-ness Sour Strawberry Kush

HybridTHC 19%CBD —
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22-28% THC

Sour Strawberry Kush from -ness brings fresh flavours of citrus and strawberry balanced with notes of diesel and kush. This hybrid has Strawberry Banana x Sour Chemdog lineage and high THC, with its unique flavour combination coming from caryophyllene, limonene and farnesene. Its big, beautiful buds look just like juicy strawberries speckled with bright orange hairs and a generous sprinkle of trichomes and sticky resin. Fill up your basket and skip into the sunset! Explore your -ness™.

About this strain

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About this brand

-ness is all about unique strains with familiar lineages like Dabney Blue, Gelato #33 and Sour Diesel... but that's just the beginning. Cannabis is a personal experience, so let your intuition guide you. Choose our indoor-grown flower to feel the fresh buds between your fingertips. For something more discreet, try our natural terpene flavoured vapes. Or, go for our whole-bud pre-rolls when time is of the essence. Whatever you choose, we hope our focus on flavour-forward growing, THC and bag appeal shines through.
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