Tangerine Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Smoked with a friend and we both loved Tangerine so much that we went back to buy more the next morning. This is a fun, euphoric, giggly and potent high with energy in the beginning and then deep happy relaxation at the end. We highly recommend this strain!”

  • “Smells exactly as it tastes, a very strong tangerine/orange scent is emitted as soon as you open your container. The first hit is heaven, tasting like you just bit into a tangerine, it's very enjoyable. The high is amazing as well, feeling energetic and happy. Definitely a favorite.”

  • “love this strain! use it to self medicate for crohn's and RA. doesn't give much of an appetite stimulant but it's great in all other aspects- energy boost, stress relief, euphoria, and smells devine. Will definitely want to keep this strain on hand 👍”

  • “Love this! Makes me feel very creative and uplifted with no paranoia”

  • “Super Tasty. Long Lasting High. Very Light Pine taste on the exhale, but not overpowering. Really Good Value.”

  • “Nice hairs and taste would definitely purchase again 🇨🇦 It's a well balanced high the dry mouth is bearable one does not get extremely hungry but lots of fluids are necessary to enjoy the ride 😎 you digg!?”

  • “I enjoyed Tangerine but it is definitely a strong sativa-dominant hybrid. For me, it provides a mentally stimulating high with very little lethargy, and a fruity flavour profile with hints of citrus as well as pineapple and some flat mango notes. This is a great strain if you need to get the housework done or be productive, as there is little to no indica induced 'couch lock' present.”

  • “This strain is noticeably sativa dominant. It had me loving the music I was playing. Great taste. Amazing smell. Pretty looking sticky buds. I enjoyed this one for sure.”