The 10 best ways to enjoy smoking alone

Published on October 4, 2022 · Last updated October 28, 2022

Your friends and fam aren’t always available, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy being alone.

We all love a gathering with friends to kick back and pass a joint around, but no one should discount the joy of a good solo sesh. And let’s be real, sometimes you may not have the energy to socialize.

Getting stoned alone allows you to get to know yourself better, practice self-care, or just amp up the fun of “me-time” activities. Whether you’re new to the idea of a solo high or not, our list of activities brims with ways to make the most of the experience. 

1. Vibe in nature

Low angle view of a womans step as she walks on a road lined with beautiful colorful autumn trees with sunlight coming through the leaves.
The vibes are good and green out here. (Gajus/Adobe Stock)

Let’s face it—in today’s digital world, we could all stand to go outside and touch a little more grass of the non-smoking variety. Heading outside while stoned makes for a great way to enjoy your high.

Whether you stare at the sky and watch the clouds drift by, listen to beach waves crashing, or get your hands dirty in a garden, cannabis helps you tune into these little moments and feel more connected to the world around you.

Afterward, you might come away feeling better about your salty coworker downplaying your achievement or your roommate stealing your leftovers. Cannabis and nature give us perspective.

2. Masturbate

Sure there’s nature outside, but there’s also your own human nature. Getting in touch with your body is another excellent way to enjoy being high and alone. A good body high from a nice indica strain can pair well with the endorphins released when masturbating. The journey of taking your time exploring and learning what makes you feel good can be just as gratifying as the destination.

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Especially for those who may not be familiar or comfortable with their sexuality, cannabis creates a path to ease some of the anxiety, forget about the performances you’ve seen online, and just feel. Not to mention, it’s just plain fun

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3. Dive into hobbies or DIY

People Making Paper Flowers Craft Art Work Handicraft
This may be what Martha Steward and Snoop Dogg do when they hang out. (Grigoriy/Adobe Stock)

There are so many great weed strains that can spark creativity and help you find a hobby you love.

Toke up and forget about productivity for a minute; you don’t have to make something perfect—just enjoy the process. Getting crafty takes innumerable forms. You can buy some crafting wire and beads to make some jewelry or pick up your favorite seasonal decor to weave a wreath for the next holiday.

Making a DIY flower arrangement with flowers from your local market gives you chance to make something and go on an adventure. Knitting, crochet, sculpture, sewing, tie-dye, scrapbooking, or some simple origami also make for great outlets.

Whatever you choose, relax into your high, let yourself experiment, and just have fun creating something. 

4. Write in your journal

Cannabis has a way of catalyzing introspection, which makes it a great tool for going deep into your thoughts and emotions. Journaling is an excellent way to channel that energy and let go of what’s been crowding your mind. In fact, research has shown for decades that journaling can have a measurable effect on overall mental well-being.

Combined with cannabis’ potential for positively impacting mental health, spending time alone journaling while stoned can be a great opportunity to relieve some mental burden and lift what may be weighing on your heart. 

5. Engage with art and color

With a good uplifting strain, things always seem a little brighter when stoned. It makes it the perfect time to get lost in the world of color and break out a coloring book or canvas.

Markers, crayons, paints, watercolors—the medium doesn’t matter. Get in touch with your inner child and remember the joy of expressing yourself through color. If you enjoy cosmetics and beauty, this is your sign to try out a fun look with your most colorful make-up. After all, your face is a canvas, too!

You can also head to the museum to experience other interpretations of color through art.

6. Listen to music

Sound inspiration. Creative music. Double exposure back view color male silhouette in headphones enjoying rhythm in pink yellow smoke cloud isolated on white.
Pack a bowl and pump it up! (golubovy/Adobe Stock)

Peanut butter and jelly, bread and butter, wine and cheese—cannabis and music. What list would be complete without this timeless combination? There’s something about a good high that makes notes stand out, lyrics resonate, and instruments come alive.

A solo sesh time to sit back, relax, and listen to your favorite album, discover a new one, or dive into a great playlist. You can sing along loudly and out of tune, or play air guitar with wild abandon. Get lost in the music, and before you know it, you’ll be ready to roll a second joint or consider learning a new instrument yourself.

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7. Meditate

Young attractive boy exercising,asian man practicing meditation indoors, Yoga and Healthy lifestyle concept.
Rather than space out, use your sesh to tune in. (sutadimages/Adobe Stock)

Many people use cannabis first and foremost as plant medicine. Beyond symptom relief, we can also use solitude and a good strain to enhance wellness practices, like meditation. Meditation can help us get in touch with our true feelings, discover truths about our minds, clear emotional blocks, and lead to improved wellness.

There are many ways to meditate while high, and plenty of great strains for meditation.

Choose a method of meditation and a strain that works for you to spend your alone time getting to know the most important person in your life—you. 

8. Binge a new show

Self-care comes in many forms, and sometimes that form looks like plopping down with a cozy blanket, getting stoned, and finishing a whole season of a dynamite show in one night.

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Whether it’s a soapy period drama, a zany cartoon, a touching comedy, or a bone-chilling mystery, packing a big bowl makes it easy to get lost in your favorite genre.

9. Cook

cannabis strains for cooking
Photo by Jesse Milns/Leafly

Cooking begets different experiences for different people. Some find it downright therapeutic, while others look at it as a chance to be creative and adventurous. No matter how you enjoy cooking, the outcome is always, graciously, the same—food!

Break out the vape, put on your favorite tunes, and cook to your heart’s content knowing you get to enjoy a delicious treat while stoned when you’re done. Who knows, maybe with cannabis’s creative properties, you’ll create a new recipe in the process!

Ready to get meta? Here’s your official sign to make some edibles while you’re on an edible.

10. Exercise

Movement elicits pleasure, and cannabis can help you get into your body to connect with your physical form in deeper ways.

And you don’t have to go to the gym to exercise. There are so many you can ways to get moving at home and enjoy your solo high. When exercising stoned, you can give it your all or you can slow down and just listen to your body and what it needs. Cannabis can give us the tools to do just that.

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Can you think of other things you like to do while high and alone? Let us know your favs on Twitter.

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