Try the Mentholated Medicated Rub to add the skin cooling andpain relieving properties of menthol.

Three places to find it: Dubs Green Garden (Delivery) in Paso Robles; WHTC in Studio City; Evergreen in Santa Ana

10) Loki Lotion: Happy Skin Blend

(Courtesy of Loki Lotion)

Based in: Los Angeles

By their own admission, the two founders of Loki Lotion are in hopelessly in love with cannabis and totally obsessed with essential oils. Throw in a burning desire to provide all-natural, non-addictive pain relief options, and a dynamic new brand is born, with a quickly expanding line of top grade topicals. The Loki Lotion Happy Skin Blend comes infused with 80 milligrams of THC, 1 milligram of CBD, and 5 milligrams of CBN.

Two places to find it: The Higher Path in Los Angeles; Nile Cooperative in Playa Del Rey

Lead image courtesy of De La Beuh

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David Bienenstock
David Bienenstock
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