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Cheese Candy reviews

Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Cheese Candy.


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40 people reported 337 effects
Relaxed 80%
Happy 50%
Uplifted 42%
Hungry 40%
Euphoric 40%
Pain 37%
Depression 35%
Lack of appetite 35%
Stress 32%
Anxiety 30%
Dry mouth 27%
Anxious 10%
Dry eyes 10%
Dizzy 7%
Paranoid 5%


June 27, 2017
Funkier than expected.
May 17, 2017
Dry mouth
Great taste, matches recommended.
March 22, 2017
good night time strain for eating &/or sleeping has a sweet candy taste (the name duh!)but not to overwhelming i topped my bowl of this delicious bud with some PURA EARTH/sativa/SPACE ROCK, it was good night after that! the bud w/o the space rocks ontop made me giggly when i wouldnt normally laugh at something! good choice if u have the chance to try this lovely strain do so!✌🔥🌲
March 21, 2017
beautiful buds. dark green with traces of purple, coated in crystals. smells delicious, tastes almost as good. nice relaxing body high, kinda heavy. knocks me out after coming home from work. kinda anxious and thought-provoked after awhile. found myself biting the inside of my mouth and nails a lot.
March 19, 2017
First it is Very pungent. I had never had a cheese or a candy strain and let me tell you, this is some of the best weed I've smoked. Everything tasted amazing and it was a great high
March 14, 2017
This strain is awesome unique smell an taste very relaxing strain it seemed to me it help me focus with out being tired but i feel if i was to lay down an sleep it would be easy to as well this type also made me hungry this is a great strain
3 people found this helpful
February 24, 2017
Works wonders for anxiety and depression
February 9, 2017
I picked up a gram of this, grown by Doc Croc, harvested 9/18/2016, consumed sometime in late January, 2017. There are no notes on the package regarding pesticides or grow location, but doccroc.net states that they use no pesticides and grow everything hydroponically with a perlite/coco mixed media. The smell was sweet, cheesy, and pungent, all of which carried over to the taste. As far as the high is concerned, I've had much better. While I'm usually a huge fan of Doc Croc's products, this one was forgettable. Apparently Cheese Candy just isn't for me, but at least it tastes better than Trainwreck.