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Fire I just got 5 jars at 50% off!! And this stuff is,the real deal nice skunk citrus taste

Grape Skin

Good bud I dont sense any grape smell or flavor on it really definitely good smooth smoke with a nice high to it ..but I suggest if you're looking for that grape gas taste and smell try to get the grape cookies instead of the grape skin

Lemon Cane

Not really a sativa guy this is definitely sativa dominate has a slight lemon taste to it but nothing compared to lemon tree or the gelonade strains says its testing at 31 percent but high felt light would be great bud for someone not trying to be knocked out all day the inhale was smooth gave me a nice relaxed feeling but like I said I'll stick to my Indicas over this I usually smoke on lemon strains for the taste but this one the lemon taste is pretty light but definitely there I recommend gelonade or lemon tree if you're looking for the lemony taste


If you want a great almost Orange tasting strain this is the one!also great producer not super potent but tastey my buddy picked a pack of this up from the Crockett fam it was like 80$ for a 10 pack I believe so he popped them all we were looking for the best phenos of the 10 seeds and one plant he grew from all of the 10 seeds was labeled the Clementine #4 and I swear this pheno of Clementine is super lemon tasteing almost reminds me of the Lemon tree strain if you've ever had lemon tree and I mean the real lemon tree the taste is unforgettable and this pheno almost reminds me of it so anyways we have crossed this pheno with other stuff and well see what it brings to the table first cross is Clementine x animal cookie A.k.a the cleminal..... lol


I have grown this strain several times and it is a great strain super sticky buds kind of a leafy structure but not like sour diesel leafy but the potency of the GG # 4 is insane! you'll definitely know if you got the real deal it sticks out amd also great outdoor producer