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Six Reasons Why This Cannabis Voter is Going With Hillary

I'm a one-issue voter and that issue is medical cannabis. And #ImWithHer.

Do Podesta’s Hacked Emails Reveal Clinton’s Cannabis Policy?

Within the thousands of pages of hacked emails, a few clues to Hillary Clinton's true feelings about cannabis emerge. And it's not good news for legalization advocates.

Candidates and Cannabis: Would Embracing Legalization Help Hillary?

Some see legalization as the key to opening the millennial vote. Sure, it's important—but it's not the only issue.

Medical Cannabis Could be Donald Trump’s Best Bet

A leaked memo from the Harmonious Code Council urges Trump to embrace legal MMJ to win votes.

Watch This: Giant Joints and Cannabis Pride at the DNC in Philly

The joints will be out in again today for those in Philadelphia who want to show their support at the Cannabis Pride Parade, which begins Thursday at 3 p.m.

Tim Kaine isn’t for Legal Cannabis, but He Wouldn’t Shut it Down

Hillary Clinton's VP pick has strong mainstream establishment credentials. For the cannabis-conscious voter, though, Kaine can be described in one word: unimpressive.

What’s the Deal with the 51-Foot Joints Parading Outside the DNC?

As the Democratic National Convention opened on Monday, a band of cannabis activists paraded through the streets of Philadelphia with two enormous 51-foot joints.

Cannabis Advocates Kick Off Democratic Convention in Philly’s Main Line Clubhouse

On the eve of the Democratic National Convention’s opening, America’s cannabis caucus held a fundraiser that put the party on notice: The era of legalization and legitimacy has arrived.

Is Hillary Clinton Evolving on Cannabis? Maybe. Slowly. A Little.

For the sake of America's future drug policy, we tried to pin down exactly how Hillary Clinton feels — officially, at least — about cannabis.

Dems Move Party Platform a Little Closer to Legalization

The Democratic Party heard the call of its constituents and took an unexpected step in support of cannabis reform, officially endorsing a “reasoned pathway to future legalization."

The Democratic Party’s Cannabis Position Stinks. Here’s How We’d Change It.

This is a platform that could be vastly improved in two minutes. In fact, we did just that.

The Shake: Next President Urged to Give Cannabis a Fair Shake

Seniors are cannabis curious, California authorities warn of toxic contamination, and legalization's growing pains aren't what Denver officials expected.

The Shake: Hockey Night with Cannabis

Toronto's mayor warns of coming crackdown, cannabis borrows a play from the wine world, and legalization is more popular than both Clinton and Trump.

The Shake: Why Cops Love the HighThere App, and a Stash Clash in Oregon

A BBC reporter's sober bud-and-breakfast stay, and surprise ban on cannabusinesses in a Washington county, and dogs — flying dogs.

The Shake: Hillary Clinton’s Latest Position and Tweaking the Cannabis Genome

Secret classes in Mexico show caretakers how to make cannabis medicine, Oregon will track products with microchips, and who won 4/20?

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