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Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain The Blintz.


October 30, 2016
it's 7:00am, I medicate using"the Blintz" for the first time... it's 10:00am, going strong, massive surge's of energy as though I have drowned a pot of coffee. it's 2:30pm, went all day without having to re-dose. no chronic muscle pain, no nausea, no fatigue... great signs if the sativa side of this family
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January 30, 2018
Come on feels exactly like that giddy thrill in your gut when going to amusement parks. Exciting encouragement provides tons of energy and euphoric motivation. This is the strain for getting shit done and feeling as good as you possibly could while doing it! Dizzying degrees of uplifting euphoria that stones you out a uniquely moderate amount - like when you first get tipsy while drinking and are feeling great but aren’t totally there. Physically feel not just functional, but cooly improved. Music registers very emotionally and if you focus on it, it can almost get overwhelming. What’s surprising is how easily it lets you move distractions to the back of your mind and focus on what’s at hand. While typing this, I didn’t think music was as good - until I gave it my attention and then it was almost too much. It is worth mentioning a streak of vicodin/pain medicine-like cozy numbing that feels good, but reduces 30% of the impact from music, movies, etc. Lovely wake and bake with atmospheric music.
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April 2, 2016
This must be 18%+ thc. Clear white thc crystals. Each leaf detachable. 35% purple. Amazing strain.
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September 28, 2017
Wow, this strain is awesome! I took 2 baby rips off of some great flower I picked up at Mankind Co-op in San Diego. first off It didn't hit me until about 5min in. Awesome euphoric and heady sativa high, but my mind was clear. I was super high, but happy and clear. the High crept into my chest hard like I was going to have a panic attack, then suddenly I was able to calm down at the flip of a switch, and the high moved throughout my entire body. I felt completely relaxed yet alert and happy. Those two baby hits lasted me all day. I'm a heavy daily user, with anxiety from PTSD. I also have shoulder and neck pain, and this is one of the best medicines I have ever had. I son't often feel this way about bud, as I am very picky and know what I want. Tl;DR great euphoric, focused, and happy head high, with an excellent pain numbing body high. did not feel sleepy or over anxious. Excellent for experienced users.
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May 17, 2016
Dense fa fa frosty kolas with traces of purple throughout the buds. Once you fire up its a cheese fondue with berries extra crispy;)
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