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Microdosing cannabis: Benefits without the buzz

May 25, 2017
Microdosing With Cannabis: Benefits Without the Buzz
In the midst of a potency-obsessed market where high THC marks mean everything, there is a growing community of cannabis advocates that are pushing for less consumption as opposed to more. This tactic is called “microdosing,” a growing trend as cannabis consumption becomes more mainstream.

What Is Microdosing?

Practitioners of microdosing are taking small amounts of cannabis in order to reap the medical benefits of THC while avoiding its psychoactive effects that can interfere with the demands of daily life.

“Microdosing is something that is very personal. There is no magic bullet for all patients; it is different for each one.”

Michelle Ross, Founder of IMPACT Network

“Most people don’t know about microdosing,” says Michelle Ross, founder of IMPACT network, a nonprofit organization that uses empirical medical research to find new cannabis-related treatments for patients. “They just blast their system with cannabis or high amounts of THC, and that is not always the best approach for whatever condition they have.”

While microdosing has typically been associated with hallucinogens like LSD, many experts now believe that the threshold for the medical benefits of THC is far lower than many people think.

And sometimes, too much of a good thing can quickly turn disastrous.


What Is Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome?

“When you raise the dose sometimes you get diminished benefits, and sometimes you get the opposite of what you are looking for,” says Dustin Sulak, an osteopathic physician based in Maine who treats many of his patients with small doses of cannabis. For example, while a little cannabis can help reduce anxiety, too much can actually cause it.

What Medical Conditions Lend Themselves to Microdosing With Cannabis?

According to Sulak, patients are now turning to microdosing in order to treat conditions such as depression, stress, anxiety, pain, and to help improve focus and promote sleep.

While a substantial amount of empirical evidence is still lacking, there is some clinical research suggesting that less is in fact more when it comes to medicinal cannabis.

In a 2012 study, for example, patients with advanced cancer who were unresponsive to traditional opioid painkillers were given nabiximols, a THC/CBD compound, at low, medium, and high doses. Patients who received the lowest dosage of cannabinoids showed the greatest reduction in pain, while those receiving higher doses actually experienced more pain.


The best cannabis strains for pain

In another study, a group of incarcerated individuals were given low (four milligram) doses of Nabilone, a synthetic cannabinoid, to help treat their posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and its associated symptoms. The results, published in 2014, showed significant improvements in PTSD-associated insomnia, nightmares, general symptoms, and even chronic pain.

Sulak also points out that cannabis can be effective for helping to control other chronic conditions. “If I see someone with multiple sclerosis who is in the middle of a flare-up and having a really hard time, she may need a higher dose to get the symptoms under control,” he says. “But as she gets well and heals, her daily dose will go down and down and down, until the point where microdosing becomes a maintenance plan.”

Indeed, Ross takes several small doses of cannabis each day to help manage her own persistent health issues.


Less Is More: Why Low-Dose Cannabis Is Important

“I have a lot of chronic health problems including neuropathy and fibromyalgia, and cannabis has been the only thing that has enabled me to surmount them,” she says.

Sulak has also found that microdosing is beneficial on a daily basis, adding, “I find that a sub-psychoactive dose of cannabis helps me stay healthy, reduce stress, and stay sharp and focused at work.”

What Is the Optimal Dosage for Microdosing Cannabis?

The short answer is, it depends. There is tremendous variance in the amount of THC that will result in feeling high. This can be affected by individual differences in liver metabolism, genetics of cannabinoid receptors, and previous usage, to name a few.

“The goal is to use the dose that gives the most minimal noticeable effect.”

Dustin Sulak, Osteopathic physician

“Microdosing is something that is very personal,” says Ross. “There is no magic bullet for all patients; it is different for each one. So keep experimenting until you find the dose that works for you.”

Ross generally recommends that first time microdosers start off at 2.5 milligrams, maintain that level for approximately three days, and increase if necessary. But that can sometimes be difficult.


How to Find the Best Cannabis Experience and High for You

“In Colorado we have a saying: start low and go slow. But the lowest dosage that they start off with for consumers is 10 milligrams and I think that is already too high.”

Meanwhile, Sulak advocates starting at even lower doses, and has created a step-by-step guide to microdosing for both experienced and novice consumers.

For those using cannabis regularly, Sulak recommends an initial 48-hour period of abstinence, which he believes is enough time to reset the endocannabinoid system. While this might seem like a relatively brief window after years of usage, a brain imaging study published last year tracked the number of cannabinoid receptors during a period of abstinence from cannabis. The results indicated that even in heavy smokers, the receptors bounced back to baseline levels after just two days.

After this neural cleansing, micro hopefuls should gradually reintroduce cannabis into their system, starting with just one milligram.

“The goal is to use the dose that gives the most minimal noticeable effect,” says Sulak. “You are not trying to get stoned, you are not trying to get total relief from symptoms–you are just trying to get a little something. And then once you get to that dose where you feel a little something, stay there for a few days and then you can start gradually increasing if needed. And that typically falls somewhere between one and three milligrams per dose.”

Sulak has also noticed that the use of lower doses can actually lead to increased sensitivity to cannabis over time, thus underscoring the importance of staying at low levels for the first few days of microdosing. While this is merely observational, Sulak notes that tests on animals suggest that low-level doses of THC can result in an upregulation of the endocannabinoid system (for endocannabinoid production as well as expression of its receptors).

“If you are building tolerance to THC, you are building tolerance to your body’s own cannabinoids, which are there for the purpose of promoting balance and health,” says Sulak. “So having a highly sensitive endocannabinoid system is extremely valuable for responding to illness, injury, and stress, and people can achieve that with low doses of cannabis.”


Can a Tolerance Break Rejuvenate the Effects of Cannabis?

For those who are using cannabis irregularly or for the first time, Sulak suggests one milligram of THC combined with one milligram of CBD and gradually increasing the dosage (while maintaining the 1:1 ratio) until they feel something, then stay at that level for four days.

“Everyone is going to get to the point where they increase their dosage and it will not work as well as it did before,” he says. “And that means they have passed their optimal dose. That optimal dose is different for everyone. Finding it means going past it.”

What Is the Best Way to Microdose Cannabis?

There are numerous methods available for microdosing cannabis, but some may be more effective than others. Smoking or vaping is one option. Using this approach, Sulak recommends that cannabis minimalists take just one puff, wait five minutes to feel any effects, and then take another if necessary. Yet, precisely controlling the amount of THC in your system using this approach can be difficult.

“We need to change our relationship with cannabis from something that we use for recreation or to treat severe symptoms to something that we use to stay healthy, like we would a multivitamin.”

Dustin Sulak

Instead, many experts recommend products such as tinctures, oils, or edibles that allow users to more accurately control the dosage. When it comes to edibles, however, users should exercise caution. Untested edibles are especially unreliable in their ability to deliver a low dose of THC.

“Imagine cutting a brownie that has 100 milligrams of THC into portions and trying to eyeball 2.5mg—that’s not going to work,” says Ross. “And most edibles are not consistent in their dosage in that range.”


Dosing homemade cannabis edibles: Why it’s nearly impossible to calculate potency

However, there are now a number of products on the market that lend themselves to microdosing. For example, KIVA Confections, a California based company, offers a variety of mints and chocolates with THC concentrations starting at 2.5 milligrams that are suitable for microdosing. Yet, it can take over an hour to feel the effects of some edibles. For those seeking immediate relief, an alternative is THC-infused tea, such as products from Stillwater, which can calm the nerves after just 10 minutes.

Ross also notes that products like these can be a good option for first-time consumers. “If you are given a product that is 2.5 milligrams, you are much less likely to have a bad experience. So I think microdosing is really the best way to introduce new people to cannabis.”


How to Help Your Friends Who Are Smoking Cannabis for the First Time

Should CBD Also Be Used to Microdose?

While microdosing generally refers to THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis, it can be beneficial to add an equal ratio of CBD as well.

“When we add CBD to THC we tend to get a wider therapeutic window, which means we are less likely to see side effects of THC and more likely to see benefits,” says Sulak.

Yet, it’s important to note that doubling the amount of cannabinoids for each dose can be financially crippling, because CBD is very expensive. Sulak also mentions that for some people, CBD acts as a mental stimulant and should be avoided in the evening prior to bedtime.


Cannabis and sleep: 9 things to know about your herbal nightcap

While many have already started to benefit from the wonders of THC frugality, many challenges still remain.

“There are still not enough low-dose products on the market. I would definitely like to see a wider range,” says Ross. “I feel like every dispensary should be carrying these [products].”

Meanwhile, Sulak believes that the greatest roadblock to microdosing is societal. “We need to change our relationship with cannabis from something that we use for recreation or to treat severe symptoms to something that we use to stay healthy, like we would a multivitamin,” he says.

For many, it may be difficult to cut back as cannabis has become widely available. But for those seeking to remain sharp, calm, and collected, you may want to think twice before taking that extra hit because the new buzz is, in fact, no buzz.

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Adam Hoffman

Adam is a freelance science writer living in Brooklyn. He grew up in the Bay Area, where he developed a profound love of fog and tacos. His work has appeared in numerous publications, including National Geographic, Smithsonian Magazine, Health Magazine, and STAT News.

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  • HonkyGeorge

    I prefer macrodosing.

    • Logan Rolland

      Same, that makes the most sense haha if you don’t smoke at least a gram a day then you really aren’t living

      • Frantic

        I WISH I COULD! At these prices here for something like THC25+ its 50,55,58$/eighth! Higher the THC, higher the price

        • HonkyGeorge

          Yeah, that’s the price for quality. It’s unfortunate.


        So if you use half a gram, you are only half-way here part of the time, most of the time, some of the time, part of the time, or only partially part of the time??? Most of the time, some of the time, or is it always this way for you???


      I PREFER TO USING IT AS MEDICINE…you are foolish and defiant, probably abusing a lot more in life than just drugs. But don’t listen to me, I’m just a counseling psychologist who has published in a medical journal. I’m the foolish old man to be ignored, have your fun…just not at my expense.

      • HonkyGeorge

        If I’m not uncomfortably high, how can I work productively? This is a huge flaw in your reasoning, sir.


          Like doing half of half of what you’re job is….or isn’t???

          • HonkyGeorge


            I make Sunday Ticket money. It’s quite the lifestyle.


            Some day you will be self-sufficient…I admire your efforts!!!

          • HonkyGeorge

            Sunday Ticket is a status symbol. I’m beyond self-sufficiency.


            I’ve given away over $15,000 worth of this wonderful product to deserving patients who can’t afford this medicine….helped terminal cancer patients, MS, Fibro Myalgia, so….what have you done lately that COUNTS….mess around here doing food fights here for my entertainment….????

          • HonkyGeorge

            I’m not a chode.

            That’s my big contribution.


            You are neither real nor an illusion George, you are an artifact…..

      • Two Bears

        I use it as medicine too. Thats why i micro dose


      Is that while your half-way thinking is going on half of the time…or is this a part time endeavor???

  • I’m kind of surprised nobody interviewed Old Hippie for this article, considering he’s the one who originally introduced the concept of microdosing cannabis years ago and has been writing about it ever since at

    • Thanks for sharing


        Who did what for whom for what purpose…help me out here!!!

        • HonkyGeorge

          You can prescribe Xanax, right?


            If I could, I wouldn’t…sounds like you are already TOXIC most of the time…..


      Moderation, for your information, is NOT a new concept…boy oh boy…get real.

      • HonkyGeorge

        I use moderation in moderation.


          I can see you are trying to try to get what this is all about, keep trying….

      • Guy Hopkins

        Moderation is just my new addiction….

    • Apparition

      High Times used to run a column called The Connoisseur. The philosophy of the author was that it’s not how much you smoke, it’s how high you get from how little smoke you inhale.

      Another forerunner to this microdosing practice.

  • Two Bears

    I have Crohns disease and use to vape shatter in a kiln wax atomizer.

    I have been micro dosing for about two weeks.

    The way i do it is pur 1 gram shatter in 15 ml dripper bottle.

    Most shatter is 82-94% cannabinoids. Lets tske 85% as a rule of thumb. So there is roughly 850 milligrams of cannabinoids in 1 gram of shatter.

    Now there is about 20 drops of alcohol in 1 ml

    So 15×20 equals 300 drops of alcohol more or less.

    850 milligrams divided by 300 drops means each drop of the tincture has 2.75-2.8 milligrams.

    I have found for my condition i only need 10-13 milligrams. That is only 4-5 drops of the tincture.

    I put my tincture in a hot cup of tea,coffee, or bowl of soup.

    I dont cobsume it immediately. I let it sit a minute or two.

    That does two things.

    1. Allow sone of the alcohol to evaporate.

    2. Heat helps decarboxolate the cannabinoids


      I have found if you drink just the right amount of water, you don’t get overly thirsty most of the day, what do you think??

      • bloosugar

        I don’t get it.


          You never will please continue…on second thought, don’t!!!

          • HonkyGeorge

            You gotta lay off the cable news. It’s not healthy.


            It’s better than your show…..they aren’t trying to be black and white…

      • HonkyGeorge

        That causes Reverse Ryan’s Spina Bifida.

        A real medical professional would know that.


      Kind of like “whispering Vermouth” over the edge of your martini??? I like your style, waiting a bit….good going!!!

      • Two Bears

        David. Just telling the community what works for me.

        I hate being stoned with a passion; but hate Crohns even more!

        Microdosing (23-16.5 mg) controls my Crohns and i have a normal life again.

        I definitely feel the microdose (calm and relaxed 60-90 minutes) but not stoned.


    • Two Bears

      The tibctures i make as described above; has 2.8-3 milligrams of cannabinoids per drop. So getting the right dose is a piece of cake


      I am truly happy for you…..this is good and wonderful….all the best for you always, Dave.

      • Two Bears

        This plant literally gave me my life back.

  • Momofpurrs Felini

    I’ve been microdosing edibles (didn’t know there was a name for it) for about 3.5 yrs because I don’t like feeling so stoned. My migraines have gone from 3-5 per week before marijuana down to about 5 per year and I’ve only had 2 cluster headaches in the whole time. So it works! It helps control my chronic pain and I also sleep better and I can still function all day and no one knows I took anything.


      This is wonderful and I truly applaud your efforts and success….you did it!!!

  • Justin “Cuándo S. Domingo” Ebb

    so glad microdosing is getting more coverage lately. shows the community that the consciousness of a cannabis using society is indeed maturing — hopefully clearing away old cobwebs of woodstock and “Turn on, tune in, drop out” memories that the dea holds onto as propaganda. Microdosing is a statement that we want cannabis around forever and may hopefully bring other microdosing options to the table — medicines such as psilocybin, lsd, mdma, poppy straw, etc.

    If you want to bring down a system — Be all you can be. Medically, defensively, offensively, healthfully.



      Your childish tripe is so well intended, so noted…so sad…so meaningless…so problematic…so much more fodder for the DEA folks….so fake…please continue…

      • Justin “Cuándo S. Domingo” Ebb

        gee…i guess i didn’t think about things before i wrote them huh. gosh, you’re right. you’re a real mind-changer dude. high five


          I feel bad about being so brutal….I want us to survive, we have to be completely adult and take down this crap I’ve seen us being subjected to since I was 10 years old…60 years ago!!! Stop shooting yourself in the stomach…they got our feet???

          • Justin “Cuándo S. Domingo” Ebb

            Something just doesnt seem ‘all there’ as I’ve been reading over the other thumbscrewed replies you’ve been leaving. You’re in tune with what’s being discussed here about as much as a song that’s made for peeing.

            But we looooovve our seniors 😃


            Go have a smoke with Jeff Sessons then…


            Don’t….you two might just hit it off!!!


            Kind of like trickle down economics, right down your leg…I hear YOU singing..continue!!!


            You have some problem with peeeing??

    • Alan479 Martin

      The millenials are totally programed to view Marijuana as another party drug of which a good part is driving around and doing crazy things that attract as much attention to themselves as possible. No doubt about it, they crave attention and if it feels good ,Do It! The present controlling powers view in dim light drinking and driving and toking while driving just gives them a “reefer madness” reaction that justifies MJ illegality and excessive fines and penalties. The problem is not MJ, it’s the people who use/abuse it and everything else they take in to their systems.

      • Justin “Cuándo S. Domingo” Ebb



        As a 72 year old, FINALLY another adult in the room. This self-justified, in your face, millennial adolescent stance of using “shatter” and the like making us ALL look like a bunch of substance abusers is making me sick. We have met the enemy, and it is US…or by allowing those we allow to represent us and our true cause to be dissimulated while they act out in child like opposition to our making progress…and are used to combat our efforts.

        • HonkyGeorge

          It’s such a shame that people don’t look into what’s actually going on in making BHO. Butane and propane are hydrocarbons that essentially un-stick the resin glands from the bracts. Once purged of traceable solvents, it’s hash. The same stuff humans have been enjoying since prehistory. There’s rubbed, dry-sift, and how butane hash oil.

          Cannabis has been nice and legal in the state of Washington for 5 years now, and we LOVE our shatter–just love it to death. Shatter is not the enemy, Mr. Therapist.


            Neither are bullets, it’s the people shooting other people with them that bothers me…like you, they won’t stop…


            Let’s see a hydrocarbon…that’s when you add water to carbon and mix it up…good for the digestion isn’t it???

          • HonkyGeorge

            It’s actually a bond of hydrogen and carbon atoms. Butane has 4 carbon and 10 hydrogen atoms, and propane has 3 carbon and 8 hydrogen atoms. Both of them are byproducts of natural gas extraction.


            Aliphatic, straight-chained, or does it have any N???Pot does…

          • HonkyGeorge

            Both are aliphatic, and cannabis has a lot of compounds, cannabinoids, and terpenes.


            Sort of, George…keeep trying…where do you get this stuff??? You are amazing tho!!!

          • HonkyGeorge

            Why so grumpy? Smoke a joint and relax.


            Which of my 52 strains in the cubbord do I MegaDose with…I want to be creative, like you….Do I dent my forehead with White Roman or just just overeat the Cookies…last time I had a “Trainwreck” I grew A-Train for repairs…what’s a guy to do, George??? 10 grams of my butter is hell to pay for 15 hours, do I cut that in half…Oh Sage, tell me how to micromanage this disaster…I’m winded….just too old to keep up with your pace.


            Kind of like you George, all mixed up o something???


            I do miss my N so…how do I get it back…so good for blending….it’s SO Organic… you do Organic George…or just wing it????


            Did you know, just right off the top of your head, iso-alcohol has (or it CAN) 3×8…so it’s the same as propane then, so how could yours be a gas and mine’s liquid???

          • HonkyGeorge

            Iso contains oxygen, and there’s a pressure differentiation with propane and butane.


            Like when you blow up your little tricycle tires, George?? I think you really are trying, you just lack the capacity to reorganize the cognitive field….it’s called thinking…you need a fund of information that you lack to be successful, but you could try like at a Community College or something like that…wish you the best….take your food fight to the cafeteria when you get there.

          • HonkyGeorge

            Attending a mediocre community college will, in fact, not further my education or knowledge. They suck and contain only failed teachers. It’s just another way of getting debt–not thanks.


            Sounds like the kid who…when God was handing out BRAINS, You thought he meant TRAINS” and you said…”Thanks, but I don’t have room for them”…???? Please continue…you’ve sucked all the brains out of this conversation…but I LOVE your attitude….

          • HonkyGeorge

            Crotchety Grouchman.


            You are so cute when you start name calling out of a paucity of information….

          • HonkyGeorge

            I believe a therapist would call this projection.

          • Baye

            As I mentioned to David, I attended a community college and continued on for a four-year degree and a master’s. Many community colleges offer excellent programs. You may well not need a community college education, but you and David could benefit from attending an etiquette class.

          • Baye

            Reading through here trying to find the good stuff among this little argument. I’m a community college grad who went on to get a four-year degree and a master’s (summa cum and 4.0 GPA on the master’s.) I will assume that these will be good enough for me to join in and let you know that your comments make you appear to be a pompous ass, David.

          • Rhea Graham

            the downside, though, is the benzene ring it leaves behind. You can’t get it out. Benzene causes organ failure over time.

        • Two Bears

          You’re not the only oldster in here. I am 62 years old and only been using MMJ till about 4 years ago, and never got control of my Crohns disease until i stopped using flowers and moved over to concenteates aka shatter and Kief

        • I didn’t know the millennials started the Summer of Love, and helped give rise to the backlash and fear-mongering around Marijuana and LSD, etc.. I didn’t know millennials were responsible for “substance abuse” and the demonization of marijuana use.. funny that such a notion somehow didn’t exist before the 1980s, when millennials started being born. I guess DARE and the Reagan era fear mongering was a product of millennials and their recreational drug use too? I didn’t realize the millennials were the ones who helped buy into the massive pharmaceuticals industry, accepting whatever scripts they were given and demanding them for every ailment, no matter how small.

          But yes, let’s blame the 20 and 30 somethings who were shit on by the terrible economy ruined by the prior two generations with generalizations that pale in comparison to those your parents and grandparents had for you and your peers. Be thankful that their complaints about you weren’t used as fodder to rile up the old folks, and that you didn’t have to deal with clickbait. You’ve gotten old, and failed to achieve a functional degree of self-awareness in order to realize how foolish it is to point the finger and blame an entire generation for perceived flaws (stirred by the news, no doubt, which profits from sensationalism and fear-mongering for which you never fail to take the bait). Instead, you’re just repeating the same cycle.. shitting on the younger generations while doing nothing to improve your lot, just like your parents and your parents’ parents, and so on.

          Such a shame that you’re so ready to blame an entire generation while failing to accept any accountability for the actions and mistakes of your own. It’s an intellectually lazy, self-satisfying cop-out and achieves absolutely nothing other than stroking away your feelings of inferiority.. for a time.

      • I agree that’s a big problem, but it’s not all of them. Youth tend to be the ones who abuse lots of things, not just in recent years. Perhaps people are more open about it now than even in the 60s. Let’s “reprogram” so people don’t look at this the same anymore!


          I think Adults have more now, relatively….many have never gotten past adolescence…complained a lot, got pain killers, Dr’s/Pharma did it…they asked for it, got addicted. Same parallels now w/ 40 year olds, sorry.

  • Alan479 Martin

    I use microdosing to break up my advanced arthritis pain cycle. Pain can build up and set in and it’s a great benefit to be able to break free from the increasing pain incapacitation of the body. After the microdosing wears off totally, the pain is much less than before and I might not need any more for the whole day if I can get going normally and getting going normally was impossible before without any pain alleviant.

  • maxwood

    Sulak gets close by saying, “take one puff… wait five minutes [and if necessary take one more]” but the word “puff” is misleading, if you DRAW slower you can reduce– or eliminate– burning temperature and get more marley, less monoxide.
    The article is prejudiced by a false picture right near the top, showing a hot burning overdose monoxide JOINT (looks like 300-500 mg) and a baggy of unsifted bud. To the contrary– you can VAPORIZE 25-mg servings of herb “flake” that has been hand-ground through a 16th-inch screen, and if the herb has 10% THC (and maybe also 10% CBD) each single toke adds up to the 2.5 mg recommended microtoke mentioned in the article! By the way, the article confuses readers by not mentioning until more than halfway down that the “2.5” mg refers to the amount of active ingredient, not to the entire serving.
    Try this Vape-Toke Technique:
    Suction-load 25 mg sifted herb
    into flexdrawtubed, screened
    one-heater bowl,
    hold flametip 2″ below,
    suck smooooooooth, slow,
    don’t start any glow
    till after 19
    seconds or so.
    Then breathe 30 warm wet W’s in and out of a Luftspielhaus (breadbag). Get busy doing passionate vigorous work and wait 47 hours before the next round.


      After a warm bath, I hope…


    Just like a liquor sells more that way…great!!!

  • TheGanjaGeek

    This is a method that has been around for quite some time now. I happened to of wrote an article 7 months ago on this subject.

    In the medical cannabis context, I’d like to similarly define microdosing as “a technique for using cannabis in humans through the administration of doses so low (“sub-psychoactive”) they are unlikely to produce gross body or mind effects, but high enough to allow the subtle and positive changes in thinking, feeling, and pain relief that the patient desires.” —September Pearce

    This article fails to mention that finding the right dose is called titrating, and the procedure varies based on the method of medicinal intake you prefer.


      Sort of like saying you are “walking” instead of ambulating??? I like your deep scientific processing, syntax, context, AND mind blowing depth of content…waiting for the next installment….

      • Fun Please

        You are a beauty


    “I’ve saved lives, how about your One upmanship” all over again…..

  • Megan Dooley Fisher

    Micro dosing leads to better familiarity with cannabis at a pace determined by the patient. It’s a great door opener. GoFire is a new vaporizer company looking for #BetaPioneers to help them refine their micro-dosing capable device. Qualified applicants may be chosen to receive a free device! is the signup link!

  • starwyze

    CBD alone would be much easier to microdose. Why bother with THC at all unless you’re looking for a high?

  • Mary Lucas

    Microdosing has helped me tremendously with my anxiety, and it’s also helped me become more productive. I highly recommend microdosing to anyone who needs to be productive on a daily basis like myself.

  • Jojo Appiah

    Microdosing works best when u want to use a strong indica during the day….anything more and you become a daytime vegetable.

  • Nicole Lewis

    Microdosing involves taking small quantities of a substance for therapeutic purposes, and it’s a practice that’s been used for years. Some patients use small doses of Marijuana for chronic pain management or stress relief, while others microdose to treat depression or anxiety. Marijuana must be taken in a wise way. One must not overdose from it because there’s a possibility that instead of acting as a cure, it will have negative side effects.

  • Jack Koontz

    how do i go about getting some of the mints

  • cminsanjose

    Older than 60. At the urging of my son, over a year or two ago, I tried marijuana for the first time in my life. An edible, just a bite from it (since I do NOT smoke). It was too much for me. I was literally paralyzed (unable to move) until it wore off. I was extremely reluctant to give it a second try. I finally tried it again this month. Just crumbs from an edible again. This time it was nice. Apparently it takes very little for me to see a perceptible positive change, way less 10mg. My son mention micro dosing today, so I did a Google search on that. I had read of it before, but only in connection with LSD.

    I do have a tendency for even pharmaceutical prescribed drugs to have a pronounced effect, more frequently than average, sometimes negative effect on me. Anesthetic drugs especially. I guess I am someone who benefits from micro dosing of just about any type of drug I used. I wish I had known this, taking an amount like 3.5mg, two years ago.

  • Jack McTerra

    I recommend this book if you’re interested in the subject

  • Nice article, very informative, want to see more like this.

  • Kitadikris

    “My favorite strain for exploring, looking at art and movies, creativity, etc… really fun to be outside. Really great to go running with as well Where to get Good quality buds at a decent price Snapchat : winterfall4 Text/call/whatsapp:+1(970)4585895

  • Israel Fx

    Hello, I smoke small amounts daily (1 hit) in the morning, in the afternoon and before bed, could it be considered microdose?