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Sharksbreath reviews

Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Sharksbreath.


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59 people reported 412 effects
Happy 57%
Uplifted 52%
Euphoric 47%
Focused 42%
Relaxed 37%
Stress 35%
Pain 33%
Depression 28%
Anxiety 25%
Insomnia 13%
Dry mouth 32%
Dry eyes 16%
Dizzy 11%
Headache 10%
Paranoid 6%


September 11, 2018
Sharksbreath is from deep blue sea obyess with deep earthy piney flavor and dark coral nugs with strain is for sea lovers 🐟
1 person found this helpful
March 11, 2018
the smell is really sweet and kushy. taste wise id give it a 8/10. and high 8/10. I have pancreatitis and it didnt effect my pancreas.
February 20, 2018
My experience with Sharksbreath was different than most of the reviews here. I was using a new vape pen and admittedly took too much of a first hit by accident. Yowzers! I never did THAT again! Nausea, dizziness, nasty bile taste in my throat. Ugh. I’ve been working on finding the right “dosage” to get the nice warm, tingly body high I liked without the knock-your-effing-socks-off zing about 5 minutes after the first draw. It hits me hard and then once it mellows out it’s great, but if you don’t do ENOUGH then you don’t get anything except a bile taste in your mouth. And maybe it’s because I’m using a vape pen, but to me it’s got quite a harsh taste, even in small amounts. Ok, I admit I’m a wuss, but just thought I’d warn some of the other wusses out there to start slow. Once you get a range on it, it’s relaxing and warm.
1 person found this helpful
October 31, 2017
The flavor on this Sharksbreath is Outstanding! This Sharksbreath is a pretty unique strain. After consumption you can note right away that the medicine is a indica dominant hybrid. relaxed, happy, uplifted, focused, and a heavy handed euphoric feeling.
September 2, 2017
Dude this is just nice. Like I feel pretty thoroughly high all over.
July 26, 2017
best smoke I've had in a while!!!! The buds were so big and frosty. It smelled amazing, but definitely potent. The high got all of my creative juices flowing, energy up, and ended with just pure relaxation. I had cotton mouth for the first time in a while so be prepared.
July 23, 2017
Very mellow high, smoke all you want and carry on with your regular routine. Tastes decent and looks awesome with all the red in it. I rated it 3 as Ive been looking for something like but only bought a couple grams. It was cheap and I'd buy again at that price ($7g)
June 17, 2017
Maybe not a staple, but definitely a favorite. Super chill. Tamped down my anxiety and quashed my depression. I was feeling kind of lousy, and Sharksbreath made it so much better. I remain mentally and verbally articulate, gentle body high, kinda munchie. This stuff isn't flashy, so sometimes I'm a little bowled over by how wonderful it is. Definitely recommend.