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Toronto Police Raid Seven City Dispensaries

June 23, 2017
(Stacey Newman/iStock)
Exactly one week after Toronto Mayor John Tory announced impending crackdowns on the city’s illegal-yet-plentiful cannabis dispensaries, Toronto police made good on the promise, executing a series of dispensary raids across the city yesterday morning.

The targets: all seven Toronto storefronts of the BC-based Canna Clinic, along with five Toronto residences and three Vancouver residences.


Toronto Mayor Announces Impending Raids on Dispensaries

Details on the dispensary raids come from the Toronto Star, which reports “[o]fficers at the scene said they were going to arrest the staff members and seize all illegal drugs.” (Also seized: dispensary workers’ cell phones and all money connected to sales.) Staff members exiting one of the raided storefronts told the Star they expected the clinic to reopen within the next few days.

Ultimately, six people were charged in yesterday’s raids, and are due in court today. “Toronto police did not provide information about the charges those individuals will face,” reports the Georgia Straight.


Police Raid Cannabis Culture Stores Across Canada

Stay tuned for more on the raids and the fallout. For now, please enjoy this million-dollar quote obtained by the Star, from a Toronto cop involved in the raids: “It’s not like we want to be doing this, it’s a waste of everyone’s time.”


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Dave Schmader

Dave Schmader is the author of the book "Weed: The User's Guide." Follow him on Twitter @davidschmader

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  • Fun Please

    Ahh BS

  • lukeS

    What an excellent use of our overburdened police resources.

    • Two Bears

      I agree. Cannabis can give very sick people their lives back. Have some friends in Toronto.

      From friends reports the CANBABIS from Large Producers like Aurora the cannabis is pretty much ____. Almost all the THC ratings are WAY off. Either they are lying about the THC ratings or soneone is bouncing the buds after testing.

  • Tim Patrick

    Lieberals hard at work!

  • Steven

    How pitiful.

  • Susan Baldwin

    Focus on the deadly drugs, forever, changing lives and ultimate addiction/ death!!!!
    Cannabis is and will always be an earth grown healing medicine and bring life for people with many diseases 🙃

    • Two Bears

      Marijuana is a GOD SEND for me.

      Had Crohns 12 years. For 8 years it was hell on earth had flares every 2-3 days and pain you dont want to imagine. Four years ago i started using MMJ to control my Crohns.

      All the uncontrolled diarrhea, and intractible pain just went away. I still have flares but MUCH MILDER. In the last 12.5 months i have only had three flares.

      I micro dose. All i need is 13-16.5 mg cannabinoids daily to keep my gut health from bouncing between two extremes.

      • Turner Kayston

        I think it’s always a good thing when people like you share your condition(s) and how it helps. It may change the view of the non rationalists or even some that need it, but don’t know or believe it can help them. Thanks for sharing, good info!

        • Two Bears

          Especially my story.

          I used to think Medical Marijuana was a bunch of hooey. Then a neighbor slipped me some ganga after hearing me scream from the pain. I made a tincture of the Ganga and never had a single flare whiie the tincture lasted.

  • Susan Baldwin

    Trudeau is a leader with intelligence and brings forth bettering lives for all people!!! Bravo supporting Cannabis🌟

    • Knitmygrits

      Please tell me you’re kidding? Trudeau a “leader”. HE’S the one who ordered these raids, not the police or the mayor. Trudeau. Plain and simple. His exact words were, “Marijuana is still illegal until it’s not, so the current law on the book will be enforced.” You voted for an two-faced liar.

      • Susan Baldwin

        Wednesday at an economic conference, he laid out exactly, supporting the legalization of marijuana.

        • Turner Kayston

          It’s nothing less than prohibition 2.0.

          • Bob Mann

            I was discussing this yesterday.
            We came to the conclusion that this so called legalization is going to be worse than it is now.
            Way too many rules for no apparent reason.

          • Turner Kayston

            Yup, more wretched and ghastly draconian laws are being promulgated into law… In the name of greed.

        • Knitmygrits

          WAKE UP!!! He is NOT supporting it!! How is it someone who buys booze for a 17 year old gets a talking to, yet, if they buy cannabis, they get thrown in jail? Or, try this… smoke a joint on Friday, get pulled over Wednesday the next week and it’s still in your system at TWO micrograms and you have a DUI charge that can get you thrown in jail for up to ten years. HOW is any of it legalization??? That’s like charging you with drunk driving from the glass of wine you had at your cousin’s wedding two weeks ago. Then there’s going to be the widespread employer drug tests that will get you fired. You’re better off pouring Bailey’s in your morning coffee. Rapists get less time. Pedophiles get less time for MULTIPLE offences!!! The faster we get him out of office the better.

        • Knitmygrits

          Nope. He laid out, with the help of Kathleen Wynne, how to put more people in jail for nothing than ever before. You’re living in thr clouds of you believe this is actual legalization. You’re also probably a Trudeau supporter which makes anything you say uneducated and deep in the caves of celebrity star stuck values.

  • Mark

    As if they, cops, don’t want to do this? What a load of crap!

  • Corrupted Cartels

    Meanwhile cigarettes and alcohol which kill millions of Canadians each year are safe ,the hypocrisy is institutional.The mayor should be voted out of office for wasting police resources,it creates jobs and is a growth industry. Arresting people trying to work,any arrests at the liquor store?

    • Turner Kayston