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510 vape cartridges to enjoy Labour Day, without the work

Published on September 2, 2021 · Last updated September 7, 2021

If you don’t want to fiddle around with fancy tech to vape your weed, there’s an incredibly accessible product market to tap into—510-threaded cartridges.

Considered the ‘universal standard’ of vape tech, all you need is a cartridge and a battery. Just twist and toke.

Most stick batteries on the market are reasonably inexpensive and give people a cheap option to test if they like vaping or not. If you venture into the world of vape carts and enjoy it, there’s an endless sea of products available to try out and find the right high for you.

Below we’ve picked out a diverse range of carts to match varying budgets, tastes, and effects, both for folks who need a place to start and experienced consumers who want something new to try.

Magic Melon

Magic Melon 510 vape cartridge (BZAM)


Dose: 80.00 – 86.00% THC (800.00 – 860.00 mg/g)

BZAM’s Magic Melon vape cartridge is a sweet and fruity-tasting, sativa-hybrid that packs quite a punch. The flavour brings a clean and smooth-tasting melon and berry palate overriding the cannabis taste.

Magic Melon has fairly high potency potential, with effects that are great for creative types who need a little boost of energy while they’re working away. The aesthetic of the cartridge itself is simple yet clean with a ceramic core designed for better airflow.

Best of all, there’s no harsh bite in the back of your throat when you take a drag. BZAM uses natural terpenes in their cartridges so they don’t have that artificial flavour. The cartridge is a full gram of distillate, compared to the more standard half-gram size; it’s a great bang for your buck.

Tropic GSC

Tropic GSC 510 vape cartridge (General Admission)

By: General Admission

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Dose: 82.00 – 88.00% THC (820.00 – 880.00 mg/g)

If flavour and smoothness are on the top of your mind, look no further than General Admission’s Tropic GSC. The strain is a cross of Tangie and Girl Scout Cookies with an uplifting feel coupled with a soothing afterglow as the effects kick in.

When you take a drag off the Tropic GSC cartridge, the sweet and fruity flavours shine through with a velvety smooth aftertaste from the GSC side of the strain.

It’s a limonene-dominant cartridge with other terpenes like caryophyllene, myrcene and linalool in the mix creating the perfect combo of effects for a daytime high with a calming feel.

Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit 510 vape cartridge (Back Forty)

By: Back Forty

Dose: 80.00 – 83.00% THC (800.00 – 830.00 mg/g)

Back Forty is proving itself as one of Canada’s best legal market companies by creating high-quality products without a hefty price tag. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced, flavourful vape cartridge with a decent kick—the Forbidden Fruit cartridge will quickly become a staple of your stock.

With a core terpene profile of myrcene and limonene, it’s a great cartridge to wind down at the end of the day and simultaneously pick up your mood. The taste brings an earthy flavour with subtle hints of berry and citrus creeping out as you exhale.


Durban 510 vape cartridge (Hexo)

By: Hexo

Dose: 72.50 – 78.50% THC (725.00 – 785.00 mg/g)

Hexo’s quality at the cost their products sit is a challenging thing to beat and their range of vape cartridges proves that point well. They offer some of the lowest prices on cartridges but you wouldn’t be able to tell from using one.

The Durban 510 cartridge is one of the best selections from their single-strain offerings with a classic, zany head high best-suited for light-hearted vibes and stress relief.

The flavour brings an earthiness with each hit, with a prevailing pine taste sliding its way into the mix. Durban offers long-lasting effects with dominant terpenes terpinolene, myrcene, and linalool.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream 510 vape cartridge (Wayfarer)

By: Wayfarer

Dose: 75.00 – 90.00% THC (750.00 – 900.00 mg/g)

Blue Dream is a classic strain and a favourite for both newbies and long-time cannabis consumers. This cart has a smooth berry flavour with undertones of spice, from terpenes myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene.

Wayfarer hit the nail on the head with their take on Blue Dream, spectacularly bringing through notes of berries and lavender, and hints of spice in a highly potent oil.

Compared to other Blue Dream carts currently available, this one feels a step ahead of the pack with more prominent tastes and a smoother feel that doesn’t leave a scratchy harshness in the back of the throat.

Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush 510 vape cartridge (Pure Sunfarms)

By: Pure Sunfarms

Dose: 70.00 – 76.00% THC (700.00 – 760.00 mg/g)

If you like a woodsy, classic weed taste then Pure Sunfarms’ Afghan Kush should be at the top of your list of cartridges to try. Their single-strain extraction of this heirloom has hints of sandalwood and a musky, peppery flavour unadulterated by artifical flavouring.

The hit off this cart is heavy and best-suited to people searching out a relaxing, dense body buzz. Much like Pure Sunfarms’ flower options, you’re unlikely to find many cartridges that offer as good of a quality as these at a similar price point.

If you want a good quality high without your wallet taking a massive hit, this Afghan Kush cart is a great choice (along with the rest of the company’s cartridge collection).

SLK Live Resin

SLK live resin (Greybeard)

By: Greybeard

Dose: 83.50 – 91.60% THC (835.00 – 916.20 mg/g)

Connoisseurs searching out top-notch cartridges will be hard-pressed to find a more flavourful and potent product than Greybeard’s SLK Live Resin 510.

The company puts the utmost care into crafting its products, flash-freezing buds right at harvest to retain the purity of the cannabinoids and terpenes until they’re extracted. 

The tastes and aromas are clean and extremely prominent. Dense with pinene and caryophyllene in its terpene profile, it’s great to use while focusing on tasks and brings a tranquil calm along with it. 

Lemon Berry

Lemon Berry 510 vape cartridge (Ness)

By: Ness

Dose: 82.00 – 88.00% THC (820.00 – 880.00 mg/g)

People who like a very citrusy taste to their weed will surely want to add Ness’ Lemon Berry 510 cartridge into their regular rotation. It essentially tastes like the weed equivalent of lemonade with just a hint of berries in the tail end.

Ness’ range of cartridges tends to be a touch more potent than their competitors, so if you’re aiming for something that packs a punch it’s a great option. The Lemon Berry is a sativa hybrid and has well-balanced effects, with a good body buzz and a hard-hitting heady feel.

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