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Can a Tolerance Break Rejuvenate the Effects of Cannabis?

August 11, 2015

Regular cannabis consumers have been known to experience fluctuations in their tolerance to marijuana over time. Despite rotating strains or trying new consumption methods, some consumers report that the expected effects from cannabis seem to dissipate or feel muted after repeated use. To combat these diminishing effects, some consumers opt to take “tolerance breaks” in order to lower their cannabis tolerance and increase the effects of consumption/how their bodies and minds react to cannabis.

What Is a Cannabis Tolerance Break?

A tolerance break, sometimes called a t-break, is just that: a short-term break from cannabis to clear one’s head and body of cannabinoids, notably THC. But does it work? Past research has indicated that regular cannabis consumers do indeed build up a tolerance to the drug. A study by Dr. Miles Herkenham of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) on the cannabinoid receptor system and its tolerance to cannabis came to the following conclusion:

“The effect … is time- and dose-dependent, and is reversible, and thus appears to be cannabinoid-receptor mediated … The result [of the study] has implications for the consequences of chronic high levels of drug use in humans, suggesting diminishing effects with greater levels of consumption.”

While it is possible to become highly tolerant of cannabis and its myriad effects, the buildup can be reversed by taking a break from the drug. Some consumers benefit from reducing their rate of consumption, while others choose to abstain completely for a set duration so that the more noticeable, psychoactive effects of cannabis can return at fuller potency.


What Are the Side Effects of High-THC Cannabis?

A tolerance break can also consist of changing a consumer’s regular routine, which can influence the effectiveness of cannabis and the way it interacts with the mind and body. For example, skipping consumption in the morning may encourage the onset of stronger effects during evening consumption. Ultimately, the length and severity of a tolerance break depends on the individual and his or her consumption patterns.

Why Take a Tolerance Break from Cannabis?

Reducing one’s cannabis intake may not immediately seem tempting, but there are valid reasons why consumers might want or need to take a tolerance break.

Besides purely wanting to lower the threshold for cannabinoids, those hunting for a new job might use a t-break to flush their system as they prepare for mandated drug tests. Court orders, probation, and other legal issues are another reasonable excuse to abstain. Travelers may also end up taking a t-break while they’re vacationing in an area that’s not cannabis-friendly. Some consumers take tolerance breaks to help save money. And, of course, many opt for a tolerance break simply because they want to get more out of their interactions with marijuana.


How long does THC stay in your system?

Above all, a tolerance break should offer consumers a new outlook. This shift in perspective will help serve as a reminder that cannabis is an enhancement to life’s adventures, not the only thing that matters. With a clear head, consumers can gain (or regain) respect for the power that this plant holds, especially once they resume consumption and the familiar effects of euphoria, creativity, and general wellness return with full force.

How Long Should a Cannabis Tolerance Break Last?

Since cannabis is a highly individualistic experience, a tolerance break can take on many forms depending on one’s consumption pattern. Generally speaking, a few days without cannabis should be enough to begin to notice the return of more profound effects, while abstaining for a week or two is recommended to help get a consumer over the hump and shake up his or her usual routine. Once the mind has acclimated to its new clear-headed groove and the body has adjusted accordingly, it’s a good sign that the t-break has taken hold.


What are the strongest cannabis strains?

For those looking to flush their body completely, try pushing past the two week mark, as THC and other compounds can remain in one’s system for more than 30 days.

What Should Consumers Expect on a Cannabis Tolerance Break?

During a tolerance break, try staying active and hydrating often. Working out at the gym, playing sports, hiking, and engaging in other physical activities will help make pressing the “reset” button more impactful, as will eating right and focusing on good nutrition habits. Try going for a run, cooking a healthy meal, or taking on a hobby that will offer some positive reward or self-satisfaction.


8 ways to sober up from being high

Consumers who opt to take a tolerance break should remember that when they make their return to the plant, it’s important to scale back the quantity that’s typically consumed. The longer the break taken, the further down the ladder one should start; otherwise, there’s a risk of feeling overwhelmed by the potency and effects that once seemed muted or manageable.

Have you ever taken a tolerance break? Share your experience with tolerance breaks and how they impacted your body and mind’s reaction to the various effects cannabis can deliver.

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Will Hyde

Will is a cannabis expert and former co-host of Leafly's "What Are you Smoking" podcast. He's a cultivator and former budtender who loves complex hybrids with piney and gassy terpene profiles. Follow him on Instagram at @the.avid.dabber

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  • metalbuoy

    I’m bored with marijuana, precisely TWO days before election night 2016. Gonna do a 30 day cleanse after smoking daily for approximately 19 years. Quit drinking about two years ago and cannabis without beer has become almost routine and boring beyond belief after many years of smoking marijuana after a hard days’ work being something I really looked forward to.

    • Will

      Do you not smoke weed now either?

    • snerpripoosel

      Change up your method of delivery. Get interested in vaporizers. That’ll spark your flame, maybe, to watch your supply stay strong, dose after dose, cuz each dose is so small and efficient. One should not habitually inhale smoke, for economic and health reasons. Vape it up, and be reunited with your old high self.

    • BigMaga

      still not smoking is been 30 days! pal!

    • Cole Lee

      hope you met your goal~

  • snerpripoosel

    I would also briefly mention that “t-breaks” are necessitated by diminishing funds and/or acquired quantity. Yet, mentioning this might suggest the presence of drug dependence which is analogous to the name of ‘Voldemoort’ in _Harry_Potter_, for ingesting this special sacrament is highly preferable, yet I would argue, not addictive nor dependence-forming. Now you are reminded of the external factors that also play a big part in rejuvenating the effects of weed.

    • Dr BoB

      Agreed, but drug abuse is a thing and we can’t ignore it. If you realize you ran out of weed and think hey this is a good chance for a t-break then you’re fine, but if you notice that you need to not have weed around you to carry out a t-break successfully then there might be something there.

  • Frank Malitz

    Bullshit. I stopped from Thnksgiving to New Year’s Eve and to my disappointment, there was absolutely zero change in the perceived high. The really funny part was the admonition to moderate after the break as if grass was some sort of strong drug like opioids.

    • Ian Joel Adams

      Its not bullshit just because it doesnt work for you. It depends on the user and I can say it works for me

      • Frank Malitz

        I’m amazed at your response Ian, as it had ZERO improvement–none whatsoever, and I always had access to superb shit. Cannot wait for others to weigh in here. Imagine my disappointment after waiting from Nov 23rd through December 31st. It was years ago with wonderful, spicy, golden Colombian–an incredible smoke. Still it was nice of you to reply as others may benefit from your experience.

    • Johan Persson

      Have you ever seen someone have a bad trip on weed? It can happen, and it can be very unpleasant.

      • Dr BoB

        Damn when you get the whitey (idk if that’s the right word, in spanish it’s “la palida”) you get pale, feel like shit, and can even pass out. I had it 5 times in my life, all when starting out.
        If you ever get it just find a way to get a bunch of sugar into your system, a normal soda usually does the trick. Apparently it’s just your blood pressure dropping a bit, but nothing to be worried about.

    • Al Pacino

      Worked for me too, definitely not bullshit, I think you’re in the minority with it not affecting your tolerance, or you just need to take a longer break.

      • Shonya S

        Didn’t work for me, so obviously people’s biochemistries are different. There seems to be huge variability with all things cannabis…

        • manofredearth

          Age, weight, height, amount consumed, consumption method, time of consumption, duration of consumption, phenotype, strain, cultivar, stomach contents, prescriptions, vitamins, pre-existing conditions, habitual or occasional…

          Yeah, I’d say so. Let’s get some controlled studies done before tossing around wildly unsubstantiated claims.

  • Pleasethinkharder

    Fyi, the study cited in this article is very outdated and considered inaccurate by most in the field of cannabis research today. There isn’t any good evidence that regular cannabis users experience CB receptor down-regulation, which the study proposed as the main mechanism of tolerance build-up. Giving 6 rats mega-doses of THC (doses that far exceed even the biggest stoner’s daily intake) is not a good basis for determining what happens in the brains of heavy cannabis users.

    • Jeremy Kossen

      Unfortunately, this area has been understudied. And, you’re correct that much of the research demonstrating CB receptor down-regulation was conducted on animal models (and, of course, “mice are not men”). However, to claim the hypotheses has been dismissed by contemporary cannabis research is not accurate. While mice may not be men, it’s highly improbable that humans would be unique in this regard. If a ligand regularly occupies a receptor, consistent with our natural homeostatic response, one would experience downregulated receptor expression. A contrary effect would defy homeostatic regulation (and logic!). Further, there have been more recent human studies demonstrating chronic cannabis use to be associated with a decrease in cortical (but not in subcortical) brain regions. Thankfully, downregulation is reversible after roughly 4 weeks of abstinence (perhaps less). Moreover, CBD, which antagonizes CB1 receptor agonists (such as THC) attenuates potentially adverse effects of THC. Hence, using strains with an appreciable amount of CBD is not a bad idea!

      For the study I cited, review the following:
      Reversible and regionally selective downregulation of brain cannabinoid CB1 receptors in chronic daily cannabis smokers

      • Pleasethinkharder

        You are correct in saying it is an understudied area, however, the study you site has been widely misinterpreted; it actually shows downregulation is not happening on the scale it would need to be happening to explain the level of tolerance increase we see in chronic users. I’ve attached a graph that maps the regional “downregulation” shown in the study. Note that all the cannabis users (extremely heavy users selected by NIDA) have receptor density in the same range as the non-using controls, just with a lower average in this region. In other regions tested the average wasn’t even lower, demonstrating that global downregulation does not occur from even high levels of cannabis use over a long period of time, and any regional (re: cortical) downregulation is so limited that it doesn’t even bring extreme users out of the normal range of variability in receptor density. Also the extent of “downregulation” shown by Hirvonen — 20% less receptor density in one area — is the same magnitude as the upregulation in CB receptor density associated with PTSD. Note that there is no established ideal healthy range for CB receptor density, we don’t know what the ideal is, but in PTSD the density is somewhat elevated, and PTSD makes people a lot more likely to use cannabis, so that Hirvonen found a 20% increase in receptor density when “cannabis abusers” went off of cannabis could actually indicate the return of a PTSD-like phenotype, rather than the resolution of drug tolerance.

        There are also murine (rats/mice) studies that actually show CBD coupled with THC promoting “upregulation” in CB1 receptors, in direct contradiction to what was found in other studies.

        So, while the hypothesis of CB1 receptor downregulation as the mechanism of increased tolerance has not been completely dismissed, it is not one based on an accurate analysis of scientific data from human-based studies. I would add that a study performed on only 30 long-time cannabis users leaves a lot to be desired; it would be far better to have subjects enter the study before ANY cannabis use and then observe changes among chronic cannabis users, occasional users and non-users over a long period of time in oreder to really understand any changes taking place.

        • Jeremy Kossen

          Thanks for the reply. For the most part, I don’t think I disagree with what you note in your response. I’m not contending that tolerance can be wholly attributed to CB1 down-regulation. However, given the ECS’ homeostatic role, that no down-regulation would occur after longterm chronic use defies biology. (Unfortunately, like most studies, the study I cited focuses solely on daily chronic users.) Also, you noted PTSD patients have elevated CB1 receptor density. This is true, and likely a compensatory response to better utilize the depression of anandamide levels PTSD sufferers experience. In fact, there was a study that found patients with PTSD had anandamide levels that were 50% less than healthy controls.

          • Lisa Loving

            You two are hilarious!

          • Ellieeee

            I need to take a t-break to understand all this

      • Paul Revere

        I have been told my my M.D. that all mammals possess the cannabis receptors in their brains. he said that in 2015.

    • Dr BoB

      Well, it is a fact that the effects are way stronger after a t-break. I’d say that’s evidence for tolerance build up!

      • Kendrick McLean

        Exactly like just smoke it and you’ll see lol

      • Alexandre Boudreau

        They want to show off their knowledge let them have their moment

  • JBaisden

    I’ve taken tolerance breaks but only because I really didn’t have a choice. My last break was about two years ago and lasted three months long when I was job hunting.

    In my experience, my tolerance level quickly jumped up to where it was before the break- I’m talking within a week or so. The benefits I noticed from the t-break were a bit more energy and a clearer head. I was using a lot of Indica based edibles in addition to flowers prior so that was probably why the t-break benefited me in those ways.

    I am taking another t-break for the month of March because I will be helping a relative in another state and will not have access to any. I will update and let you know my experience in April.

    • Gavin O’Connor

      what was it

    • PaperGang Tv

      How did it turn out?

    • Hisham Jalal

      Commander Stoner, report.

    • wowest

      he forgot

    • VoidKeeper


    • Brovaries

      r.i.p in peace frient

  • johnd

    I hadn’t smoked for 3 days. I bought a gram of Willie Nelson for $20 (expensive). The high was almost psychedelic. I went back to my regular routine of smoking every day and after about a week I brought out the Nelson again. Although it was still excellent, it wasn’t as intense as the first time. I found that quitting for even a couple of days makes even average stuff better but stopping for 3 days isn’t always easy.

    • Kody

      Taking a week long t-break and I kinda want to end it on some caviar… $50 a gram lol

  • ShishkaBerry

    There was an article in high times a few months ago about this. It said a month break will get you to presmoking tolerance levels and any more than that has no effect. 4 days is the recommended short break. I’m on day 3 😂

    Edit – found the article

  • McNaughty

    I’ve smoked daily for the past 2 years in high school and i’ve come to live on a plateau high. I’m very reluctant to increasing my daily dosage b/c i don’t know what the health risks are. So now, i went on this t-break for a period of 21 days – the habit breaking period. :'( the first week was hell, oh my word. I’m on week 2 day 2. Guys help me out, is it a good idea to go past a bag a day?

  • Esai Martinez

    I smoke heavy all day, joints and dabs. Recently i quit smoking for 2 days but while eating about one 300mg edible for those 2 days. Even though it wasn’t much of a break at all, I got so stoned it felt close to some of my first times smoking. I want to know why my tolerance returns to a near zero state just by lowering my consumption. The longest break in 5 years of smoking for me was 8 days. But i swear that my tolerance drops off after a day or two of not smoking. It feels very similar to the first time i smoked and it feels nice but shouldn’t it take about a week or so to feel anything noticeable?

    • Sandra Mun

      Im on day 4 right now, Ive been non stop smoking since, gosh like 5 years now? Im curious to find out what it will be like on Sunday, that will be the 7 day mark for me! I smoked weed heavily and then about 4 months ago started dabbing and noticed weed either wasn’t enough or I had to smoke too much of it. Nice to find out for myself that I didn’t NEED it as bad as I think I did, but damn I can’t wait to smoke a joint on Sunday!

  • Nicole Furlan

    I really wish we’d stop referring to cannabis as a “drug”

    • manofredearth

      Then we’d be wrong.

      • Raul Hernandez

        Haha. We’d sounds exactly like weed

        • Adrian

          That’s a dope observation.

    • Dr BoB

      It’d be better if we got rid of the taboo surrounding drugs, and acknowledge them for what they are, simply substances which has a physiological effect on the body, which can be good or bad, just like anything else.

    • TheTurningCurve

      It’s a substance that alters the homeostatic state, with intentional use for effects. Definitely a drug, but a safe and pure one in most cases!

      • Kendrick McLean

        Yeah but we don’t call alcohol a drug we just call it what it is. Liquor, beer, wine, etc.

        • Paul Revere

          Alcohol is created through fermentation. THC is natural as are the Cannabinoids that are natural in weed. If you consume to much of alcohol or others drugs, you die of overdose. Weed, you just fall asleep.

          • nomad

            Plenty of natural things are deadly, so your argument doesn’t make any sense.

        • Ed Cantarella

          Liquor,beer, wine are analogous to indica, sativa. wax,edibles.dry herb. Descriptive terms rather than just “alcohol” or “weed”. It’s assumed that most people understand alcohol is a drug.

          • Dmember

            Yes…they “understand” that alcohol is a drug…but they sure don’t think of it as one!

          • Shellie Spratt

            Ask an alcoholic if it’s a drug, they sure do!

        • Shellie Spratt

          Actually alcohol is a drug and is called a drug in all recovery groups and by the medical world.

    • Pat

      But it is a drug! Same as a cup of Starbucks. We just need to admit any substance that changes our chemistry or perception is a drug and stop demonizing the word. Human beings are hardwired to need their choice of drugs. This isn’t a bad thing, it keeps us going.

      • bigavel

        A kit kat is considered a drug lol. I guess..

        • ConcernedParent

          So are FunYuns 😛 😉

    • clinpsychstudent

      Cannabis is a mind-altering substance, as is alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine. They are all drugs, but some are much less harmful than others.

  • Gigantipithecus

    I’ve been trying to find a chart that tells you the effect of different break periods, starting in days and going to weeks, but cannot find anything like that. I know from past experience, as a daily users, if I take a 4-5 day break I get very high on the first time, but my tolerance quickly builds back up. It’s great for the first day or so, but the 4-5 day break only gets you so far. I’d also like to know if there’s a typical amount someone could consume in a given week to maintain a break-even on tolerance. If you use daily, but you take 4 hour breaks between use, and always use the same amount, will that increase, decrease, or maintain your tolerance? In a perfect world, I’d like to take a 5 day tolerance break, and then when I start back up, to dose myself so my tolerance stays flat. If that means taking 4 hour breaks between sessions, so be it. Anyone know of any really good scientific information on this? There’s gotta be some scientist stoner that has these answers out there somewhere! The Dude abides. Thanks.

    • Jack Miles

      unfortunately, in order to really not build a tolerance you have to reduce use to every 48 hours. yale did a study on this in 2016 and its still scanty information as everyone reacts differently.

  • Dave Lee

    Let me give you young bucks some advice to get over the first (and worst) few days of a T-break. Start the T-break when you go out of town or start a vacation. I’m on day 14 of a T-break as I write this. I started mine in Key West, Florida and it is hard to think about getting high on THC when you are riding a jet ski or looking at beautiful women and other natural beauty. Also, the vacation serves to distance you from access to the drug, you don’t want those “I’ll start tomorrow’s” or “just one hit” mind games to ruin your T-break. After about 3-4 days you can go back to reality and should be able to fend off easily the occasional “just one hit” mind game.

    • Mandy Hartman

      Vacations I find are a really good way to force a t-break, especially if visiting another country where I cannot bring my own supply and no reliable method of obtaining it. Budgetary reasons are another forced reason for breaks. Was on an approximately 21 break until tonight. Consumed about 0.5ml of high potency oil on a piece of dried fruit. Good timing as I’ve been suffering from my severe migraines again and am currently on day 3 of feeling like my brains are leaking out of my ears and I actually go almost fully blind in my left eye while it twitches uncontrollably, the left being the focal point of my migraines. Could be an interesting night but hoping to ease the pain and get some sleep.

      • Francois Arseneau

        Hi, you might want to look into magnesium supplementation. Cut all caffein and drink lots of water/herbal teas.

    • LilJaySavage_345

      You’re fucking right, I play those mind games and in the end, I usually cave into the desires.

  • Dr BoB

    There’s another factor in this, which is control. If you know the effects of weaker strains and have experienced them for long enough, you’ll gain some “control” over it, which means you’ll be more willing to venture to stronger ones. This is evident when you return from a long t-break. Think about the first time you smoked, usually you feel the effects intensely for months before you grow tolerance. However, after a t-break, you’ll find you grow the same tolerance in days. This is because you know you can control the effects and not let them overwhelm you, so you smoke way more than your first time smoking, and this in turn causes you to build up tolerance faster.

    The solution to this, I’ve found, is mini t-breaks. When your long t-break ends, you can make the period of low tolerance last longer if you only smoke, lets say, every other day. The way I do it is skipping every third day, and it works like a charm.
    With this you can make that low tolerance last for months! Good luck 🙂

    • Dmember

      I’ve wondered about how to make low tolerance last longer so thanks for answering that! Gonna try your method! 🙂

    • Andre

      I’ve been a daily smoker for about 3-2 years and now my high lasts only for about 30 minutes even with 90 percent or higher THC dabs so Im taking a tolerance break I’m a week and 5 days sober and wondering how long should my break be before I continue smoking again because my last tolerance break was so good it made me feel like it was my first time smoking it got me so high I was scared and I liked that lol and it took me quite a long time to build my tolerance back up so wish me luck to see if I can make to it a month or at least 3 weeks smoking free. I’m fairly skinny so hopefully I detox faster than normal people

  • Maybe Free

    This issues been bothering me lately…. I smoked from my 18th Birthday through to my 21st, almost every day. Then I moved countries and hardly smoked, if at all. Well, recently, I had been picking up a little but every month or so and just smoking that, until now. Since early June, around 45 days, I’ve smoked daily for the first time since I was 21 (now 23).

    This is where I’m confused. The people I get from always have great quality and I’ve always felt extremely baked from their product. However, as of the past week or so, the high has literally lasted however long the joint lasted. The strain over the past week or so has looked the same as the previous bud, but it just didn’t get me high and seemed to have a less pugnant smell (the lack of smell could be due to constant exposure). Over the last 4 days, I haven’t touched the stuff because there’s no point wasting money on bud that gives me less buzz than a cigarette. I’m gonna flush my body and drink a minimum 3litres of water a day, long, hot showers to open my pores and help me sweat it out. In another 3 days, I’ll pick up a pack and see what’s up.

    From what I’ve posted, do you guys think it’s just a tolerance that’s causing the lackluster high I’m receiving?

  • Pat

    As a long time 53 year old stoner I really needed a break from the ganja. Here in Nevada where it’s legal and you can get it 24/7 we have access to really potent strains of concentrate. You know it’s time for a break when dabs just don’t seem to get you that high anymore. That said: although I think it’s necessary taking a break from Cannabis really sucks. I have found that I feel spacey and not grounded at all when I haven’t smoked, I’m hoping that this goes away fairly quickly and my head clears a bit. Like I said I’m only in my first week of a month-long cleanse, but I am not enjoying it much. LOL.
    But at the price of the top shelf concentrates you really need for just a dab or two to do it.

  • Sergio Ramsés

    after smoking for many years every single night,a couple of weeks ago i caught a wicked flu,so i decided to not smoke weed until the flu was gone. i took my medicine and all,and after 5 days i was already good.

    So in the sixth night,i did what i had to do right?I hit the bong,i think it must’ve been like 200 milligrams. i don’t know what strain it is,since weed is illegal where i live,i just get it from “a guy”. He keeps saying it’s “silver haze” or something,but i don’t think too much about it,as long as it looks healthy. The thing is,after a couple of minutes i had forgotten everything i was doing before i started smoking,i was SUPER HIGH.

    It had been a long time since o felt that pleasant “WTF” effect. I really liked it. I decided i was going to lay down on the couch and listen to some relaxing music with the lights out .The only lights i had in the living room,were the ones that came from out of the house,and they gave the room a warm spacey feel. I noticed, as my eyes struggled to see the paintings i’ve got on the walls,that colors seemed to kind of blend,and having that kind of optical effect while high was very amusing. Also when i closed my eyes i got some pretty interesting visuals. So it was a very nice experience for me.

    i decided to smoke only on weekends,which is good, i wake up more energized in the morning,and what do you know?i have dreams while i sleep,where the hell does that come from ,huh? it seems to work wonders when i smoke,i’n even considering that month t-break mentioned in the article.

    • cal

      huh…it’s also done wonders on your…uhm…speaking of English…

    • Đaniel Pokorný

      Nice story, and true! I am a daily smoker and when i take tolerance break just for few days… Its whole new experience!

  • Tim

    I took an inadvertent tolerance break for three days after a hurricane kept me away from my house for three days after landfall. Normally I smoke out of a small bong from my Hemper Box subscription, typically going through one bowl per day, slowly smoking to enjoy my whole night. Maybe taking three small hits immediately and then keeping the high up with a hit every half hour until I cash out.

    After three days without smoking, I was excited and really happy to finally grind up some weed and go through the process of filling up my bong with water and packing a bowl. I took three hits of the same weed I had been smoking for weeks (Chocolate Kush) and I felt my high start peaking where I like, but it kept soaring higher. Within ten minutes of feeling it peak, my skin broke out into a sweat, I felt cold, nauseous and anxious, just telling myself the bad trip will last only thirty minutes to an hour – which it did.

    I went for another round the next day, really pacing myself. I had no problems at all, and after smoking only every few days, two weeks later I had gotten back to my normal tolerance of handling a bowl with the right high I enjoy when in the privacy of my own home.

    Currently waiting to go back home to California next week and havent smoked in ten days because of the inevitable job hunt. So I’m planning on getting my MMJ card there and finding some low THC indica to start back into things, because my first few times smoking was with Sour Diesel and I tripped out every time. I have to have an amount of tolerance to really enjoy a sativa.

  • Privacy

    The first time I took a “tolerance break” was for about a month. People had told me that when one does this one will experience nightmares. Indeed I did, for about a week. I am especially prone to nightmares dubbed “anxiety dreams” and sure enough, these did resurge, and there were some more that were worse, deserving of the name, nightmare. They subsided normally, after a week or 10 days. Now it is possible that I am a very “suggestive subject” and that I only had the nightmares because a few people had told me I would. I don’t really believe this to be the case. However, on subsequent breaks, I did not have this experience. Oh there may have been one or two nightmares, but nothing like the first time when I was having them nearly every morning for that 10 day period. Anyway, the nightmares were familiar enough to me. They didn’t cause any permanent damage, lol.

  • Paul Revere

    I’m high right now but had a thought, couldn’t one change up the strain of consumption every so often? from say an Indica then to a Hybrid? I’m just guessing here but while being nicely baked.

    • Kody

      I tried doing that and it didn’t really work for me. The only bud that even gets me high anymore is caviar lol I’m taking my break because of that fact

  • Shantanu Karande

    Well according to my experience smoking weed on weekly basis is the best way to keep your tolarance,it also helped me lose weight.if the weed it brown wash it first to remove chemicals and then wrap it in a cloth and iron it to dry. This way you also get a lot of health benifits of weed

    • Dmember

      Smoking “on a weekly basis”? What’s that supposed to mean?



  • cyberbully

    For someone who smokes daily and multiple times a day at that, it can be an overwhelmingly difficult experience to try and quit, if even for a couple days let alone weeks. In my personal experience, my appetite totally dries up and I might go a couple days only eating a few potato chips. I lose my desire to go running. It can be very depressing too. Sleep will elude me and I get very agitated. Now couple that with being forced to quit because someone else ( a probation officer, a girlfriend, a parent) wants you to quit and you may be dealing with a whole new level of stress you haven’t had before. If you can manage to make it a single month without smoking after months or even years of constant use, then you will have the pleasure of experiencing, or close to, what it was like for your first high. Needless to say the high can be a bit overwhelming and for me paranoia ALWAYS plays a factor when getting back with mary jane. That said, my breaks have almost always been at the request of someone else and my desire to please that person. That is probably why I get so agitated…. I have never been able to ( or really wanted to) quit on my own accord. I don’t think I will ever quit because someone else wants me to again. I have accepted the fact Im a stoner and truly i dgaf what anyone else says or thinks about it. (currently on day 11 of sobriety as I type this) ALSO.. I have noticed that once I get over the first 2 or 3 days of not smoking, there is always this feeling of guilt that, should I smoke, I would be letting someone down. I hate that feeling.

    • Uberdankness

      You mean letting yourself down? Yeah I get that feeling too but you gotta push through it. My new balance is 2-3 times a week only at night when all work in finished. Use it as a reward system after getting shit done ✅

      • Jeffrey Elgarten

        I used to ONLY smoke after 6 PM when I got home from work. Now I’m retired, and I start when I wake up at 6 AM.

    • Ellieeee

      I believe you just summed up addiction. It never seems to work if you are not doing it for yourself. Despite what a lot of people believe, it is very possible to become addicted to weed. I am a recovering alcoholic (so I think I have the “addict” gene) and when I stopped smoking for two days for a t-break I couldn’t sleep, felt depressed and cried all the time. I also was very sweaty and couldn’t focus on even reading a book for fun. That said I’m on day 1 of a t break then I’m going to follow the suggestions here and make a calendar of absolutely no smoking days to help keep the tolerance from building back up again.

  • Dmember

    I wish someone would finally tell us how long the tolerance break works for us after we start vaping again….until we’ll prolly need another tolerance break. One day? One week? Different for everyone is not an acceptable answer. What the ‘average’?

  • グラント

    Something that helps me during a t break is drinking a lot of Chamomile and Echinacea tea. So I guess you could call it a Tea Break. Anyway, I find that chamomile tends to help me sleep and relax when I’m feeling stressed from lack of cannabis consumtion. And Echinacea is really good in the morning as it clears your mind fogginess. At least it does for me. Also it makes it so my appetite isn’t quite as pathetic.

  • Destiny

    I smoke daily about 3-5 times for the past year and am on day 3 of my first t-break. I smoke because I have fybromialgia and depression and ganja just makes life better. I have not had any extra chronic pain so far, but I have been extremely touchy. My depression though has been rampant, making this break really hard. Also, I have completely lost all of my appetite and get nauseous anytime I eat. My dreams have also been more active than usual and more on the darker side almost nightmarish. On the bright side, spending time with family and friends is a great distraction. I am planning on making a week, but we will see…

  • StanStan

    3-4 days is enough of a break for lowering the tolerance for a more convincing psychoactive experience [especially when it comes to edibles].

    • Hep Yo

      FYI – edibles are an entirely different system. Recently, I had been vaping daily, but had not had edibles for many years. So, I tried a 10mg THC edible and it was so strong that I could not do anything except lie on my bed staring at the pretty patterns in the ceiling. 🙂 After reading some comments on the edibles pages here, many people recommend 5mg to start, even though the articles suggest 10mg. 🙂 So, the point is that edibles have a different tolerance system from smoking/vaping.

  • General Steve Trevor

    Taking a t break because my MMJ no longer is effective. I went through a week of insomnia, anxiety, lack of hunger and nausea. Going on two weeks of sweats. Don’t minimize withdrawal. Every nervous system is different. I’ve gone through opiate and benzo withdrawal following a serious surgery and this is similar, but tedious as opposed to awful. This last time, I vaped oil for three months, for an hour or so and this is the result of that.

  • Amy Lane

    I had to take a total tolerance break for 5 months when I moved to NE Thailand. I thought it would be horrible, but because I was traveling and adjusting I didn’t have any withdrawal. I would only crave it once in a while, especially when I got car sick. The one thing I did hate was the vivid dreams…it was intense, and a side effect I did not anticipate. I ended up moving to a different part of the country and ending my sobriety. I’m just quitting again for a few days because Im going to be leaving the country again and I want to adjust. I am a very heavy smoker and its really hard for me to force myself to quit.

  • Bruce Banner

    Reminds me of the first time I took welbutrinSR I was laughing at everything but the next day I was not and I can’t get the same feeling back all it does now is help me forget to smoke and eat .

    • David Karanja

      How did you get a prescription for it?

  • sweetsweetbud

    I took a T-break for about 3 months during my football season. Once it was over I was so excited to rejoice with my weed brothers and sisters. Maybe a little too excited because I took a big dab and hit the whole thing. I was coughing outside for a solid 3 minutes. That was the first time I had gotten real couch lock in a long time. I loved it.

  • Gregg Symonds

    I like taking the tolerance break. I may do it differently though but I find it works. Sometimes I smoke up nightly..4 nights in a row. Then take a night off. Then back to smoking up 3 consecutive nights. Then 3 days off. I always change the pattern though. I find this pattern makes me look forward to smoking up rather than it being a routine activity.

  • Jim Carlini

    Been regular smoker since early 70’s. The bud usually far better these days (although we did get some prime bud back then. I usually take 1 to 3 days off / month. Helps me to keep it down to 3 -4 hits, while using. If I go better than 2 wk w/o break I end up back where I start.smoking to much. The doctor told me to stop for a couple wks last month due to respiratory concerns. I abstained for 12 days. the 1st day back I got really lit (I was even a bit dizzy – lightheaded and the music just sounded so much better) By day 2 it was back to usual, but at least I only needed 2 – 3 hits vs 3 – 5 hits for the next 3 or 4 days. Based on my own experimentation 2 or 3 days is plenty enough to both get that fresh buzz that’s a bit stronger and longer.

  • tduncan

    does he love “complex hybrids with piney and gassy terpene profiles, or is that “grassy”?

  • kammy

    I’m choosing to take a break as I have been getting high every single day for at least a year already, and I’ve grown almost completely numb to its effects these past few months. I’m also doing it because I need to look for a second job by this summer, and a lot of the places I wish to seek employment require drug testing. I have good self-control, so I can pull through. I plan to do this until the end of next month, so I’ll give an update on this experience then… that is, if I remember to do this before getting higher than my expectations for myself!

  • Joe Moondad

    if you use no more than 3 days per week your tolerance will remain stable.

  • Abhinav Ranjan

    I think I am the right person to answer this question. YES it bloody hell does rejuvenate the cannabis’s effects after a good T break. There was a time when even if I smoked 40 gs a day I won’t get high (or if by chance I do get high, that would last a very short span of time). This happened after 3 months daily exploitation of grass xD. Its summer time rn, and I came back home from college for break and I had made up my mind that I ain’t gonna smoke up for 2 n a half months straight (which obviously I couldn’t abide by, n let me be honest with you I’m pretty fucking high rn :P).
    So at last I ended taking up a 2 week long T break. And trust me I ain’t lyin, It now hits me like a summer bitch xD It doesn’t depend much on the strain variation as many people claim, but on the amount of THC receptors that recede upon frequent use of Marijuana. But thank Jesus/Allah/Shiva/etc since within few days they start increasing and reach their peak again. So all in all, a 2 week T should shoot you right back into the stratosphere!

  • William Rain

    Does this work?

  • Cassielynn413

    I took a tolerance break recently and just resumed consumption this week. Ive gone the whole month of December without it. This is huge because I’ve smoked weed for the past 11 years multiple times a day. Firstly, I notice I’m way higher than expected & it’s been putting me straight to sleep. The effects are lasting longer than they ever did. & my dreams are VERY vivid. I don’t need as much as I did before. I also don’t need it to be as potent. But ofcoarse I went right for the strongest I could get my hands on (out of habit) & got all fucked up lol. Fun experience. I feel like a light weight but I’m sure I’ll save a ton of money if I can maintain it.