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Pearl Scout Cookies reviews

Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Pearl Scout Cookies.


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37 people reported 292 effects
Happy 70%
Uplifted 62%
Euphoric 62%
Relaxed 56%
Energetic 51%
Depression 32%
Anxiety 27%
Stress 24%
Headaches 16%
Pain 16%
Dry mouth 16%
Dry eyes 8%
Dizzy 5%
Anxious 2%
Paranoid 2%


September 2, 2017
Amazing 3/5pm strain, after work, great for immediate relief as well, relaxing but wanting to be a little productive. Life becomes better and the shit you thought about or were worried about during the day. Just makes you laugh , you pretty much laugh it off. It's a good hitting hybrid. Comes on slowly then lingers...vapes on an Arizer. It's not to overpowering in the beginning but can get heavy. I am getting a little hungry. So hungers sits in but your truly just content. I'm just really happy, I'm ok with the way today ended and how I took on the day. I feel like I won today. That's pretty much what I feel like on this strain. Strain from Fireline good batch.
April 15, 2017
I love it. With my ptsd its hard to function normally and this strain lets me function without any issues
1 person found this helpful
February 28, 2017
I was sold this with a lot of hype from the Budtender at Evergreen in Renton and expected great things. Honestly, it was fair. A good relaxing high, but none of the giggles or headiness of other strains. I don't think I'll buy again, but it wasn't terrible.
January 27, 2017
Really great high just love the full effects this strand offers
January 21, 2017
Pearl Scout Cookies by Fireline in Washington State. Tested at 27.3% THC. This is a beautiful strain. Large chunky buds with gorgeous hues of purplish-blue throughout, absolutely littered with trichomes. The aroma is strong, lending both pungent earthy notes as well as a light citrus. Notes of pine seem to also be present. Once broken down, these buds smell much more skunky and herbal. The flavor is smooth on the inhale, providing a smooth, zesty and sweet taste. Good, sweet after taste. A very clear headed, energetic cerebral high paired with a light body high makes this strain very enjoyable. A slight bit of lethargy on the comedown might make this best suited for afternoons/evenings use.
December 29, 2016
Super happy and relaxed high. Incredibly terpppy. Absolutely crystallized.
November 2, 2016
One of the best of the old-school, foundational strains, GSC in all its many forms is a 'go-to' bud. Meaning that it is always an intense head, with many delightful sensory and physical effects that vary (tingling is a favorite), a strong positive impact on my mood, and a nice, characteristic flavor in the bowl, like pastry or like GSC, you decide. Pearl Scout Cookies (there should be such a badge!) is very cookie-ish (IOW: doughey, before baking).BTW no headaches may gain admission, if you have the same problem as I have. Wacky wacky, time-screwed, happy, stinky-cookie playtime. IOW: fun shit, and then it wears off. Next time I'll use a bong for even greater effect! Recently (summer 2016) I have come across a series of very kind GSC and hybrids, each stronger and more interesting than the last. Peppermint Cookies, Coogies, Mint Cookies, Pink Cookies, Pearl Scout Cookies, and others have all a taste of just-baked, slightly dough-ey sweetness to them, and a punch of macho-THC stoniness, with an almost immediate buoyant cheerful optimism alongside. Strong. Tingly. Welcome. Noobies take care, but this is what cannabis is all about. Fun, fun, fun. All GSC from basic 'forum cut' and up the delicacy list give me that basic pumped-up, laugh-prone, industrious relaxation, and a tingly thing up my spine, toes, ears, that never fails to please. I recommend it. Smoking it. Vaping it. Growing it, especially. Yes, please sir, can you grow some more? A really fun, happy, beautiful strain--and that's before you smoke, then it's bliss...
1 person found this helpful
October 31, 2016
Good vibes.