An apparatus that holds cannabis concentrate in a dab rig. A nail is an attachment that connects to the downstem, much like a bowl in a bong, and they are commonly made of quartz, glass, ceramic, or titanium. Nails are heated to a high temperature with a torch, flash vaporizing concentrates when they are placed in. E-nails also exist, which heat up to a controlled temperature using electricity, not a torch.  

“I used to use a titanium nail but then upgraded to a quartz banger.” 

What is a nail?

While pipes and bongs have a bowl that contains cannabis flower, dab rigs have a nail, which is heated up with a small hand torch or electricity—in the case of e-nails—to sublimate concentrates into a vapor. Sublimation is the process whereby a solid, such as a cannabis concentrate, passes directly into a gaseous state (vapor), without becoming a liquid. 

The earliest nails on the market were made of titanium, but now ceramic, glass, and quartz options also exist and are generally preferred. Most nails are domeless and work more effectively with a carb cap, and some nails have a glass dome that is placed around the nail after heating to help regulate airflow. 

How to use a nail

Heat your nail to the desired temperature with a torch and let it cool down. If using an e-nail, set the dial to your desired temperature and wait for it to heat up. Drop your dab or glob of concentrate onto the nail, place a carb cap over it, and inhale. After your nail has cooled down, clean it with rubbing alcohol.