The trimmings of a cannabis plant, cut off during the trimming phase, after harvest. Trim includes sugar leaves, bits of cut-off buds, and knocked off trichomes, or kief. It is considered low quality and usually reserved for making edibles, hash, or pre-rolls. 

“I save my trim for making edibles or hash and nothing else.”

“I was out of weed so I smoked some trim—I was coughing all night!” 

What is trim?

When weed plants are harvested, they are trimmed to remove excess plant material, reduce moisture, and shape buds for bag appeal. Sugar leaves, bits of buds, and knocked off trichomes, or kief, come off the plant during the trimming process, and all of this is collectively known as “trim.” Trim needs to be dried just like buds to reduce moisture.

Trim isn’t as potent as buds but it still does have trichomes. Its harshness is usually covered up by turning it into hash or edibles. It is also commonly used in pre-roll joints.