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Cannabis 101

Dabbing 101: What is cannabis dabbing and how do dabs work?

October 13, 2015

Dabbing 101: What are dabs and how are they made?

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Dabs are concentrated doses of cannabis that are made by extracting THC and other cannabinoids using a solvent like butane or carbon dioxide, resulting in sticky oils. Depending on their consistency, these marijuana concentrates are also commonly referred to as wax, shatter, budder, and butane hash oil (BHO). Marijuana wax and other dabs are typically heated on a hot surface, usually a nail, and then inhaled through a dab rig. Smoking dabs as a method of consumption has been around for at least a decade, but the advent of more advanced extraction methods have led to a flood of cannabis concentrates that have boosted dabbing’s popularity.

Try Some Cannabis Dabs

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While it’s possible to extract non-intoxicating compounds like CBD, THC is what’s behind the potent effects of marijuana wax and other forms of dabs, making them the fastest and most efficient way to get really, really stoned. Terpenes, or the aromatic oils that give cannabis flavor, can also be extracted, although it can be difficult to preserve these volatile compounds in the extraction process.

What are the perceived dangers of dabbing?

Oil for dabs is extracted from dried marijuana flowers

(Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

Let’s start with the bad news first: dabbing can be dangerous. Mainly, it’s the extraction that can be dangerous. The process can be tricky, but thanks to online forums and videos, many amateur “scientists” think they have mastered the technique enough to try it on their own. Worst case scenario, a combination of flammable gases and poor ventilation can result in explosion. Even when home extraction goes well, there’s no way to know the quality or purity of your finished product. “Dirty” oil may contain chemical contaminants or excessive amounts of residual solvents that could present health hazards to consumers.


Leafly Investigation: How Much Butane in BHO Is Too Much?

Eliminating these production issues typically requires:

  • Lab testing (to measure the purity and potency of concentrates)
  • High-grade solvents
  • Closed loop extraction equipment (to prevent accidents)
  • Trained extraction professionals

But is dabbing cannabis extracts dangerous from a consumer standpoint? It can be, but dabbing safely is easy with the proper precautions.

Many new dabbers investing in their first setup will take the inexpensive route and purchase the bare minimum: a nail attachment and a handheld blow torch. To the uninitiated, heating a metal or glass nail with a tiny flamethrower may look fundamentally dangerous. However, the demand for torch-less methods of dabbing marijuana has given rise to products like electronic nails (enails). These tools eliminate the torch and offer precise temperature control for consumers dabbing cannabis concentrates like marijuana wax, shatter, and oil.

Can you overdose on dabs?

One factor all unseasoned dabbers should consider is the potency of THC extracts. Cannabis extracts often test between 60-90% THC, which means it doesn’t take much to become profoundly high. Exceed your personal limit and you may find the effects to be uncomfortable and overwhelmingly intense. And while it’s impossible to die from a cannabis overdose, it’s never a bad idea to start with a small dab of cannabis concentrate to ensure a positive and comfortable experience.

Lastly, it’s important to note that the long-term effects of dabbing cannabis wax and other concentrates are not well-known. Until research thoroughly examines the long-term risks of dabbed extracts (with individual consideration of residual solvents, pesticides, and cannabinoids), it’s not possible to characterize any dangers associated with prolonged use.

What are the benefits of dabbing?

The Avid Dabber: A First Dab


When done safely with clean, tested products, patients and adult consumers find several advantages to dabbing as a delivery method, primarily in its swift onset and powerful effects. Patients dealing with severe or chronic pain or extreme nausea report that dabbing cannabis concentrates can be one of the best ways to get immediate and effective relief. However, you’d likely be hard-pressed finding a doctor who recommends dabbing as the first course of action.

Cannabis extracts that have been properly manufactured can also present consumers with a clean, pure product that’s easier on the lungs. When smoking cannabis, burned plant matter produces resin and hot smoke, but extracts eliminate most of this unwanted material while still delivering essential cannabinoids and other compounds like terpenes.


5 differences between cannabis concentrates and flower

Another commonly overlooked benefit of dabbing marijuana wax and similar cannabis concentrates is the scientific and technological curiosity it has helped spur in recent years. The rise of dabbing has coincided with a boom in extraction and consumption technologies: cannabis distillates, terpene infusion, hi-tech dabbing tools, oil cartridges, full-spectrum extraction–and the list goes on. While not everyone will come to embrace dabbing as a method of consumption, the enthusiasm around cannabis wax and other extracts that has cropped up recently has pushed the limits of innovation within the industry as a whole.

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One of the more surprising side effects of the dabbing trend is that it has created an interest in activism in the community’s younger members. Most popular among consumers in their twenties, extracts are under the same legislative crackdown as other forms of cannabis, and more activists are starting to get involved.

While dabbing may still be experiencing some growing pains, overall, concentrates have much to offer patients and cannabis consumers in the future, and dabs are just one option among many.

Photo Credit (Curves Adjusted): Symic via Photopin CC

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  • Larry Kendrick

    Very informative. Thanks!

  • DoctorCrankyFlaps

    Sounds too complicated. I’ll stick with smoking spliffs.

    • Jim Bianco

      Yeah, its way too complicated for you, Doc, stick with the doobies. For the rest of us, I have recently seen a friend who is treating his chronic pain problems with dabbing CBD. I went to a Ween concert with him, and I don’t normally smoke ganja anymore, but saw he was dabbing and asked if I could give it a try. He was using a vaping mod, and putting the dab on the coil made by the mod company specifically for dabbing. I took a few hits – very, very mild (I was expecting to cough out a lung) and figured I was just not getting any hits. But when I exhaled, sure enough I blew out big clouds of smoke. But didn’t get the *oh no, Im sooooo high* feeling I was expecting. Turns out thats because he was using CBD with a very small % of thc in the dab. So after 3 hits I gave up and we went into the show. I have a bad lower back and am currently suffering with 3 tumors in my neck area, which it very painful and which my MD is scheduled to remove on Friday. after about an hour of standing in the crowd, normally which would have caused me a LOT of pain, (I normally get a seat in the handicap access area as standing for more than about 30 mins is uncomfortable, and an hour quite painful) and the CBD was working well. My pain level was lower than I expected, and the slight high accompanying the CBD dabs was light and nice.
      Good stuff, and here it can be purchased at the pot store or there is a choice of delivery apps on the app store that allows you to place and order, which is generally delivered within a few hours.

      • Speed69

        Hello James, I am sorry that you are in so much pain. How did the procedure go which removed your tumors? I truly hope none of them were cancerous? I am in pain management thru the VA and I WISH I could supplement my pain medicines with some of the CBD when it gets really bad. They test our urine randomly and if any weed shows up in your urine they immediately remove you from pain management. I get surgery done every month and what ever drug they were giving me during I was testing positive for Cocaine?! I told the doctor I wasn’t doing coke and they finally, at my insistence, they did another test called a GMCS test…I am unsure if that is the correct acronym or not. They were all set to stop ALL my pain meds, and I went a week without them, the test came back negative and the doctor refilled all my pain meds and didn’t even say sorry, he just said a false-positive for coke is extremely rare and was then asking if I were maybe dealing coke and it was absorbed thru my skin? I said Im not a coke dealer and you have the results from the test that proved I didn’t have any in my system…the test is performed in cases where the urine pops positive…they normally immediately send it for this other more accurate test. I am assuming you are in CO? I am in NY unfortunately and they did pass the law here but being that the federal govt. runs the VA they said they go by federal rules. That sucks. Sorry for the big old rant…I originally wanted to see how you were doing with your tumor removal and if your pain had eased at all? Hope all is good with you brother.

        • Jim Bianco

          Speedy, thank you for the reply, and for the concern you expressed. It’s very nice to see people being courteous and pleasant on a discussion board. The tumor removal went smoothly, for which I am grateful to my doctor and his staff. No cancerous malignancy (shudder, cancer killed my mother when she was in her very early 20s and I have no desire to experience what she went through) and procedurally it was fairly simple, I understand. Cut, snip, tug, slice, etc. and the things were on their way to a lab. There is a greater than expected amount of pain relief as well, I underestimated the degree to which the removal would relieve pressure on nerves in my cervical vertebrae.

          I am sorry to hear about your experience with the VA, though as I understand it you are not alone. I recall the Phoenix VA scandal and my impression has always been that while the armed services can and do spend trillions of dollars on hardware, and a lot on training it’s people, when it comes to the cost of health care they take a less expansive view regarding cost. I too have had false positive returns on urine tests, they are generally cheap and controls are lax, and many otc items can flag – the list is long and ridiculous- though of course the testing companies don’t present their products as unreliable they can certainly fail to the positive and cause a lot of unnecessary stress and paperwork. I’m glad to hear you managed to have a follow up and the presence of mind to defend yourself from the accusations that occur when a false positive occurs.

          It is unfortunate that our federal government takes such an arcane and outdated position on certain medical developments, but honestly it doesn’t surprise me. There is a long and ugly history regarding what governments do to their citizens and armed forces servicemen, from things like the Tuskegee syphillus experiments, to atomic / radiation exposure through the lsd experiments on unknowing individuals, the list goes on, and that is here in the US.

          Interestingly, I had an opportunity to try CBD again about a week ago, this time in Colorado (I’m in California, which is where the exposure I wrote about above occurred) and it was amazingly effective. This time it was in a crystalline form, it looked like cocaine or baking powder, an off-white powder with a very fine crystalline structure to it, which was (again) smoked. Last time it was via a battery powered device with the look of a cell phone where the drug was a wax like product. Press the button and inhale the vapor. This was a tube made of metal and glass. Heat the metal with a torch until it glows, then aim it at a small pile of the cbd crystals and inhale. It vaporized when it went through the metal tube and cooled as it passed through the glass (which also kept my hand from burning due to the proximity to red hot metal) and hold your breath. Very quickly the level of pain in my back decreased. As for feeling stoned, I felt no noticeable euphoria. After two or 3 fairly shallow breaths I would sit, relax, and try to figure out if it worked or if it was a placebo effect. I was able to do this a few times over a week or so, and came to the conclusion that if this was available cheaply (the cost was very high, a gram of normal marijuana cost about $15 in Colorado pot stores, a quarter gram of this crystal cbd ran about $50 – it is expensive to process it and refine it from plant material that you smoke to this crystal that is ‘vaporized,’) and if it was available openly, legally and according to a more free market oriented product flow, I would definitely be using it, more comfortably than the opioid pills we have to rely on currently. The current fashion in medicine makes such opioid treatment hard to obtain, loaded with paperwork and restrictions, and of course burdened with both the moral / social implications of being a ‘pill popper,’ (even when prescribed, for cause) and the dilemmas presented by being habituated to a narcotic which produces so many problems (euphoria, disorientation, constipation, behavioral issues, secondary, tertiary social problems, and so on. Oddly enough I had a doctor recently tell me that opioids ‘do not work,’ for long term pain control. As a long term pain controllee I begged to differ. It isn’t that they do not work, it is at what cost. Dilauded, Morphine, OxyContin, fentanyl, even simple codeine work on me, I just don’t enjoy being on them. The potential for cbd to work in conjunction with these more established medications (akin to acetaminophen with opioids) or as a potential replacement for them is remarkable, out here on the unstable edge of medicine and the law. Sadly, it may be decades before there is proper testing, legal progress and accessibility (someone has to grow the stuff, select for the high cbd / low thc traits, purify the drug from a weed to a more pure form, and fuck’s sake allow for *Insurance* to pick up the end-users costs. Then I think, we will be cooking with charcoal…

        • James Williams

          Hi.. Speed69.. Im actually the wife of James Williams, im on hubbys laptop looking up the strain I just got and read your post about the concert with your friend. I dont know if you know it or not,, But you CAN use CBD in pain management federally. It is different than THC. It will not show up in your system PLUS CBD is the component that relieves pain anyway!!! I have Spine disease. degenerative disk disease. severer fibro,, comes with chronic pain and a lovely little pain management doc that tells me how to live my life too… AND I used to work for the VA… so yes sireee…. you can CBD ALL DAY LONG,, as long as you make sure there no THC in it.. just know ahead of time you will not get high. ( the good part as far as I care) But you will have pain relief. !!! heres a jinlge for you… CBD Without THC keeps pain doc happy with me!,, good luck!

  • max

    I like marijuana but dabbing (recreationally) is an unfortunate example of weed being a gateway drug just like you hear stuffy politicians argue. Especially if you’re predisposed to addiction. First you start off getting high on bong hits all day. Then it’s not enough and you have to start dabbing. What’s next after dabbing isn’t enough? Personally I think people who have had to move up to dabbing need to sort out their lives and ask themselves why they feel the need to be high all the time.

    • Zwaken Groleau

      The problem with this argument is where you reach the “First you start off getting high on bong hits all day. Then it’s not enough…” bit. The “not enough” feeling can come from weed, just as you stated. So, what, skip dabbing and go to whichever hard drug you please? I’m not quite sure you understand addiction or how addicts think.

      Personally, I think people who judge others based on their THC consumption need to sort out their lives and ask themselves why they feel the need to be better than them.

      Take it from someone who got clean from heroin because of THC. It’s not a gateway – it’s a breakthrough.

      • max

        I’m not quite sure what your argument here is. It’s a bit non sequitur. I said that sometimes people who smoke so much weed need something stronger (dabbing) and then the same thing could happen with dabbing … it’s not enough, and then they might move onto a harder drug than THC. And that tolerance arises from getting high all day everyday.
        I stand by my point. I think someone who gets high all day everyday (recreationally) has some sort of problem that’s making them want to escape reality. It’s all about how you use it … not everyone who smokes becomes addicted to it or abuses it, obviously. Marijuana has many benefits. But a person can take it too far to the point where they’re basically addicted. If you don’t think it’s possible, maybe you are the one who doesn’t understand addiction.

        • SS07

          Again, YOUR rather witless opinion. Pot is not a gateway drug, period. Your reasoning is faulty, your stubbornness stupid. Mind your own damn business, idjit. You are arguing the con-stupid gateway counter pot argument. My guess is you don’t even get high.

          • Dude67

            It certainly is a gateway drug, that’s well-established. The reasons aren’t certain; it’s possible that this is because the marijuana crowd invariably contains users of other drugs, and therefore the user finds himself in a crowd of people who present more dangerous opportunities. Whatever the mechanics involved, marijuana is well-documented as a gateway drug to more dangerous drugs.

          • ElPolloDiablo

            Well in that case you will have no issue finding some peer-reviewed studies in the well-documented case of marihuana being a gateway drug. Otherwise you’re just trolling. Beware of certainties against marihuana, they tend not to survive a scientific peer review.

          • Toe_Tag_

            There is no reason to say it’s a gateway drug because it isn’t. It’s that simple. People choose to do other drugs because they wan’t to,not because they smoke pot. I suppose your argument would apply to people who drink alcohol as well. “This beer isn’t strong enough I NEED MOONSHINE” No it’s a person making a decision to try something else not because of the beer it’s curiosity. This gateway argument was perpetrated by mainstream media and others who have no idea what there talking about and probably have never tried drugs in there lives. You really need to keep that in mind. Marijuana has been used for centuries without anyone saying they need a fix of something stronger.

          • HonkyGeorge

            No it isn’t.

          • badsmel

            Name the study so I can read it please.

          • badsmel

            If you look up “cross sensitisation” you’ll see it’s down to the individual, not the drug. Alcohol and nicotine have produced the exact same effects. You can only label it “gateway” if it’s a certainty. It isn’t. They’ve done the experiment in young rats and found that some experienced reduced dopamine receptiveness. That in humans can lead to seeking out stronger highs but if you look into the why behind their use you will find an issue in 100% of cases. I’m sorry but based on the studies I have read, it is not and cannot be a “gateway drug.” It’s simply down to personality types and reasons for use which is why some people use for 25+ years and never progress and some are on crystal meth within 6 months. Only the American anti weed lobby sell that gateway story. It’s been proven otherwise scientifically (and in my case, anecdotally and empirically too.)

          • ksn2020

            Great point. I have been indulging for 40 plus years and have never had a temptation to go for a better or stronger high. It’s a very individual thing. Promoting the tired “gateway” theory always makes me cringe.

          • Terry Coonce

            I’ve been hooked on meth, an opiates at different times n my life. An CANNABIS is the only thing that saved me. I’ve had 12 back surgeries. Total spinal fusion. Every drug I did was so I could try an live a normal life while enduring great chronic pain. An I’ve finally learned to live with chronic pain everyday with medical cannabis. An neither addiction had nothing to do with CANNABIS. It’s NOT a gateway drug. People move on to harder drugs by choice not because they smoked cannabis

          • Jack Rakan

            I don’t thing so, while there is some evidence to suggest that it could potentially be a gateway drug, the fact of the matter is, at the end of the day, its rather you are curious enough to venture past weed. In all likelyhood, anyone who went from weed to hard drugs, was already headed down a path to those drugs.

            While you are more likely to make bad decisions while under the influence, the same applies, only more so, to alcohol. I would have never started smoking cigarettes if i never started drinking. And god knows what ill do drunk, as robin said, “its your conscience going into a witness protection program”.

            My point being, is that addiction, or more so the willingness to experiment with harder drugs, is already there. The variables in rather its a gateway drug, or even if gateway drugs exist, are quite plentiful, so it makes getting a true, unbiased, scientific answer very difficult.

            In the end though, you will never be able to persuade someone who is deadlocked into their own perspective. If you want proof, take a look at global warming. Thats pretty much case and point.

          • Joseph Vernice

            A substance must act on the same receptors to be considered true gateway drug. Mild opiates are gateway to stronger opiates. Since there is no other analog to THC, it cannot be considered a gateway drug to another substance.
            The substance user makes the decision to move to something else. A THC high is not the same as any other drug.

        • Zwaken Groleau

          …Did you not read a word I said? If you’re raising your tolerance like that with weed, and you have a generally addictive personality, THEN YOU WILL DEVELOP THE SAME CURIOSITY FOR OTHER DRUGS AS YOU WOULD WITH DABBING.

          People don’t understand that weed isn’t a gateway drug – gateway substances DO NOT EXIST. When I started using opiates, I hated weed. It made me incredibly paranoid. Weed did not start my drug curiosity. There was ALWAYS that curiosity in my mind.

          And dabs haven’t even raised my tolerance to weed all that much. I smoked a j with a friend the other day and still got real toasty.

          Now let me ask you – Have you ever dabbed? Are you familiar with opiate withdrawal?

        • HonkyGeorge

          There’s no such thing as “recreational” cannabis use.

      • Frantic

        Bravo! I too got off a mixture of meds from big pharma , by using cannabis flower then trying a concentrate with a vape pen I love the concentrates but can’t afford a rig and electric enail so I mostly use flower

    • SS07

      You can’t get physically addicted to pot. Period. Grow up.

      • Sergio

        That’s false. Every addiction involves physical changes in your brain. Marijuana addiction just doesn’t have strong withdrawal symptoms such as alcohol. Being addicted to pot is not a good thing, being high all day is terrible for your short-term memory. And quitting pot after you are addicted is actually quite hard.

        • TheSnarf

          Not true at all. People quit all the time for a month or more so they can get jobs.

    • HonkyGeorge

      It’s the same plant! Do you give a shit about edibles? No, why would you? It’s just another delivery system–like concentrates.

    • SnakePlissken

      .. and the next thing you know, your daughters are sleeping with black men!

    • What an absolutely ignorant statement.

      Though you’re done here – where are you getting your information? Reefer madness magazine? Guess what, smart guy – alcohol is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more of a gateway drug than anything.

      4% beers to, OMG 50% spirits!!! But you don’t care about that.

  • Shanaynay

    Is it possible to slam thc?

    • Geo Thermal

      Determined people will find a way.

    • Terry Coonce

      You’re retarded

  • Paul Stenell Jr.

    After trying and experiencing many many different drugs out there “YOU” as a person must find that “Jolt” of a “High” whether it be smoking a joint a pipe , or now even the different ways of using Marijuana , be it Vaporizers , Oils, Joints, Pipes and now there’s “Dabs to try even . With Marijuana theirs two main strains : Indica and Sativa but with these two strains their are people that can and can’t handle the “High’s” . On the Movie “Cheech & Chong’s “Up In smoke” after the group of guys smoke a joint the guys sit around and “Couch Lock” and don’t talk .Typical “Indica” Marijuana and that’s how “Indica” “Couch Lock” looks.

  • Ephemra Moor

    As someone with pain levels so high they cannot even eat without marijuana, I can say that dabs is the only thing that kept me healthy for 2 years. Flower gets to be expensive in mass quantities, and as was stated : dabs is a quick and effective way to knock out very severe pain and nausea. Of course, recreational use is fine as well, as long as you’ve been forewarned of the strength. Realize the ratios here.

    • Speed69

      Dang, I know where your coming from Ephemra, I usually go about a week between meals. I just drink, too much, coffee. If I was able to do Marijuana I think I would feel a lot better. There is a prescription drug called Marinol which I think is mostly CBD? Maybe your insurance may pay? Im going to find out if my doctor is able to prescribe it for me.

  • Jesse

    Dabbing has also gotten me clean from heroin so anyone thinking this leads to harder drugs probably shouldn’t even be on this page there just looking for something to complain about get a life stop living in your house doing nothing all day i live a normal life i travel all the time i just use my vape pen on the go nobody can even tell im high all day i have bad back problems BHO keeps me going without it i would just go back to numbing myself with pain meds so go grab some dabs and chill out lifes to short to be complaining about what other people are doing

    • Speed69

      Two words for you, capitalization & punctuation.

      • HonkyGeorge

        A colon is supposed to go after “you,” not a comma.

        • Alternatively, quotation marks around “Capitalization and punctuation.”

        • Speed69

          HonkyGeorge…you are very correct and wise. I am shocked that I missed that! I’m SO glad you were here to correct me for correcting another user. I know this post was supposed to be rhetorical I’m guessing, thanks hypocrite. Have a good one!

          • HonkyGeorge

            Jesus Murphy, this was a year ago.

        • Brandy Stewart

          Wow!!! Your complaining about periods and colon marks were people are in pain all the time. We don’t care about spelling or punctuation marks.

          • HonkyGeorge

            I don’t really care, either. That guy was being a dick by pointing out mistakes, so I pointed out his. If he wasn’t being mean, I wouldn’t have bothered.

            I do agree with you, Brandy.

      • BulliesSuck

        This dude is trying to get off heroin and your worried about punctuation on a page about weed. Awesome. Troll away.

        • Frantic

          Ikr! Spelling bees are not part of this I have learned being on disability that being a perfectionist and spelling perfectly is not important getting through my day in the least amount of pain is what’s important so for anyone on here who likes to make yourself feel better by putting someone else’s down and correcting your punctuation mistakes your day will come

          • Al metzger

            When people write with no periods or capitalization it is very hard to read!! And you come across as either stupid or as the stereotypical stoner. Both of which we should avoid right now with the war over legalization.

          • Frantic

            Neither stupid nor ” stereotypical stoner” just unfortunately disabled now but I’m college grad studied Electronics electrical engineering decades ago so there goes your smart ass wrong assumption

          • Al metzger

            I did not SAY you were stupid or “stereotypical stoner”, I said you come across that way DUMBASS!

          • Frantic

            KMA AH FU

          • Frantic

            Oh and by the way BLOCKED!!!!! Ahhhhhh relief

          • Linda Carter

            so do you al metzger!!!!!!!

          • Connie Sager Brooks

            Not too classy Al

          • Brandy Stewart

            Actually to Frantic has a point. I am on disability as well. The last thing on our mind is people correcting our spelling and putting people down. If I am disability. I am far from stupid or a stoner. I don’t smoke or do drugs.

          • Frantic

            Ty .. one of my many disabilities is arthritic hands with nerve damage if I use my talk to text without using glasses and if there’s a mistake in the doesn’t get corrected oh well I learned a long time ago you can’t be perfect nobody’s perfect just putting my foot in front of the other and trying to do the next right thing every day is enough I’ve learned in the rooms I know I’m doing the best that I can today screw what these other people think they can kiss my grits lol

          • Grimcrotch

            dey derk mer jerb!

          • DeviantSocialBehaviour

            capitalization doesn’t really matter. the only thing that matters is spelling, commas and periods, and correct syntax..

          • creeper

            Thank you.

            Standards, people. Standards.

        • It doesn’t matter what the page is about. Periods are easy and essential.

        • Jack Rakan

          Yea dude, i was like “why are you grammar nazing a weed post” when im high i don’t give 2 shits about grammar, spelling, and anything else if i actually managed to get my point across.

        • Sheryl LeWinter

          Thanks. That was a needed reply.

        • Boulder OldeFart

          Attention to detail is always helpful in life, relationships, preventing back injuries, etc.

        • Ahy Nonimous

          It’s “you’re”. /s

      • Jimmy Threet

        That’s 3 words.

        • Speed69

          Yes it is, lol…my bad. On a side note, I take back anything I have said. The post was a YEAR ago and people are still sending me comments. I apologize if I offended ANYONE…At the time I was Dabbing and was not in control of my actions. I woke up face down on my keyboard.

      • You needed to make use of a colon instead of a comma. Otherwise, I agree.

      • Natalie Vellone

        Get a hobby…. trolling the internet as a grammar Nazi isn’t one

        • Speed69

          ok, I will stop corrects ing pepples gramer if youls stop replering 2 poists tha ir 9 munts oldered. kk?

      • Michael Grajzl

        dude, maybe you should police yourself. Who the heck cares, he is simply telling how dabs help him. Hes not teaching English. get a life

        • Speed69

          Way to go, the post was a year old…consider myself “policed” then.

      • craig sides

        Two words for you, chill out.

      • Brian Pfaff

        There is nothing wrong with asking for complete sentences with correct punctuation. When writing and posting in public, it is even more important, as it shows a level of intelligence and education that otherwise would be assumed low and incomplete at best. Thank you.

        • Frantic

          Obviously your hands and wrists and shoulders are riddled with arthritis and nerve damage AND I AM YES COLLEGE EDUCATED

        • Schadenfreude

          Or make you appear to be a PedanticAsshole™.

          I’m a grammar nazi too, but calling out typos like “can;t” is asinine.

      • creeper


    • Bokonon9

      Congrats on getting relief for your back pain. I relate. I have two herniated lumbar discs. When it gets bad, only weed will help. I use high-CBD strains to fight the inflammation.

    • David Mowers

      So prior to this form of marijuana being available you never smoked marijuana?

      • ahahaha, exactly.

        Guy’s comment is as if dabs will save everyone from Heroin. 1st off, you can’t dab in a pen, 2nd off- – your entire point.

        • David Mowers

          Dab as edibles are as strong a pain reliever as heroin. You can look that up when you’re not acting like a child.

    • Brandy Stewart

      Congratulations!!! I am glad you got off the herion. That stuff will kill you.

    • ex-smoker-2015

      hmmm, so you are free from drugs then? you just have to carry a vape pen wherever you go and rely on cannabis to live normal life?

    • DeviantSocialBehaviour

      drug addicts are losers but don’t fret because it is possible to stop being an addict:

      1- do proper research into anything you put into your body
      2- don’t buy any substance from just anybody. know your product and who you’re buying from
      3- see #1. look for proper dosage for you age, height, weight, etc
      4- take accountability and personal accountability for your actions or inactions; don’t blame anyone else

      • Larry Dingus

        you watching enough fox news buddy?

    • Greenleaf910

      Hi Jesse, I was a heroine addict and now on methadone. How long did it take for you to get clean and feel normal when switching over to only dabbing? I’d like to kick this methadone addiction, and I’m wondering if I can do it with cannabis.

      • Larry Dingus

        I weened off methadone very slowly with the help of pot. Just go down like 2-3mg a week. Smoke a lot of pot to keep your mind off the bad stuff. It really works. Keep in mind you gotta be mentally strong forever though. I’m 5 years clean and I still have dreams many nights about wanting to do dope really bad. Gotta keep hating it.

        • Greenleaf910

          Thanks Jesse, I’m sorry it so long for me to reply. Ya that’s something I’ve got to do, I hated being a slave to dope, now I hate being a slave to Methadone (legal dope).

          • Larry Dingus

            I am not Jesse but I saw your comment and thought I’d comment because I feel your pain brother. You can do it. I think it’s also important to note that you’ll have to do at least two things that are 100% crucial to your success while/after weening off methadone.
            1. You must separate yourself from all your friends that have even a 1% chance of exposing you to bad shit again (I’ve got back with other friends that got clean, after a few years of separation that we all needed.).
            2. You have to get in the habit of telling yourself every morning that you’re dedicated to ending this shit forever. I put a sign on my door for a while that helped remind me a lot. I even saluted it sometimes.
            Might sound dumb, but these are things worth considering. Weed helps a lot but it alone won’t set you free. Strength and luck to you, sir!

          • BuenaBai

            Actually, methadone is fairly harmless & can be a lifesaver. If the program doesn’t work for you, you could also switch to suboxone, but back i’the day, after detoxing, my beefs w/the Program sure did recede into my rear-view mirror. Still, IMO, cannabis–esp CBD–has a great chance of helping.

    • inorganicmolecule

      There are no drugs which “lead to harder drugs”. Using any drug is always a choice. Nothing leads to anything, other than your own personal desire. Your choice; your responsibility. The drug doesn’t make you use – YOU do.

    • Dvdsky81

      Whoa!! Congratulations, man!! I don’t know you, but still super proud of you! That shit ain’t easy, Lord knows. You’re a fucking champ!

  • Dave Williams

    As to the dangers, mmm, my son in law who luckily lives three doors away, tried this crap with my daughter, first my daughter, she ended up paying on the bed sweating profusely and burning, it was over by the morning, now my son in law, he went to sleep as usual then during the night psychosis set in, his dreams were real couldn’t differentiate between reality, this is still going on and during the day, been to hospital stayed for a day, he just has to ride it out, well it’s a long ride, they are both weed users, so they thought what they were using was ok, not

    • HonkyGeorge

      They clearly needed that experience.

    • Cheryl O’Brien

      I’m sorry to hear this. I hope they are feeling back to normal

  • To all negative comments and to anyone who has had adverse reactions from dabbing: Educate yourself. Do not use ANYTHING from anyone who you do not know, …..and Take it slow. Know what you’re looking for….NEEDS to be clean, well made. NOT something one gets from just anyone.

    • Darryl Hammons

      Exactly. Don’t really care about you. Just don’t get in any situation where you are so effin domed you kill somebody driving a car.

  • People do die from overdose of cannabinoids in pot extracts.
    Healthy young people in their twenties and teens have gone into cardiac arrest and died under the acute influence of cannabinoids[1, 2, 3]. Cannabinoids in high dose dysregulate the heart and raise blood pressure.

    1. Bachs & Mørland 2001. Acute cardiovascular fatalities following cannabis use.
    2. Sattout & Nicol 2009. Cardiac arrest following cannabis use: a case report.
    3. Hartung, et al. 2014 Sudden unexpected death under acute influence of cannabis.

    • SloopJohnB

      BS. They weren’t healthy.

    • HonkyGeorge

      None of those studies found a direct causal link between cannabis and cardiac arrest. They’re all correlation.

    • sikamikaniko

      Wow, these articles don’t help your argument. Did you actually read them?

    • Pixie Witch

      No way. If you read the article it does state he had issues with Cocaine and Alcohol as well as abusing ritalin. Cannabis was the least of his worries.

  • bartroberts

    Reclaim Dab Oil Tested – Should You Smoke Leftover Dab Resin

  • Pat Morrow

    Im 63 years old and started smoking pot 3 years ago when i told my dr i wanted off all the damn narcotics they had me on for a broken neck..he said for me to try weening myself with pot..I did and was off 120 milligrams of morphine # 4 delaudins every 4 hours and 10/325 percacets every 6 hours every 3 months..I started dabbing about a month ago and just put a tiny biit in my pipe with absolutley takes away [ain and good i dont smoke pot as much too

    • TooLong

      That’s great news. I want to quit the med’s too. Bad back & neck and I’m up to 240mg of OXYCODONE ER, PLUS 180g of OXY HCL daily. I want off of the med’s but I’m so afraid of the withdrawal. I’m cutting back now but still up there in the daily dose. I’m trying though…

      • Terry Coonce

        Keep it up! You can do it! I was on over 150mg of Oxy a day. An now thanks to CANNABIS pill free!

  • IME

    Why in my head dabbing is a meme not a drug…

    • Xuerusa

      One comes from the other 🙂
      It was covering your face to cough, i think that is how it originated.

  • Nathan Miller

    Do dabs leave resin in your Lungs like it does to your pipe?

    • Frantic

      Good question!

  • Erik

    #DabOut 😎

  • sailordude

    They do look like you are smoking crack if you have a torch model.

  • kush fred

    weed is my best friend:)
    can i have some traffics please ?

  • dianehappylife420
  • ………

    what’s with super concentrating everything? coca leaves, poppies, weed….Cocaine, Heroin, now dabs…I just tried medical grade weed, I could barely function on that…great for insomnia but 3 hits and I’m staring at the wall, the point of feeling better is to be able to do something….I have a different view I guess….

    • Bokonon9

      Don’t take 3 hits during the day; save that for bedtime.

    • Crystal Campisi

      You’re smoking indica if it’s making you sleepy. Try Sativa.

    • Terry Coonce

      Some of these people are enduring life ending pain an EXTREME pain with conditions that can’t be anything done. Such as the 1 I have. So yea you have a let’s get high attitude. In reality CANNABIS makes SO MANY PEOPLES LIVES BETTER! S,o yea it’s a different an definitely a screwed up opinion. Maybe u should visit with someone who has 6 months to live an ask them about Cannabis..Some peoples children

  • Dominik Maximilian Reitberger

    you should remove the word overdose, its not used properly, makes the article look bad and uninformed. I expect better from you leafly.

  • williampenn

    Medical marijuana, that’s hilarious! It’s all about getting high asf!

    • Frantic

      No its not

      • Frantic

        There are strains very high ( no pun intended) in CBD and low in THC

        • Frantic

          CBD doesn’t get you high its for seizures or pain or inflammation or many others

  • Isaac Mills

    Within the past year I have been dabbing. I was a regular pot smoker and knew nothing about dabs when i came across it. I thought these kids were smoking some sort of crack (Green Crack maybe) but, I caught the sweet scent of the exhales. So I was hooked. Personally, I love dabbing more than flower any day. I love the high. But don’t get me wrong. Bud every now and then is awesome. I love handling it and getting my fingers all sticky. And honestly, at least for me, I experience almost two different highs smoking between the two (or vaping when it comes to dabs. If you wanna be technical). When it comes to withdrawals I don’t experience any. I was dabbing three times a day ( a high lasts me about 4 hours. Perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner) and went about 3 months without dabbing after a 4 month period of not being able to. Now, even though I’m high all day everyday, I didn’t experience withdrawals at all. And even though I’m high all the time, I still feel as if I’m able to function normally and even better than normal sometimes. However, as the article states, being high is personal to you. Everyone experiences a high differently and handles it differently. Thank God for THC

    • Terry Coonce

      Well said

    • Speed69

      Wow! 4 hour high! sounds great! I have never dabbed but smoking bud doesn’t last me that long. Going to have to try it! Thanks.

  • Craig Nuckles

    I feel like the author left out a safer alternative within the concentrate making processes. He/she mentions all the ice water and blasting extraction methods but left out the rosin extraction technique. In simplest terms is the oil is smashed out of the buds.

    • Terry Coonce

      Exactly, no chemicals…just squishs the extract out. This is actually not only completely safe but also gives I the purest extract. And is very tasty an medicinal

  • Chris Merideth

    A semicolon is used where you could have ended a sentence, but didnt. Thus why its a comma with a period on top. Not a colon. Go back to english class.

    • Did you learn to make comments to no one in english class?

      Btw, it’s English.

    • And, didn’t, not didnt. Pretty sure ‘thus’ is off, as well.

  • Lance Diamond

    Fred Flintstone would probably be stoned (with rocks) LOL- Dabba, dabba do!

  • Mark Sieb

    Please legalize it in Utah hopefully ill get some rest and comfort for once in my life……thank you

  • Wayne buds

    I’m a premier source for high quality Hash,wax and shatter. Our proprietary extraction method ensures a high potency wax for all your dabbing needs.😎Text me via ….(928) 432-3067

    • Yes, nothing states quality than a phone number on disqus. smh

  • Great article. thanks

  • Nelson Kima


  • Lilly

    I have helped meth folks go clean on most strong cannabis.

  • Roxi

    Very irresponsible post! Marijuana is a dangerous mind altering drug containing over 450 known chemicals! It makes holes in your brain, makes you stupid (As you can see by the unintelligent data that everyone is crooning over hoping to get an okay to do it! Dont!), causes Schizophrenia, increases the symptoms of Bi-Polar disorder, is addictive ( I dont care what the claims are. The facts are rehabs all over the world are packed with people who can not stop using marijuana to point they no longer function in society.), is bad for your health unless you suffer from some debilitating disease. But if your healthy you should not do drugs. Go to the beach, Go hike a mountain, Get a dog or a cat. But dont do drugs. Trust me I know. Im experienced in the marijuana world. And I got OUT! Thank Goodness!! America is getting dumber and dumber. Just put it away and get on with your life. Find other ways to cope. This is not the answer. And to make it a concentrate should be criminal. If a person needs some then they should go to a REPUTABLE DR. Im not going to support all you Pot Heads! You all better have a job and support yourselves or put it away! Thanks!

    • Frank Nagy

      oh wow my brain must be holy

    • ‘The facts are rehabs all over the world are packed with people who can not stop using marijuana to point they no longer function in society’

      That is infinitely wrong. Like, the dumbest statement one could ever make. Anyways, troll, just stop.

  • Bought my first rig and my first gram of wax called og kush. Dabbing is cool, a bit intimidating because of the torch. Instant high definitely! I like the taste of dabbing. Flower and wax is different so I’m not going to say which I like better. The coughing is intense. The high enjoyable. Again I think the highs between flower and wax are different. Its a different experience, I feel.

  • M Mckissack

    Had honey oil back in the 70’s, same thing as dabbing, nothing new here…

  • Randy Fisher

    Great Story, one question has any one found a provider of wax, shatter etc. that is cleaner than some out there. The price is quite costly as well, $50.00 to $100.00 and over. If there is anyone out there that has info on better quality and pricing please share. Thanks for the education.

  • Mark Thomas

    Stoners are the weak portion of our society.
    It’s too bad that stoners can’t just deal with life without having to numb the pain.

    • Vance Vance

      Weakness is upon you.

  • Angriest_Beaver

    You mean hot knifing?

  • Scott Christensen

    Heat and pressure is the safest, cleanest, and simplest method to extract oil from plant matter. There are many presses on the market available over solvent based extraction.

  • Oi You!

    everthings so greeeeeennnnnn man