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Mother’s Helper Reviews - Page 2

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This I a MUST get for me anytime it's available. Gives me plenty of energy but also a sense of calmness, plus it tastes great. My favorite pre-work strain. Definitely a top 5 favorite for me!”

  • “Love this strain! Would recommend to anyone with pain, headaches, or fatigue to help get you through your typical day feeling great.”

  • “Never thought I had a "favorite" strain until I tried this. Absolutely amazing In all ways. Left me incredibly happy and relaxed. Definitely something to smoke after you've come home from a long busy day.”

  • “hands down favorite for anxiety and fibromyalgia. I couldn't get by without it.”

  • “A great value strain. Very nice taste & aroma. I use it as a daytime medication. I can still function & seem focused with tasks at hand. I'll definitely use this strain again.”

  • “Incredible !!!! Very uplifting and creative strain!!! I've tried hundreds of strains and this is my favorite! Well Done... And that ah boy Clark!”

  • “Loved this strain, it made me energetic and happy. Took away my headache and gave me the morning boost I needed to get going”

  • “I have a rare condition called gastroparesis that causes debilitating nausea on a daily basis. I also have alot of anxiety, and this strain helped me with both, were it used recreationally, not my first choice, but not my last either. Definitely at the top. This one can be more expensive, but at Natures AZ Meds in Phoenix, has it priced right.”