A technique done at the end of the purging process of cannabis extraction in which the extracted oil is agitated, or hand-whipped. This causes THCA to break away and crystallize, resulting in a waxy, opaque end concentrate.

“You can tell shatter hasn’t been hand-whipped because it’s translucent.”

What is hand-whipping?

Extraction using chemical solvents such as butane strip the cannabis plant of its oils, which contain cannabinoids and terpenes. The extracted oil is usually runny in texture and translucent; in order to create a more “budder”-like texture, extraction artists will whip the oil when purging the solvent. This agitation causes THCA to break away and crystallize, and as terpene oils separate from cannabinoids, they become sticky and re-stick together, giving the extract a waxy texture.

Hand-whipping is done only to change a concentrate’s consistency and appearance, giving it the texture of a thick peanut butter. Extracts that aren’t hand-whipped, such as shatter and pull ‘n’ snap, retain their translucent appearance and may not have as strong of an aroma because their terpenes haven’t been released with agitation.