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Cactus Breath

Bring back cactus breath!!! One of my favorites.

Dr. Who

Every now and then you come across a strain that just delivers everything your looking for. Dr. Who is one of those. Very relaxed and euphoric high. This strain seems to make the worries of the world go away. Almost like your in high school again smoking for the first time. Lights seem brighter and there's a significant sensation in the eyes. They say this is more indica but I don't feel many indica effects other than my muscles are relaxed like I just received a full body massage. It's a pretty bright purple and lime green color covered with whiteness and neon orange hairs. The strain I got from here in AZ smelled like straight grape juice when I ground it up, and has a pleasant sweet aroma when smoked that even your neighbors will love.

The Black

It might be true what they say, "once you go black, you never go back" I had low expectations for this strain so I am surprised it is one of my new favorites. It's everything I look for in a strain. Pretty appearance, slightly fruity taste. Although they say it's an indica I never felt like sleeping or sitting around. I was extremely talkative, deep in thoughts, and motivated. I also developed a case of what I call in my household "never-ending munchie syndrome" it's a serious case of the munchies where you eat everything in the house and are still STARVING! So would definitely recommend to someone with trouble eating. Overall excellent strain

TCC Wellness Club

I love this place and am thankful to be a member at TCC. Always consistent with quality and prices.

Cinderella 99

Cinderella Cinderella, what can be said about this beautiful princess? A delicious bud covered in white so nice that it is a shame to touch it with human hands. More of a Pine/ earthy touch to this one and very distinct flavor. I would say a more energetic feel and probably is one the best for wake n bake I've ever experienced. This strain is one size fits all so no need to look any further for your new favorite strain.

Greenfield Care Center

Went ahead and gave 5 stars on everything. I drove from san tan valley because of the asking donation for an oz but didn't end up getting an oz because I didn't care for the appearance of flower. There was one strain that was top shelf + and for the 3 for 20 and 7 for 50 donation, it was one of the best deals in town. So I didn't walk away empty handed. Just wish i could have got the oz I came for. If the asking donation/ quality stay the same ill be back. Thanks again Greenfield.

Zen Meds

I truly appreciate the quality of the top shelf strains at the special donation price. That alone will keep me coming back. I gave 4 stars on service even though I unexpectedly waited 12 hrs for my delivery to arrive. I don't mind waiting I just wish I knew before hand how extremely long it would take. But like I said, excellent quality flower at a great asking price. I will be back thx Zen!

Health for Life - Ellsworth

$360+ an ounce is way too high. Emerald Palace has way better prices. It's worth the small trip if you save close to $100.