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Kosher Kush

Kosher Kush

by DNA Genetics

6 customer reviews


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Sun Jul 26 2020
kosher kush is all about aroma. this product has such an aroma, thick taste. it’s one of those refined and tasty among the tasty. there is something interesting in this terpene profile. it’s one of those...
Wed Sep 25 2019
Solid product. Like other DNA products (LemonSkunk) the buds are cured perfectly, nice size buds - no leaf - perfect dampness. As I’ve said before the lines at tweed are really perfecting this.. the days of dry bud are gone. The herb is great, genetically it’s a beast and has been engineered by professionals - and then grown by pros what more could you ask for. This one is a must have for the cabinet of any connoisseur.
Sun Jul 07 2019
If you've ever had Earl grey / Bergamot tea then the taste / smell of the Bergamotene in this one will be very familiar to you. To me this is a wonderful experience because ive had bergamot tea a few times, but not often. On the other hand i can see how a bitter, Italian fruit that is rarely used might not be your thing. Much like San Rafael 71's Pink Kush, this one packs a punch and is well over 20% THC, i will warn against some negative effects that will probably pop up if you dont take cannabis regularly. When taken by an experienced user or correctly the high is a nice familiar Indica high.
Sun Mar 17 2019
Me likey. First time trying, came in at 17.7% THC but quite a remarkable high. I agree it is a night time strain; I go from initially giddy, to quite buzzed, to sound asleep after about 1.5 hours. Will buy again.
Sat Mar 16 2019
DNA Genetics Kosher Kush (Indica) Whole Flower Cannabis | 3.5g THC 1.54% (Total THC 23.0%) I'm not sure where they went wrong in the process but this is not the Kosher Kush I have enjoyed in the past. Pros: Minimal shake. Cons: Dry and underweight. Overly bulky container. Little to no scent or flavor. Very short lived and mild high for a "23% THC" strain. Like most of the LP Cannabis I have tried it seems to be very rushed and the consumers are paying the price. The 3.5g container only contained 3.2g of Cannabis. I understand that over time Cannabis can dry and lose weight and that's why I respect the LP's that use humidipaks. A humidipak can only do so much after the Cannabis has dried to the point of degradation, therefore I think Cannabis containers should come from the supplier with a humidipak inside. Overall I would not purchase this product again. I have seen better products from DNA Genetics, so I'm not writing the company off but this particular product was very underwhelming. Moving forward: Use humidipaks or something to assure proper weight and avoid degradation. Less bulky and wasteful containers. More thorough lot testing - no 23% THC strain is this weak.
Sun Feb 24 2019
Love this strain. It relaxes like nobody's business and the high is awesome. Definitely a night time strain since good luck staying awake more than an hour after hitting this. Most restful and deep sleep I've had after any strain. I normally don't need any help sleeping, but honestly the sleep is so good after this, I am seriously considering making it a regular addition to night routine. The taste I would describe as earthy and even diesel-like, but good. DNA Genetics quickly becoming my go-to brand in Ontario.