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10 dabbable concentrates to try this Oil Day

Published on July 5, 2021 · Last updated July 12, 2021

Concentrates have come a long way since legalization 2.0 first gave them the green light. No longer are consumers limited to the oils they previously were, now, the choices for dabbable concentrates are growing seemingly weekly. From shatter to budder to rosin, here are just some of the great options to enjoy this 7/10.

BC Organic Sour CKS hash

BC Organic Sour CKS hash. (Simply Bare)

By: Simply Bare

Dose: THC 370.00 – 450.00 mg/g, CBD 0.00 – 10.00 mg/g

This single-strain hash is hand-pressed using a unique process that has been perfected through years of experimentation. It’s made using the brand’s sativa-dominant BC Organic Sour CKS, and is certified organic. Living soil and sun-grown flower is tumbled as soon as it’s cured for maximum potency, and hand-cut into an earthy brown hash. It boasts a sour and sweet aroma.

Stargazer wax

Stargazer wax. (Broken Coast)

By: Broken Coast

Dose: THC 700.00 – 780.00 mg/g, CBD 0.00 – 10.00 mg/g

Made from indica-dominant plants, this bright yellow wax is the result of careful extraction leaving the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids for a superior product. Deep purple and green flowers are harvested at the peak of their trichome maturity and hand-trimmed. It boasts a dank, fruity-gas profile and is butane extracted. Dominant terpenes include limonene and caryophyllene.


Crumble. (Verse Concentrates)

By: Verse Concentrates

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Dose: THC 710.00 – 800.00 mg/g, CBD 0.00 – 30.00 mg/g

Derived from the indica-dominant hybrid White Rhino strain, this rich golden crumble boasts a unique fruity and piney aromatic balance of terpenes. It captures a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and is suitable for both dabbing and smoking. The crumble features a honeycomb-like consistency for easy handling, and its non-reactive glass container packaging helps maintain freshness.

BC live rosin

BC live rosin. (Canna Farms)

By: Canna Farms

Dose: THC 710.00 – 790.00 mg/g, CBD 0.00 – 15.00 mg/g

This gorgeously sunny yellow product goes through a number of extraction processes before achieving its final live rosin status, and is never heat-dried. It’s turned into the final live rosin concentrate within 24 hours of harvesting the plants, which are grown using glacial-fed groundwater and without any pesticides or sprays. Dominant terpenes include beta-caryophyllene, humulene, limonene, linalool, and myrcene.

RC Royal Goddess pressed ice hash

RC Royal Goddess pressed ice hash. (Royal City Cannabis Co.)

By: Royal City Cannabis Co.

Dose: THC 625.00 – 705.00 mg/g, CBD 0.00 – 10.00 mg/g

With a potent apple citrus flavour thanks to its God Bud and Apple Jack cross origins, this pressed ice hash is hand-crafted for quality. Using a unique process led by a Chef de Hashish, it’s made using a small-batch solventless extraction process. This process creates a very pure bubble hash that is then pressed into a friendly format for consumption. The pressed ice hash boasts a toasted caramel colour. Dominant terpenes include alpha-pinene, beta-caryophyllene, humulene, limonene, and myrcene.

THCA diamonds

THCA diamonds. (Kolab Project)

By: Kolab Project

Dose: THC 800.00 – 900.00 mg/g

Crafted from indica-dominant plants, these vibrant yellow crystalline structures pack a punch. Made using a hydrocarbon extraction process, THCA diamonds are extracted from live resin made from small-batch flower. Dominant terpenes include caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool.

Glueberry shatter

Glueberry shatter. (Fireside X)

By: Fireside X

Dose: THC 685.00 – 765.00 mg/g, CBD 0.00 – 10.00 mg/g

Derived from Glueberry whole bud, this full-spectrum shatter is crafted using a state-of-the-art hydrocarbon extraction process. The high-quality hard resin concentrate offers a smooth smoke, and is rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. Fats and residual impurities are removed during a winterization process where temperatures reach -75°C. It boasts a dark amber colour, and is best enjoyed in a dab rig.

Kish Terp Slush live resin

Kish Terp Slush live resin. (Greybeard)

By: Greybeard

Dose: THC 720.00 – 800.00 mg/g

Crafted from indica-dominant, outdoor-grown cannabis, this lemony yellow extract is made using a hydrocarbon process, resulting in a highly aromatic and flavourful concentrate. It’s made using only the best top colas of the 2019 outdoor grown Kish. It features notes of raspberry, mango, and pine, thanks to the dominant terpenes of beta-caryophyllene, beta-pinene, limonene, nerolidol, and ocimene. This live resin offers a wonderfully granular consistency that’s easy to work with.

APL Black Cured baddar

APL Black Cured baddar. (Acreage Pharms)

By: Acreage Pharms

Dose: THC 500 – 850 mg/g, CBD 0 – 5 mg/g

Made from cured flower, this concentrate has a thick, oily, cake batter-like consistency, making it softer in texture than shatter. The easily manipulated extract can be dabbed or used with a vape cartridge meant for concentrates. APL Black Cured baddar features a dark, milk chocolatey colour and stirrable format that is loaded with terpenes. 

Chapter 1 live resin budder

Chapter 1 live resin budder. (Stigma Grow)

By: Stigma Grow

Dose: THC 680 – 920 mg/g, CBD 0 – 3.75 mg/g

Crafted from a single-strain Bud Run cannabis, this caramel-coloured live resin budder features a whipped texture and aromas of citrus, pine, and pepper. It’s extracted from fresh-frozen plants using a butane extraction process. Chapter 1 live resin budder features a strong aroma and easy-to-work-with consistency. It contains 82.6% cannabinoids and 3.2% terpenes, with top terps including limonene, caryophyllene, pinene, and humulene.

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