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The best cannabis strains for pain

April 22, 2015
(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

One of the most common applications for medical cannabis is pain, whether it’s inflammation, headaches, neuropathic pain, muscle soreness, spinal injury, fibromyalgia, or cramps. Consumers have seen varying degrees of success with cannabis in treating pain-related ailments, depending on the type of pain, the intensity, and the individual’s biology.


How cannabis relieves different types of pain

This guide is informed both by user-submitted strain reviews on Leafly and chemical profile data.

  • For pain, it’s generally recommended to try strains with a balance of THC and CBD. Look for strains with a mix of circle and diamond shapes below.
  • Early research suggests that the terpene caryophyllene may be beneficial for pain and inflammation, but more studies are needed. Look for strains that are maroon-colored below.


Try these caryophyllene cannabis strains for pain & inflammation relief

Smoking and vaporizing are great ways to feel cannabis’ effects quickly, but read up on non-intoxicating topicals, long-lasting edibles, and potent cannabis concentrates to get an idea of the full spectrum of options available to you.


acdc cannabis strain

Primary terpenes: Myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene

Cannabinoid profile: CBD-dominant

All hail ACDC, a strain that is widely cherished for its heavy CBD content. ACDC helps many consumers find physical relief with little to no detectable euphoria, making this strain a great solution to pain when needing to stay sharp, focused, and productive.

Find ACDC Nearby

Blackberry Kush

blackberry kush cannabis strain

Primary terpenes: Myrcene, limonene, caryophyllene

Cannabinoid profile: THC-dominant

Blackberry Kush is a heavy THC-dominant strain that wraps the mind in dreamy, blissful euphoria while lifting pain from the body. With the exhale of its sweet, berry flavors, it’s easy to sink into a new mindset—one that isn’t dominated by throbbing aches and pains.

Find Blackberry Kush Nearby


harlequin cannabis strain

Primary terpenes: Myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene

Cannabinoid profile: Balanced THC/CBD

Looking for cannabis that will quiet the roar of pain without a foggy mind? Try out the high-CBD strain, Harlequin. Its uplifting and clear-headed effects set it apart from heavier, more intoxicating options and make it a perfect choice for daytime medicating.

Find Harlequin Nearby

The White

the white cannabis strain

Primary terpenes: Caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene

Cannabinoid profile: THC-dominant

The White is a prolific hybrid best known for its thick coat of white crystal resin. Leafly reviewers praise The White for its pain-relieving qualities, and perhaps the reason for this is its rich terpene profile that typically boasts high levels of caryophyllene alongside a hearty cannabinoid content.

Find The White Nearby

Blueberry Headband

blueberry headband cannabis strain

Primary terpenes: Not enough data

Cannabinoid profile: THC-dominant

Headband hybrids are commonly described as “cerebral” with effects that go straight to the crown of your head. Blueberry Headband lives up to its name, delivering focused headache relief and a sweet berry flavor.

Find Blueberry Headband Nearby

CBD Critical Mass

cbd critical mass cannabis strain

Primary terpenes: Myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene

Cannabinoid profile: Balanced THC/CBD

CBD Critical Mass delivers a one-two punch of THC and CBD to chase pain and inflammation out the door. For pain relief with only gentle euphoria, this is a strain you should surely keep in your rotation.

Find CBD Critical Mass Nearby

Master Kush

Primary terpenes: Caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene

Cannabinoid profile: THC-dominant

Descending from some of the earliest landraces of Afghanistan, Master Kush is a popular choice for pain with potency you can see in her heavy blanket of crystal trichomes. Master Kush not only wraps the body in soothing relief, it can also relax the mind from frustrations that naturally arise from pain.

Find Master Kush Nearby

Looking for specific symptom relief? Browse more strains rated highly by other Leafly users for various types of pain:

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Bailey Rahn

Bailey is a senior content manager at Leafly, specializing in strains and health. She's spent 7+ years researching cannabis products, spreading patients’ stories, and exploring healthy ways of integrating cannabis into daily life.

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  • Barbara Hosey

    I have a rotator cuff tear…very painful…having surgery in Nov…need something for the excruciating pain…have never tried cannabis but I am really needing some relief…what would be the best type to try…thx

    • whoisjohngalt58

      Barb, Same problem. Gumbi, and Sweetooth a 1:1 Strain CBD/THC Best

      • antipatiko morales

        Whoisjohngalt58, between Gumbi and Sweetooth, which one has the least “lazy” effect

        • richard_rust

          Pineapple Express

          • antipatiko morales

            Pineapple express, with me at least, has a short high (max 45 minutes) and heavy crash. Crash not good for depression

      • Know of anything that helps with Crohn’s Disease?? Looking for help

        • Nellywin

          Are you suffering from the following illnesses glaucoma (which increases pressure in the eyeball, damaging the optic nerve and causing loss of vision),epileptic seizures, severe seizure disorder known as Dravet’s Syndrome, cancer, anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, pain of multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms, inflammatory bowel diseases, arthritis discomfort, Lupus, an autoimmune disorder, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, get your medical marijuana. It also reduces pain, nausea, vomiting, and also increases appetite.

          • William Reilly

            do you have medical oil or ACDC herbs ?

          • miguelmark

            yes i do have it. And sorry for the slow reply ok..

          • William Reilly

            message me

          • William Reilly

            how much a gram,,,i need 10…

          • Nellywin

            helo how you doing?

          • William Reilly

            I’m fine,,,,how you doing…

          • Nellywin

            Hi William Reilly am doing great. I got some good indoor stuffs and medical oil, oil clones and cannabis too. At a very moderate me back if you needs your own packages.

          • Nellywin

            hello bro long time a i was not around!! i traveled to Canada.

          • William Reilly

            how was your trip ~~~

          • Yes I have Crohn’s Disease, IBSD, IBD AND CHRONIC PAIN SYNDROME ALSO.

          • I have UC, and have been having serious pain. Since I can’t eat except very little, I can’t take narcotics, which make a person very sick on an empty stomach. Cannabis, especially Indicas as helpful, especially so you can go to sleep. But I’ve found cannabis works better for chronic pain than severe pain. All I can say is hassle your doctors, your IBD dr and your pain dr as the squeeky wheel gets the grease.

          • Bultaco

            Who said “chronic” pain can’t be “severe”?

          • Finn

            It can, of course. Pain, and many illnesses are either chronic (long in duration), or acute (sudden).

          • Marie David

            Try natural healing herbs for gut, like Cat’s Claw (uncaria tomentosa) a cheap natural herb from Peru. heal all kinds of gut and digestive issues, etc. also, Triphala, and Kefir are good for healing gut. I had IBS, etc and I dont any more, after taking these natural supplements and changing my diet.

          • Mary Miller

            As long as the reason you have IBS isn’t DAIRY related, Kefir and other fermented foods are great, but if you have IBS with Dairy, just don’t try it, you need to keep yourself to lactose free dairy or away from it altogether. I recommend other fermented foods.

        • Rick Bull

          My youngest son has severe Crohns Disease and seems to get relief from any strain. He has had multiple major surgeries including bowel resection and having a stretch of lower intestine removed. Also has had many minor Crohns surgeries…cysts, etc.

          • LA Rosen

            Have you tried a low FODMAP diet with him? There are Crohn’s groups on facebook, and one specific for people with IBD. My husband and friends found great relief from symptoms with this science-based diet that eliminates fermentable carbs. Several good sources for into on how to follow it, and an app! (From Monash University). great books available on Amazon — any 4star book is a good overview. Best of luck withthis pernicious disease. I think the marijuana will help with ileus (intestinal cramping, kinking leading to blockage) and with pain during and after surgeries. Low FODMAP diet, and cannabis use are both treatments… you still have to work on correcting the underlying cause. L-carnatine helps restore gut and heal leaky gut. My husband is having great results with this.

          • CynFusion

            +1 on the FODMAP, seriously helpful

        • Dale Val

          AssAss, sativa strains good for your guts, digestion, make tea 2 x day, smoke 2 day, if you wisg get high, a good strain is Northern Lights, also study bentonite edible clay, peppermint oil, ta calms n cools, this will sooth, and cool eat a raw food, low fat diet,mat also heal your problems forever

          • I’ve had Northern lights recently but it didn’t really help me at all, I actually find that Indica’s help me more with some of my pain, and cramping from my Crohn’s Disease, another thing that has helped me is doing nice Dabs(Oil)…I have some Girl Scout Cookie 🍪right now which has helped because of the fantastic body high it gives me.

          • IniquityBliss

            Have you had any luck since posting here?
            I’m looking for help with the same problem; someone very close to me has a severe case and we’re trying to find as much info as possible.

        • Brett Davidson

          There’s a company called Quanta that makes cbd oil cartridges. CBD is said to be great for relief relating to chrons disease. The benefit of smoking vaping cbd is it will not have an unpredictable psychoactive mental effect like what would come from smoking marijuana. Also, vaping is just water vapor in your lungs, not smoke like from smoking marijuana flower. XD hope this helps

          • Josh Derickson

            where can you buy? online?

          • Mary Miller

            Josh what you can buy online (you should know the company first btw) should be hemp based because it contains less than .03% THC. I would suggest CW HEMP because of the quality and you’ll be certain to have cannabis and not sprayed tobacco with THC. It happens. I am not promoting, I just know the company and people involved with it.

          • Boldwin Samuel

            Dr Mark is for real he cured out my pains and anxiety with his THC/CBD Cannabis Oil , i appreciate and vouch for him 100% Thanks to you John for linking me to the right source, am now cancer free after a 3 month dose of 60grams THC/CBD Cannabis from Dr Mark,my family fully appreciate you Mark ,talk to him at 313- 923-7690

          • Angela Aiken

            x2 on this. I can’t stand the strong effects of THC/CBD blends because I need to be productive during the day! This particular one has helped my anxiety levels tremendously.

          • Stacey Rajih McAfee

            Brett Davidson said: “Also, vaping is just water vapor in your lungs…”

            DO. NOT. VAPE. WATER. EVER.

            You. Will. Very. Likely. Get. Pneumonia. And with pneumonia, you could die.

            Vape juices are, typically, suspended in propylene glycol. NOT WATER.

          • Sunju

            This is false. Pneumonia causes fluid build up in the lungs, but is not caused by it. People don’t get pneumonia for being in a sauna, but they are inhaling massive amounts of water over an extended period of time. Steaming is often used to treat lung and throat problems.

            It can be caused by viruses, bacteria, or fungi. The alveoli in the lungs become inflamed, filling with pus and fluid.

            Vaping with water is not dangerous. Moisture is constantly accumulating in your lungs every moment of your life. Steam is used therapeutically. Uninformed opinions are more dangerous by far.

          • Bultaco

            That’s right. Stacey is SADLY mistaken and has no concept of what the causes and effects of pneumonia are!

          • RaymondSte

            Good response. I wish people who do not know what they are talking about refrain from making emphatic statements punctuated to death with caps and periods which are false.

          • Chris Erickson

            You don’t vape weed in PG, you vape it, typically in a dry herb vaporizer. When you vape e-juice, your exhale is mostly water because PG draws moisture from your body. PG is less than harmless. It is a very good anti-bacterial and anti-fungal compound that is also used in asthma inhalers and is also used in hospital air systems because it cleans the air. Vaping PG is healthier than breathing city air.

          • cd

            i just do not believe PG is “less than harmless” is it also used as antifreeze ? i think gasoline is also anti-bacterial-fungal too… PG might be good, or it just might be cheep and easy ?? we will see in 20+ years if heavy vapers get sick…

          • Shawn C

            WRONG!!! That is ethylene glycol, not propylene glycol. Stop spreading nonsense…..

          • cd

            Water-propylene glycol mixtures dyed pink to indicate the mixture is relatively nontoxic are sold under the name of RV or marine antifreeze. Propylene glycol is frequently used as a substitute for ethylene glycol in low toxicity, environmentally friendly automotive antifreeze.

          • robWeeve

            while it is not car antifreeze it is considered a food grade antifreeze with unknown affects when it is heated and inhaled.

          • Greenleaf910

            I’ve never laughed so hard.. Its Scarry to think about all the misinformation out there.

          • Greenleaf910

            Your right Chris, that’s what the main ingredient is in powdered laxative because it does draw out moisture from your body.

          • Mary Miller

            First off vaping is not inhaling smoke, second it does not have proplylene Glycol, that is what is in ecigarette cartridges:


          • Thank you…just 1 question, If I smoke 🚬 CBD oil it will get me high?? I thought CBD had zero affect because THC is what actually makes you high and CBD actually counteracts THC(SO FOR EX: IF YOU FEEL AS IF YOU’RE WAY TOO HIGH AFTER SMOKING OR EATING EDIBLES THAN YOU CAN ACTUALLY TAKE CBD TO COUNTERACT the THC WHICH WILL ACTUALLY MAKE YOU LESS HIGH)
            You said: “The benefit of smoking vaping cbd is it will not have an unpredictable psychoactive mental effect like what would come from smoking marijuana.” I’M 100% POSITIVE THAT THIS STATEMENT IS 100% WRONG…IF YOU GOT HIGH FROM SMOKING 🚬 CBD OIL THEN I’M CERTAIN YOU DIDN’T SMOKE 🚬 CBD, YOU MUST OF SMOKED JUST REGULAR POTENT DAB OIL(WHICH RANGES FROM 70%-98% THC AND WILL MAKE YOU SUPER DUPER STONED FROM A HIT OR TWO)

          • Bill Clark

            I’m not understanding what you are trying to correct. He is saying it will NOT have an ………… mental effect. He is correct in saying that. The strongest “antidote” for too much THC is the essential oil copaiba and/or black pepper because they both have a lot of beta-caryophyllene which can help to reduce effect from too much THC. Black pepper’s taste is almost unbearable so copaiba is my first choice. A friend of mine cured his Crohns with cannabis. He uses a product out of California made by TreatWell Health called “Balance”.

        • freewheelinfranklin543

          Blackberry Kush! 43 years with Crohn’s.High THC and a little bit of CBD! use a vaporizer for immediate relief and use edibles with 200mg+ THC. Crohn’s is caused by an imbalance between Serotonin and Dopamine. Serotonin is what does the damage. You need amino acid supplementation too.

        • William

          I have studied for some time, treatment and cure. I am 66, and have been a fan of cannabis for decades (5). I saw a Vice channel documentary where Krishna spoke to a family and young boy about his Chron’s. He did not have the disease until he nearly drowned at age 12 or so. I have a friend who traveled the planet on an exploration ship, for four and a half years. Everyone on the ship got seriously ill from stomach problems, except him. He put 4 drops of iodine in every gallon of his water, and let it sit for an hour. Iodine is now used in backcountry water filters. I got giardia in the 80’s and found an iodine compound (no longer available) knocked the parasite out completely. The alternative treatment was flagyl, a genotoxic compound. The iodine compound I treated with is no longer available, apparently. A few cents worth of iodine is not good for business, as you might imagine.
          It works.

        • Tammy Gurwell

          @AssAss2113, My son is 23 and has Crohns, try using pure CBD oil (no THC, so no side effects) it really helps! You can use the CBD drops, capsules or use it in a Vape pen, either way….it works.

        • jeanbodie

          Jack Herer is the strain used by a friend with Crohn’s. She had RSO oil made from it too. After 11 operations some years back was told there was nothing more they could do for her – she is cured.

        • GTG

          We treat several Crohn’s Diseases patients with various suppositories that come in different THC:CBD ratios. If you are not interested in the psychoactive effects of THC, look for a suppository that includes THCa.

    • Nellywin

      All hail ACDC, one of the most effective painkilling strains out there due to its one-two punch of cannabinoids CBD and THC. As a general rule, cannabis strains with high amounts of both THC and CBD tend to make the best pain medicines, and there are plenty of high-CBD strains out there offering similar chemical profiles as ACDC. So i that will help you solves the pains ok

      • Roland Eriks

        Could you tell me how ACDC compares to White Rhino? I have tried White Rhino with great effect to conquer the pains related with conversion disorder. My neck slams to the right side, and gets stuck. White Rhino relaxes me from the crown of my head to the tip of my toes.

    • LLCMAN

      Kratom works fantastically.. kratom + mj= 🙂

      • Mary Miller

        Just be very careful with Krantom, It has a potential addictive problem. and some of the side effects are fairly severe including several agitation components. I don’t know about your IBS but mine does not like any undo stress to the system

        • Allie

          Yes, kratom most certainly has an addictive problem – it is akin to the opium poppy, which is not a safe flower to consume. In other words, it’s like heroin. So good luck w/that. Be careful everyone looking into kratom. Just because it is a whole plant does not mean it is good for you. Again, look at opium.

    • Brittany Edwards

      CBD lotion. My mother has 2 town rotr cuffs, she wasn’t sleeping at night because of the pain… as you know very well.. She now uses the cream ritually every night, took the pain right away and provided a great nights rest.
      CBD is amazing! pure medicine!!!

    • Rick Bull

      I have found Mango Kush to be very effective….of course you can only get what is available to you. I have the same physical issue as yourself in my left shoulder. Medicare will not cover the MRI that is needed so I live in pain ….the MK has worked wonders for me. Good luck on your journey!

    • pjn377

      Hi Barbara, its one year ago you were asking about rotator cuff pain. What is your experience with the different products?

    • Trista S.

      I have been suffering from severe back pains and anxiety for 6 years now, i have tried all types of pain relief pills to no avail. A friend of mine did some research about cannabis online and directed me to this firm – ANNCANNMED which i did. Today am happy and to say am now pain free. I recommend you checkout their site for more information and medical purchase.

    • Bryan Rowley

      Check out ANNCANNMED for more information, health prescription and medical purchases. They have extremely potent products at good prices too. Recommend this dispensary to anyone looking at Cannabis for help!

  • I have Crohn’s Disease and I can’t get it under control and it’s ruining my life…Can someone help me find cannabis that helps with Crohn’s Disease, seriously this is something I need to be fixed ASAP. Thanks to all

    • Nellywin

      medical marijuana will be preferable for you it will helps you alot especially the Blackberry Kush.ok try and see for yourself….

  • Mr.Rude ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

    In major need of some help… Weed is legalized in my state but im having trouble finding exactly what I need.. I want Indica only… First time smoker but I have bad back pain accompanied with Sciatica… I had surgery in August but the pain has come back… I’am told that smoking cannabis can really help out my problem GREATLY… Need some help you guys/gals.

    • Mike Miller

      yes it can

    • Mike Miller

      I like blueberry kush myself and I use it for pain from neuropathy and post chemo probs

      • Mr.Rude ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

        This will be odd to ask brother but do you know where I can score some?… My state just legalized medical usage but it will be forever before dispensaries are set up… ETC… I need something immediately or atleast to be pointed in the right direction… How can I get ahold of some of this Kush?…From what I researched and with my situation, the best thing for me to take is INDICA type weed.No hybrids or anything Sativa strain because I’m not looking for a HEAD HIGH…More of a body relaxation. pain reliever with some sleep help.

        • KimberlyS

          You could grow it. The seeds and baby plants are not expensive, though I think the set-up could take a small investment. Where I live it’s totally legal to grow indoors. I think there’s a limit on the number of plants. I think it is by far the cheapest way to get marijuana. You should be able to get the seeds in the mail from Colorado or California. You can look for a hydroponics type store to get started, also many books, articles etc. on how to grow marijuana indoors.

  • Pamela Hairyhogan

    Any suggestions for fasomyalgia, very painful. Thanks.

    • Nellywin


  • Xyborg

    Are there any negligibly psychoactive strains that have pain relief effects emphasizing the spine? I do not wish to succumb to the soothing effects of a THC-emphatic strain, but have found no viable alternatives to treatment, apart from prohibitively expensive medical narcotics.

    • Raz Chamber

      If you can source a well grown OG Kush…. go for it. That strain has tremendous pain relieving
      properties and a very functional, ‘with it’ type of high…. but it can be very potent. Worth a shot.

    • Majik53

      Crushed nerve roots here, over 60, off the pills for two decades now. Durban Poison calms the arachnoiditis for me best these days. Blue Dream, Jack Herer, White Widow, and Trainwreck work well also. You start slow. When it starts biting, take a puff or vape. Very small, in and out – you don’t have to hold it, wait for 10 to 30 minutes. Listen to your body. As you get used to the effects, you increase (or ‘titrate’) the dosage. You build up to a level over weeks or months where you feel more normal, the pain dims, then becomes more manageable. I have found it to be cumulative over the years.

      You really don’t have to smoke yourself stupid, but when you hurt, its a much better feeling than the pills by far, any day. Chases away the blues, too. I use Sativas because they work the best for me… You should try Indicas and hybrids or non-psychoactive CBD strains as well to see if they work better for your particular pain. Its trial and error for all of us until they can research this plant more. My personal experience is that like opioid therapy, the euphoria is ‘traded’ for the pain control to a point.

      The thing that really made a difference for me was making a small batch of Phoenix Tears or ‘RSO’ (da Google is yer friend) 12 years ago. Take it orally, it will make you sleep the first few days. As you get used to it, it takes away major inflammation and you get better. Made the batches of a half ounce of flower and everclear (didn’t want to mess with Naptha), boiled it down (NO FLAMES, use a cheap crock pot from the thrift store, lots of ventilation while cooking) into a thick oil, put it in a small glass bottle and put a drop from a toothpick on my tongue every day. It helped a LOT with the daily pain levels, and my spinal headaches didn’t come back. I could only afford to do that for a couple of months back then, but I still have lasting effects from it today.

      Cannabis is what it is. The pills are what they are. At least the former won’t kill you if you get too much.

      • Geri Zimmer

        Majik53 has just given you all the best response. Titrate your medicine to keep your pain level lower and use RSO if it is legal in your state. Very well said!

  • Casey Albrizio

    Are there any forms of marijuana without THC that help manage pain? My mother is in constant pain but refuses to take any pain medication (even advil) and doesn’t want to feel high.

    • Use an marijuana item that only has CBD (NO THC AT ALL). CBD has no psychoactive effects at all

    • KimberlyS

      You can also get CBD oil and tinctures from hemp, now legal in all 50 states.

  • Sam Remington

    Hey, 41yo female here – first time user; multiple autoimmune issues (including psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia nerve pain) and sciatica – looking for non-smoking pain relief without a completely ‘stoned’ feeling. Thoughts or suggestions appreciated! Thanks 🙂

    • Dean

      Try Afghan Kush, which is one of the greatest pain slayer strains known to me.

    • Majik53

      You could see if you respond to a high-CBD oil/tincture, or if you have it available, what they call ‘live resin’. Both are taken orally, and non-euphoric. You will feel a warmth all over your body, but no ‘buzz’.

  • Christina Herrera Eschbaugh

    I was told since 6th grade marijuana is evil. I am 60 and have been a guinea pig for my doctors. I was injured 2 times at work 22 years ago. I dealt with it until 2000 when I had 11 operations for diverticulitis. 2016 my methadone was removed from my insurance. My Doctor also took Dilaudid also, now 2017 they are cutting me from 250 mg. Morphine to 90mg now my Doctor says I need to go on Marijuana. I know nothing about it. I am game, he will sign my marijuana card next appt. I have PTSD and chronic pain.

  • Christina Herrera Eschbaugh

    I am getting my pain meds reduced from 250 mg. To 90 mg. That is for all patients with chronic pain. I have a shattered l4-5/ S1, up roofed and exposed nerves. I have chrones, PTSD, Diverticulitis( my large intestine was removed. I have carpal Tunnel. My Doctor request Marijuana, which I never ever have done any drugs. What do you recommend? I also heard it can be ever expensive? I have heard that it is extremely expensive $400 plus. I want to grow, and I have been offered to lease 1 acre of my land, but it all needs to be done legal. I am 60 never have done any drugs other then prescriptions. Can we only buy seeds or can we but plant?

    • Soon to be ex rbc client

      Yes… do it..
      You can buy seeds

      • Christina Herrera Eschbaugh

        What kind? I also have PSTD

        • Soon to be ex rbc client

          there are companies online that will sell seeds. There are various kinds. I guess you can read the reviews of all of them and pick one that fits and also that is easy to grown.

        • Soon to be ex rbc client

          Look online they sell seeds.

        • Finn

          Unfortunately it’s pretty hit and miss. Leafy can tell you what strains seem to be good for which illness. Leafy has lots of info in general.

    • KimberlyS

      You can try a small amount of several strains to help you pick the one you’re going to grow.

      • Finn

        It is difficult to purchase it in small amounts.

  • MG Deegan

    Only indica purple tag

  • Natasha Miller

    I have 2 neurological diseases including one that has caused me to need 60+ brain surgeries and multiple infections in the last 7 years. I also have an auto immune disease though we aren’t sure what one (it is a long process to figure this all out). Anyway, we are also trying to get me off pain meds right now. What do you recommend for severe pain that is primarily neurological yet chronic?

    • Peony Lover

      In order to find out if your condition is even discussed on this site you have to read each product description individually. Good luck with that.

  • Connie C

    Has anyone tried it for Plantars Fasciiatis? Im looking for an oil or something, as I dont smoke. TIA


      need some still ?

  • John Strevens

    I have Lymes disease,severe pain in my shoulder,neck and back of my head what can I take.

  • Laura Santos

    my best Strain is lemon haze

  • Skeats

    Good day, I am seeking help for my older brother. He’s had three major back surgeries to fuse 2 of his lower disks due to degeneration disease. Each one seems to have caused more bad than good. Over fusing on one side and zero fusion of the other. He lives his life (56) in constant pain and has no choice but to use prescribed pain meds. Is there one particular strain that will help with the pain in his back as well as the constant pain he has in his legs
    Thanks in advance, a brother who loves his older brother and wants is pain to ease!

  • Paul Loreque

    I’m new here, have severe pain from Pluera thickening of my remaining lung, is there something that hits that general area. Doing far to many Advil 600s to alleviate it….cancer really sucks. 😡

  • Carol Mendosa

    Have you ordered from there? Seems a little sketchy.

    • Allie

      Seems to be different profiles trolling for that site. Two months ago, but I still won’t click on it. Even if it is a semi-legit place to order from, I wouldn’t like to give them the business.

      • Finn

        I checked them out and while they seem legit, they don’t provide enough info for me. For example — they provide prices but no quantities. For capsules, they have minimum orders in the hundreds. They do seem to have many popular strains and say they ship to many countries. I asked a few questions and will post their response.

        • Allie

          Thanks, I’m interested in what you hear back.

          • Finn

            I haven’t heard back, which is interesting…

  • Carol Mendosa

    Have you ever ordered from there?

    • Maria Garcia

      Oh yes. And many thanks to thier staff for their stealth packaging.

      • Carol Mendosa

        Thank you so much for the quick response. Much appreciated.

  • Norman Poisson

    I had to have a procedure that required me to have a catheter. The end of my penis where the tube comes out bleeds and hurts, sharp pain. Then I remembered people talking about weed for pain so I thought I’d try it. The above list said Blue Widow would help pain. I went to the cupboard and all I had on hand was Blueberry Haze and Grand Daddy Purple and two others I lost the label for. You know, I tried the Blueberry Haze and it helped! The sharp pain is gone and I can sit and move and move my legs to change position and it seems almost fine, nothing like the sharp pain before. I’ll be satisfied with just sitting here relaxing with a coffee and desert. I’m hoping I’ll be pain free by evening so I can sleep a full nights sleep. Maybe see what the Grand Daddy Purple can do!

  • Lyla Husband

    Has anyone tried this for trigeminal neuralgia?

  • Patsy Atkinson

    I am just learning about THC for pain. I have been living with chronic back pain for years. Opioids just dull the pain. I would like to learn about CBD patches & the cost if I can get a medical card.

  • Patsy Atkinson

    How much are CBD patches?

  • Patsy Atkinson

    I’m not getting any suggestions or answers for my questions. Am I asking the wrong questions?

  • Ron Jackson

    My mother had vertebrae fusion surgery in her lower back and nothing seems to help except opioids. Any non smoking suggestions strains/methods any info would be greatly appreciated.

    • KimberlyS

      I get a THC tincture from RawMMC that is very effective for pain and sleep. I put it in some water and drink it. Takes about an hour to be effective and lasts for several hours. I combine it with sublingual CBD oil – this product is legal in all 50 states.

  • westerner

    anybody got suggestions for numbness, shooting pain, hot-poker, freezing cold in chin after dental implant.

  • Adriana

    I severe body aches, muscles, joints, lower back. I don’t know where to start, what product to get. I don’t want to get high. Never use any drugs and I’m afraid to buy the wrong product. If someone could give me and advise, would be very much appreciated.

  • Billy Staples Hine

    I’m in NY and got approved for MM last week. Anyone have any iea how long it takes to get your card? I’m dieing over, anxiety and spinal injury pain is making lifer horrible. Drinking to help with some of the symptoms, but not an answer.

    What is a good new strain to try for a newbie? What is the best way to take it. I am very green in knowing this stuff and can use all the help offered

    • KimberlyS

      Harlequin or ACDC, big dose of CBD for anxiety and pain, and some THC as well for more pain relief.

  • Christian M Davidson

    I have heavy tinnitus, but I need something for pain in knees so i can walk and that lift up bit my mood, but alows me to go to gym. Do you have something for it?

    • KimberlyS

      Perhaps grow Harlequin or ACDC. They’re both high CBD strains with THC as well. I find Harlequin is excellent for pain, and I can work and do other activities with it. I don’t find it sedating. I haven’t tried ACDC yet. has a condition and symptom filter to identify strains that might work for you.

  • Christian M Davidson

    I live in Sweden, here it is severly illegal, but i would grow mine, my life is over anyway cos of tinnitus , i went up 25% in weight, so i dont care, what police can do to me, shoot me, well they would do a thing of mercy. I have to grow it in appartment

    • E. A. Becker

      They deliver as far as the UK and Australia. Sure they can in Sweden.

  • Amanda Weller

    My Mother has a list of issues such as depression, fibromyalsia, back pain, leg pain, stress. I feel like she is escalating. non of her pain meds (which are schedule 2 narcs and opioids) and now i heard she took a drink a few hours after taking a percaset because the pain wouldn’t go away. I heard that pot can worsen the depression/anxiety. anyone have any ideas or the best strains for her?

  • Also try 9 lb. hammer wax. It works better than my muscle relaxant prescribed meds for muscle pain and spasms. Also Katsu Kush and Monster Cookies really slice through my massive daily back pain to the point I’ve been able to reduce need for those meds too. I use wax though so it’s much more potent.

  • Allie

    First off: Please stop trolling with that ACM website in the comments section, whoever you are. It’s very annoying.

    Second: I agree that ACDC is a good one to try for chronic pain.

  • John Haddaway

    I’ve taken lists of over 40 different strains to 4 different dispensers in Vegas that you have recommended ,found only 1.Its getting insane all the strains 2 choose from,but where are they?

  • Jorge Perez

    What’s good for cystic fibrosis and chest pain. Some lack of sleep and not hungry

    • Zoey Thompson

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  • Brian Woodworth

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    • Joshua Perry

      I’ve been using them to get the appropriate quantity of bud and CBD oil needed for my condition for the past two months. My second order arrived just 2 days ago. They are quite discreet and professional

    • Shona Davies

      Second order from them with success !!

  • E. A. Becker

    A big thank you for saving me time and energy (ordering online). I won’t be standing in line waiting with crazies ever again!

  • Cristina Sulzener

    How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil online? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  • Zoey Thompson

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  • Samantha Cook

    Simple and straightforward website, with lots of information..

  • Samantha Cook

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  • Great knowledge!

  • Don Amoruso


    • Jack Bourne

      Hi. If you ever get an answer, I’d be very grateful if you’d let me know by replying to this. Thanks

  • Brave Mykayla

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    • Alex Richardson

      fibromyalgia, crps/rsd,carpel tunnel in both wrists, tendonitis, chronic migraine. mj has been effective in controlling my pain, spasms, tension and ive even had a slight improvement of my depression BECAUSE much of my depression is because of the medications i was taking AND the new limitations, changes in capabilities and problems that my body has brought on.All these thanks to Dr Mark Donald for providing me with CBD/low THC Cannabis Oil ratio 2 : 1(10): 3-4 puffs per day .Get to him via his number 313- 923-7690

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    • Nfor Johner

      CBD is the ANSWER. I am 48 years young and I have epileptic seizures. No more PHENOBARBITOL or DILANTIN 6 pills a day-Thanks to Dr Peter Hurt for their top quality highly efficient CBD oil. 1 drop under my tongue twice a day and the seizures go away. I will do everything within my power to educate people about CBD.Text/Call # (804) 537-0917

  • Tammy Currica

    I too suffer missing work days from chronic, dibilitating, and elevated blood pressure from the opposite side of synthetic medications pain. Today I need to check out this Marijuana

  • Tammy Currica

    Pain has my life😥

  • Kim

    Hello, I have Rheumatoid arthritis an am diabetic,have fibro pain an a lack of energy. When I have a flare they can be unbearable an my pcp will only give me no more that 20 pills in a 3mth span. I am also having what they call intercostal muscle spasms This is where the tissues in between your ribs start to spasm. Very painful. What kind of oils should I be lookin at????

  • Cynthia Chaparro

    excited to learn more about new options for pain relief.

  • Amy Griffith

    I’m from Mississippi and have chronic pain ptsd chronic depression and anxiety and social anxiety iv got lupus fibromyalgia and disc degenerative disease and have had 19 surgeries n my 40 yrs of life and suffering now over 3 years dr here dont care at all. I’m wanting to find a state close to me that I can go to see Dr

  • Angela grundy

    Hello,I am very new to this and have been using CBD oil to no Avail,I have chronic muscle pain which i was told first was Polly Fibromyalgia,then after test on my muscles Miositis for which treatment did not work,in desperation before a muscle biopsy I tried cannabis oil,but maybe I am using the wrong strain,any advise would be greatfully received.

    Thank you Angela Grundy

  • Evan Degenfelder

    Is there a way to take these combinations without smoking? I don’t smoke–and won’t–but I have such intense pain and no relief. My doctor was unable to continue to prescribe hydrocodone for me due to my insurance refusing to pay/laws about drug abusers. I’m at my wit’s end. Spinal injury, badly messed up left knee, fibromyalgia, all over pain. Would love to know where to turn.

    • Doug Miura

      Eating it means you get 100% and a tiny amount lasts 8 hours whereas smoking it means you lose 90% & you only feel the effects briefly.

      • Finn

        Doesn’t cannabis need to be heated to a specific temp in order to activate the cannabinoids, if one intends to consume it?

        • Doug Miura

          Doesn’t need heating; swallowing a joint lasts 8 hours

          • Finn

            Several sites I’ve visited are wrong then. Strange. I haven’t used any for months because I couldn’t find anything that helped. I was vaping. I’ll have to try eating.

          • Finn

            There’s an interesting article about this at herb dot co “10 reasons why you should be eating raw cannabis”

      • Anita Bennett

        when you smoke you get 70% of the THC but lose 30-40% once inhaled.

    • David

      Learn to grow your own cannabis and make your own tincture or oil. Depending on how bad the pain is. For light to moderate pain smoking can help but for severe pain usually oil or tincture will do the trick where vaping or smoking cannabis flower is like throwing an aspirin at a broken arm. I prefer tincture as it is much easier to process with ever clear 190 proof.

  • Bobbie

    Okay, maybe someone out there in cannabis land can help me. I am an alcoholic, and pot has always made me very thirsty, so to speak. But, as I get older (60), pain management has become a real issue (neuropathy, migraines, arthritis, degenerative disc disease). I heard that you can take cannabis in non-vapor form that is not mind-altering and relieves pain. Is this true? If so, what strain, and where can I get it? I live in Montana.

    • Finn

      I think that what you are looking for are strains higher in CBD and lower in THC and there are many. You can process cannabis yourself and make “butter” and then use that in a brownie, etc, recipe. I would google “cooking with cannabis” as well as strains high in CBD and low in THC, which is the cannabinoid that produces the high. I think most of this info might be available on Leafy, as well, but there is a lot of info out there. You can also google “marijuana edibles”. Many online stores make and sell them in various forms. Now, the big problem, for me at least, was fining a strain that worked for me. I gave up because I couldn’t even get a buzz and none of them helped my pain or depression. I think I’m actually immune to cannabis’ effects. You might need to try a few strains but you should be able to find one or two that actually help. You might find something if you googled “where to buy X strain”, but you might need to check out a lot of online stores. I hope this helps. I did a lot of research last year but I haven’t tried to make my own butter or edibles.

  • Finn

    I had a prescription for medical marijuana last year (I live in Ontario) and tried several strains, and even some from the black market. None of them helped. I used a vaporizer because I don’t really want to inhale any smoke from any source. I don’t think that my inhalation skills were the culprit but I’ve never had even much of a buzz from pot so maybe. I’m was considering going back to my doctor but because we’ll all have access to recreational pot in a few months I think I’ll wait and tough it out. Anti inflammatories don’t help either, by the way. Morphine does but it’s the only opiod that does.

    • Allie

      Who all will have access to recreational pot in a few months??????????? News to me.

      • Finn

        As I said, I live in Ontario, and Ontario is a Canadian province so…

        • Allie

          Oh. Yes, I’m sorry I missed that, Finn. I must have been high or something.

          • Finn

            That’s ok, Allie. Take a road trip! (:

  • jake cutter

    Wait, they ship to all states?

  • Pamela Friedman

    I am desperate for someone knowledgeable and willing to help me ASAP. I have lost hope. My life has been dedicated to providing hope, relief and healing to my patient’s. I can’t leave my apartment anymore let alone work. I have become completely isolated with my pain, lost my children and really don’t care. I have CRPS since 2000, chronic migraine, anorexia, depression and severe osteoporosis / scoliosis / arthritis of my spine. I don’t want to give up, I have so much more to give….PLEASE, someone advise me about what medicinal cannabis i should try. I have tried alot but I don’t want to get dizzy / out of it and anxious. I live in west Los Angeles. I am all alone. Doctors are unspeakably inadequate, at least the ones I have been exposed to. Please Help,,,

    • E. A. Becker

      For inquiries and medical purchases i recommend you visit ANNCANNMED. My husband is using their CBD Rich Oil for pain from arthritis and is showing great results. Will be ordering again anytime soon.

  • crb texas

    My sister has cancer with a tumor in her lungs that is causing a constant nerve pain in her back at the bottom of her ribs. We are researching THC and/or CBD as a possible aid to the pain relief. We are very new to the topic. Any info or suggestions are appreciated.

  • Ron Borsay

    Suggestions for multiple sclerosis? Leg and back pain. Spasms

  • Amber Ambie Hayes

    So all above mentioned strains scored near-perfect on the “LAZY” scale..Nobody’s house is getting swept or mopped more than twice after any given dose..js!

  • Henrik Hansson

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  • Trista S.

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  • George Kawman

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  • Rudy D. Flores

    What is the best recommended strain to combat Peripheral Neourapathy?

    • Ginny D.

      Checkout ANNCANNMED

  • Karen Lantz Ray

    I have fibromyalgia and severe arthritis. I’ve been vaping blue dream, cherry pie, and tahoe og at night. It was all good for about 2 months, now my pain is coming back. Please tell me I just have to try another strain. This was a miracle for me at the beginning, now it’s all falling apart.

    • Bryan Rowley

      I always recommend ANNCANNMED CBD Rich Oil to my friends and family since they always deliver what is promised. This oil has made a considerable difference to my sister’s health.

      • Karen Lantz Ray

        Is this something I put under my tongue?

        • Bryan Rowley

          Yes. You can as well as it topically to treat pain and as a massage oil

          • Karen Lantz Ray

            Thank you Bryan!

  • Bryan Rowley

    The best decision that everyone could make is to legalize cannabis. It’s time to end the suffering and pain. It’s time to consider the use of medical cannabis. For more information, health prescription and medical purchases, visit ANNCANNMED and feel support talking to licensed physicians.

  • Bryan Rowley

    Check out ANNCANNMED for more information, health prescription and medical purchases. They have extremely potent products at good prices too. Recommend this dispensary to anyone looking at Cannabis for help!!

  • Heinrich190Pfieffer

    I have several blown discs in my lower back and one in my neck. The ones in my back are putting pressure on my spinal cord causing nerve pain. Any suggestions on a good strain to try for pain relief.

  • jetlesly

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  • Jeorge
  • Cannabis is definitely what everyone needs right now! You can only take intense pain for so long before you’ll do anything to escape it. Cannabis makes life so much easier. It allows you to be comfortable.

  • Stylez

    Hi suffer enormous pain from sciatic nerve from a back surgery who went wrong and i want to come in contact with people with the same problem and what strains who help them pls email me on would make me so happy.

  • Martina

    I have cronic neuropathic pain in my hip and leg. It bothers me most when I lie down, I find it very difficult to sleep. Could you recommend a product for me to try and give a dosage I should take. Thank you

  • shane c Doorish

    What would you recommend for occipital neuralgia?

  • d marino

    Who made the hybrid plants? Where did they come from on the market for plants? Growers get their starter plants from somewhere and to have all the different strains, that is my question. Give me the history of the hybrids. Who, where and when?

  • d marino

    I don’t want to smoke the plant. I never liked the smell or the coughing that went with the smoking. I have only tried it three different times in my life. The first was the best. I have had some people tell me my experience was not for plain mmj and it must have had something else in it. I laughed so much with 3 other friends who also smoked it I never thought I would stop! I definitely had the perception of time passing very fast and I kept checking the clock. I would be shocked to find that only 3 minutes had past when it seemed like 30. This caused more intense laughing as the night went on. I was impressed that I was aware of everything till it wore off and not like alcohol where you forget what happened after a certain level of intoxication. So, when will be able to take a capsule or pill with the THC or without? I don’t want the hunger and I don’t want the sluggish feeling. I am looking for straight pain relief with no high. That is where the hybrid can be a friend or foe.

  • chilipepper78

    I have 2 bulging disc and unstable SI joint that causes me tremendous pain. Opiates don’t surfice anymore so I need something for pain and sleep.

  • Banjofoot

    It’s amazing how so many remedies can be recommended for all the various ailments and none of them will kill you. At the very least you could have a good time, get hungry and fall asleep. Try that with big pharma.

  • Matthew MUSICK

    I’ve suffered an amputation of my right leg above the knee due to a misdiagnosed MRSA/osteomyelitis incident. The phantom pains are the worst … having your big toe ache like you have a wicked ingrown nail and there’s no toe … pain in the stump radiating up into my back from the prosthesis is also an issue. I’m looking for something to knock down the pain to a tolerable level during the day yet allows me to be as productive as I can AND I’m looking for an excellent KO/couck-lock at night so I can sleep without taking a handful of pain pills. I DO NOT live in a legal state but have access to premium strains. Currently enjoying some Jack Herer. It’s ok for the pain in the day but not really a KO for a good sleep. Suggestions????

  • Justin martinez

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  • ken

    As a young man I thought Maui Wowi and Acapulco Gold was good for anything that ailed ya.

  • Eva Johnson

    Great article. Medical Cannabis goes forward and now there are many dispensaries work. My heart goes out to all those suffering with chronic health conditions. You can only take intense pain for so long before you’ll do anything to escape it. Cannabis makes life so much easier. It allows you to be comfortable.

    When it comes to cannabis choose KanaRelief. A dispensary with a simple goal: to create the best shopping experience while saving you money on great cannabis. We provide quality products at affordable prices.

  • elizabeth allen

    i have osteoporis, sciatic nerve problem, kidney stones, and am in constant pain. Was taking 1600 mg of Ibuprophen but its destroying my kidney. What strain should I be taking to stop this pain. I cant get out of bed in morning unless taking the ibuprophen l/2 hr. before getting up…help me please.

  • Alex Timson

    Thank you