Ice catcher

An ice catcher is a feature in bongs and dab rigs which allows the neck of the device to be filled with ice cubes in order to cool down smoke, making it easier on the throat and easier to inhale a larger volume of smoke or vapor. 

“My homie has a six-foot bong with an ice catcher that takes a whole five-pound bag of ice to fill up.”

What is an ice catcher?

Some bongs and dab rigs have an ice catcher, a point at the base of the neck with indents, which allows the neck to be filled with ice. The purpose of an ice catcher is to cool inhaled smoke or vapor with ice, making it easier on the throat and allow you to inhale a larger volume. 

How to use an ice catcher

Fill the neck of your bong or dab rig with as much ice as it can hold or as much as you choose. Angle the device and let the ice slide in, so as not to damage the glass. 

Some of the ice will melt when smoking, so make sure the water level in the chamber is low enough that the melting water from the ice won’t raise the water level high enough to flood the bowl. 

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