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Indica vs. sativa: What’s the difference between cannabis types?

September 20, 2018

When browsing cannabis strains or purchasing cannabis at a shop, you may notice strains are commonly broken up into three distinct groups: indica, sativa, and hybrid. Most consumers have used these two cannabis types as a touchstone for predicting effects:

  • Indica strains are believed to be physically sedating, perfect for relaxing with a movie or as a nightcap before bed.
  • Sativas are said to provide invigorating, uplifting cerebral effects that pair well with physical activity, social gatherings, and creative projects.
  • Hybrids are thought to fall somewhere in between, offering a balance of indica and sativa effects.

This belief that indicas, sativas, and hybrids deliver distinct effects is so deeply rooted in mainstream cannabis culture that budtenders typically begin their strain recommendations by asking you which of these three types you prefer.

But if you look at the chemical “ingredients” inside of indicas and sativas—that is, terpenes and cannabinoids (more on that below)—you’ll notice there aren’t clear patterns to explain why one type would be inherently sedating and the other uplifting. We know that indica and sativa cannabis strains can look different and grow differently, but this distinction is primarily useful only to cannabis growers.


To find a strain that will provide the desired effect, your best bet is to understand which chemical ingredients make up that strain. Using Leafly’s Cannabis Guide, you can rely on simple shapes and colors to visually understand what your favorite strains look like, chemically speaking. And when you use the chemical ingredients of a strain to guide your purchasing decision, you’re more likely to find the types of strains that agree with your body. You can learn more about how the Cannabis Guide works in this walkthrough.

Dive into the Cannabis Guide

In this article, we’ll explore how the words “indica” and “sativa” made it into the vernacular of cannabis consumers worldwide, and to what extent they’re actually meaningful when choosing a strain.

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Indica vs. sativa effects: What does the research say?

The indica, sativa, and hybrid system is no doubt convenient, especially when first entering the vast, overwhelming world of cannabis. With so many strains and products to choose from, where else are we to begin?

“The clinical effects of the cannabis chemovar have nothing to do with whether the plant is tall and sparse vs. short and bushy, or whether the leaflets are narrow or broad.”
Ethan Russo, cannabis researcher and neurologist

A more useful starting point would be cannabinoids and terpenes, two words you should put in your back pocket if you haven’t already. We’ll get to know these terms shortly.

But first, we asked two prominent cannabis researchers if the sativa/indica classification should have any bearing on a consumer’s strain selection. Ethan Russo is a neurologist whose research in cannabis psychopharmacology is respected worldwide, and Jeffrey Raber, Ph.D., is a chemist who founded the first independent testing lab to analyze cannabis terpenes in a commercial capacity, The Werc Shop.

“The way that the sativa and indica labels are utilized in commerce is nonsense,” Russo told Leafly. “The clinical effects of the cannabis chemovar have nothing to do with whether the plant is tall and sparse vs. short and bushy, or whether the leaflets are narrow or broad.”


We blind-tasted cannabis strains and guessed: indica or sativa?

Raber agreed, and when asked if budtenders should be guiding consumers with terms like “indica” and “sativa,” he replied, “There is no factual or scientific basis to making these broad sweeping recommendations, and it needs to stop today. What we need to seek to understand better is which standardized cannabis composition is causing which effects, when delivered in which fashions, at which specific dosages, to which types of [consumers].”

What this means is not all sativas will energize you, and not all indicas will sedate you. You may notice a tendency for so-called sativas to be uplifting or indicas to be relaxing, especially when we expect to feel one way or the other. Just note that there’s no hard-and-fast rule and chemical data doesn’t reflect a clear pattern.

If indica and sativa aren’t predictive of effects, then what is?

The effects of any given cannabis strain depend on a number of different factors, including the product’s chemical profile, your unique biology and tolerance, dose, and consumption method. Understand how these factors change the experience and you’ll have the best chance of finding that perfect strain for you.


The cannabis plant is composed of hundreds of chemical compounds that create a unique harmony of effects, which is primarily led by cannabinoids. Cannabinoids like THC and CBD (the two most common) are the main drivers of cannabis’ therapeutic and recreational effects.

  • THC (Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol) makes us feel hungry and high, and relieves symptoms like pain, nausea, and more.
  • CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-intoxicating compound known to alleviate anxiety, pain, inflammation, and many other medical ailments.

A list of major cannabinoids in cannabis and their effects

Cannabis contains dozens of different cannabinoids, but start by familiarizing yourself with THC and CBD first. Instead of choosing a strain based on its indica or sativa classification, consider basing your selection on these three buckets instead:

  • THC-dominant strains are primarily chosen by consumers seeking a potent euphoric experience. These strains are also selected by patients treating pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and more. If you tend to feel anxious with THC-dominant strains or dislike other side effects associated with THC, try a strain with higher levels of CBD.
  • CBD-dominant strains contain only small amounts of THC and are widely used by those highly sensitive to THC or patients needing clear-headed symptom relief.
  • Balanced THC/CBD strains contain similar levels of THC and CBD, offering mild euphoria alongside symptom relief. These tend to be a good choice for novice consumers seeking an introduction to cannabis’ signature high.

Cannabis strains present three distinct cannabinoid profiles called “chemotypes.” Space Queen is an example of a THC-dominant strain (as shown by diamond shapes), Canna-Tsu contains an approximate balance of THC and CBD (composed of both diamonds and circles), and Sour Tsunami has very little THC, but elevated levels of CBD (made up of only circles). (Leafly)

It’s worth noting that both indica and sativa strains exhibit these different cannabinoid profiles. “Initially most people thought higher CBD levels caused sedation, and that CBD was more prevalent in indica cultivars, which we now know is most definitely not the case,” Raber told Leafly.


If you’ve ever used aromatherapy to relax or invigorate your mind and body, you understand the basics of terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic compounds commonly produced by plants and fruit. They can be found in lavender flowers, oranges, hops, pepper, and of course, cannabis. Secreted by the same glands that ooze THC and CBD, terpenes are what make cannabis smell like berries, citrus, pine, fuel, etc.

“Terpenes seem to be major players in driving the sedating or energizing effects.”
Jeffrey Raber, Founder of the Werc Shop

One question yet to be answered by research is how terpenes—and different combinations of those terpenes—shape the effects of different cannabis strains.

“Terpenes seem to be major players in driving the sedating or energizing effects,” Raber said. “Which terpenes cause which effects is apparently much more complicated than all of us would like, as it seems to [vary based on specific] ones and their relative ratios to each other and the cannabinoids.”

There are many terpenes found in cannabis, and it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the most common—especially myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene, and terpinolene, since they’re the most likely to occur in pronounced levels in cannabis.


Three sativa strains that exemplify the diversity of terpenes found in cannabis. Ghost Train Haze is terpinolene-dominant (orange), Super Sour Diesel is limonene-dominant (yellow), and Green Crack is myrcene-dominant (blue). (Leafly)

If you can, smell the strains you’re considering for purchase. Find the aromas that stand out to you and give them a try. In time, your intuition and knowledge of cannabinoids and terpenes will guide you to your favorite strains and products.

Biology, dosing, and consumption method

Lastly, consider the following questions when choosing the right strain or product for you.

  • How much experience do you have with cannabis? If your tolerance is low, consider a low-THC strain in low doses.
  • Are you susceptible to anxiety or other side effects of THC? If so, try a strain high in CBD.
  • Do you want the effects to last a long time? If you do, consider edibles (starting with a low dose). Conversely, if you seek a short-term experience, use inhalation methods or a tincture.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a strain, but if you find that indica strains consistently deliver a positive experience, then by all means, stick to what you know. However, if you’re still searching for that ideal strain, these are important details to keep in mind.


What are cannabis terpenes and what do they do?

CBD vs. THC in indicas, sativas, and hybrids

Could it be that indicas and sativas feel different because they produce different levels of THC and CBD on average? To find out, we used lab-sourced data to determine the average abundance of each cannabinoid across sativa, indica, and hybrid strains (excludes CBD-dominant and balanced strains).


Taking the average THC levels across indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, we can see that THC-dominant strains—regardless of their plant type—present approximately the same average and range of THC. So it’s unlikely THC accounts for perceived differences between indicas, sativas, and hybrids.

But are there any notable differences in CBD abundance for CBD-containing indica, sativa, and hybrid strains?

Once again, there are very little differences on average between indica, sativa, and hybrid CBD levels.

So if differences in cannabinoid profiles don’t tell the story behind the perceived differences of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, you might wonder if there’s another chemical explanation.

Terpenes in indica, sativa, and hybrid strains

We know that terpenes are responsible for the different aromas found in cannabis, and early research suggests that they may deliver unique therapeutic benefits. But to what extent do they make a strain energizing or sedating? And are there patterns that would explain why indicas and sativas sometimes feel different?

Let’s take a look at lab data illustrating terpene trends among indicas, sativas, and hybrids.


Above, you’ll find the levels at which indica, sativa, and hybrid strains tend to produce common terpenes. They tend to present relatively similar patterns in terpene profiles with some interesting points of variation—one of which is terpinolene.

Terpinolene is a terpene found at high levels in only a small subset of cannabis strains, most of which are sativas and hybrids. Some terpinolene-dominant strains you’ve probably seen or heard of include Dutch Treat, Jack Herer, Golden Goat, and Ghost Train Haze. You’ll find terpinolene in many strains related to these, like Jack crosses (e.g., XJ-13, J1, Chernobyl) or Golden Goat hybrids (e.g., Golden Pineapple, Golden Ticket), indicating that there may be genetic consistency.


Which Terpenes Are Found in ‘Cookies’ Cannabis Strains?

Still, a majority of sativa strains are not terpinolene-dominant. But if you’ve tried terpinolene-dominant strains in the past, you’ll have likely noticed they’re similar in effect.

What this suggests is that strains with similar cannabinoid and terpene combinations may offer more reliable consistency in effects.

Terpene profiles also allow us to deepen our understanding of potential variations within each cannabis type. Let’s take three hybrid strains for example—ACDCChernobyl, and OG Kush.

All three of these are “hybrid” strains, but each may deliver very different effects. (Leafly)

Although each categorically identify as “hybrids,” they’re vastly different strains on a chemical level. ACDC is a gentle CBD strain commonly chosen by those who are sensitive to THC and its anxious side effects. Chernobyl is a blissful and uplifting strain that is preferred by many for daytime activities. OG Kush delivers a heavy-handed punch of euphoria that is commonly chosen by seasoned smokers or reserved for evening sessions.

By going a step beyond their indica, sativa, or hybrid classification to consider cannabinoids and terpenes, you’re more likely to identify the specific strains you like or don’t like.

Use Leafly’s Flower Finder to build your perfect strain

Indica and sativa: Origin and evolution of the terms

The words “indica” and “sativa” were introduced in the 18th century to describe different species of cannabis: Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. The term sativa described hemp plants found in Europe and western Eurasia, where it was cultivated for its fiber and seeds. Cannabis indica refers to the psychoactive varieties discovered in India, where it was harvested for its seeds, fiber, and hashish production.

Although the cannabis varieties we consume largely stem from Cannabis indica, both terms are used—even if erroneously—to organize the thousands of strains circulating the market today.


The Cannabis Origin: What Is a Landrace Strain?

Here’s how terms have shifted since their earliest botanical definitions:

  • Today, “sativa” refers to tall, narrow-leaf varieties of cannabis, thought to induce energizing effects. However, these narrow-leaf drug (NLD) varieties were originally Cannabis indica ssp. indica.
  • “Indica” has come to describe stout, broad-leaf plants, thought to deliver sedating effects. These broad-leaf drug (BLD) varieties are technically Cannabis indica ssp. afghanica.
  • What we call “hemp” refers to the industrial, non-intoxicating varieties harvested primarily for fiber, seeds, and CBD. However, this was originally named Cannabis sativa.

With the mass commercialization of cannabis, the taxonomical distinctions between cannabis species and subspecies got turned on its head and calcified. But now that you understand that there’s more to a strain than its indica, sativa, or hybrid designation, it’s worth thinking about how to shop for the right strain on your next dispensary visit.

How to shop for cannabis without saying ‘indica’ or ‘sativa’

What’s important to you as a consumer shopping for a specific mood has everything to do with potency, dose, and chemical profile (i.e., cannabinoids and terpenes).

That’s the beauty of the Leafly Cannabis Guide—it allows you to easily identify which strains are chemically similar, so you have a better chance of finding (or avoiding) particular chemical profiles.

Find your strain using the Cannabis Guide

Let’s say you’re prone to anxiety and looking to avoid an uncomfortable, racy experience. If you tell a budtender you hate sativas because they make you anxious, they may hand you a THC powerhouse like White Fire OG simply because it’s not a sativa. Meanwhile, a “sativa” like Harlequin—with low levels of THC and high levels of CBD—might actually be a better fit.

Although it isn’t as simple as grouping strains into the indica-sativa-hybrid triumvirate that has long been our compass while navigating menus, try using potency to guide you. You may find that a strain packing 25% THC isn’t as enjoyable as that very fragrant strain tapping in at 16%, or the balanced THC/CBD variety that provides 10% of each cannabinoid.


The 10 best CBD cannabis strains according to Leafly users

You might also find that you gravitate toward strains that express similar terpene profiles. For example, if you like the terpinolene-dominant Jack Herer, you’ll likely enjoy Golden Pineapple or XJ-13, which are also terpinolene-dominant.

Finding the right strain for you requires a bit of trial and error. Still, if you’re new to cannabis, there are appropriate places to begin your search for that perfect experience.

Here are some helpful beginner resources to get you started:

Cannabis is a personal experience, and how you select it is, too. This info is meant to give you an alternative perspective on what qualities to look for in a strain. Some of you are happy to sit down with any strain, anytime, and that’s okay. For others, this level of precision in strain selection is paramount to having a good experience—and feeling good is what cannabis is all about.

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Bailey Rahn

Bailey is a senior content manager at Leafly, specializing in strains and health. She's spent 7+ years researching cannabis products, spreading patients’ stories, and exploring healthy ways of integrating cannabis into daily life.

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  • Helen Westover

    There was no information on how to purchase these items.
    I have a dear friend with stage 4 colon cancer. He’s lost his appetite completely.

    • Dale Joy

      Tell your friend that he can go to almost any doctor in oncology and get a prescription that can be filled in most states and Canada.

      • c bemis

        most states? i think not.

        • Dave

          Well, it is legal in the majority of states. Currently, 29 states have some kind of medicinal or recreational use either active or beginning soon as in the last election it was on many ballots. Washington D.C. is one of those recreational places one may use too. That said, one still has to use common sense. It is not allowed for someone to walk down the street and smoke for example. Much like the open container law. In other words, just do not flaunt it or blow smoke in a cops face (DOH!). I live in Florida and our state just voted in medical usage. A few more years, it will probably be one of the first southeastern states to be allowed recreational use. Within 8 years I can see legal, nationwide usage and the federal government taking ole Mary Jane off the schedule 1 list of drugs to schedule 2 with opioids, anxiety meds etc. OH how the pharmaceutical companies are going to LOVE that! I say screw em! Time for them to quit selling pills they make for 10 cents a piece to turn around and sell them for $20, $50, hell, $100 each! They are the real crooks! Peace everyone!
          It can’t be too soon!

          • c bemis

            29 is not a majority of states, man. for real?

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            1)Do you not know the definition of a majority? From Webster’s dictionary- “a number or percentage equaling more than half of a total.”
            2)Did you know there are 50 states in the US?
            3)Thus according to the definition of “majority” it equals at least more than half of a total.
            4)So if you were to take the difference of 50-29 that equals 21!
            5)29 the last I counted was always a bigger number than 21.
            6)Therefore, MAN, 29 is a majority of states.
            7)You are proven now factually inaccurate
            8)The last thing you need to do is admit you made a mistake and own up to the fact that you are WRONG!
            9)Please next time, understand a definition of a word before your foot goes back in your mouth.
            11)BTW- FOR REAL!

          • Dave

            c bemis- one last note…
            Why do you think they call African Americans, Latinos, Asians, American Indians, etc
            It is because caucasians, within the USA, equal MORE than 50% of the population. Thus
            caucasians are the MAJORITY in our country!
            Non-Hispanic whites make up 63 percent of the U.S (The Majority).; Hispanics, 17 percent; blacks, 12.3 percent; Asians, 5 percent; and multiracial Americans, 2.4 percent (The Minorities).
            Please tell me this is now all cleared up for you.

          • Robert Kelly

            c bemis = sessions

          • Dave

            Robert, I’m not quite understanding your reply. Sessions as in he needed sessions to be taught what majority meant or Sessions, our AG of the US?

          • Todd Mears

            I know I am late to this game, but this thread just made me feel smarter. 29/50=58%. Hmmmm, seems like a majority to me. 🙂

          • winter_reserve

            Dave, while whites are considered the majority in the US, one must consider who exactly is included as being “white”

            As of 2013, the U.S. began to consider persons of the Middle East (Arabs), Lebanon, Poland, Greece, Italy, etc. as white, when previously, this was not always the case. Prior to the new acceptance, only whites in Western Europe, North America, and anyone who could pass with blonde hair or blue eyes could claim this race. Why those specifications have recently changed to include people who would otherwise be considered non-white is debatable.

          • c bemis

            give me a break, yo

          • Dana King

            arm, leg, neck?

          • ConcernedGOM

            Check out the Florida shops, we barely have any choices & they do not work consistently (see other post)

      • Dave

        So Dale, I hope I am successful at explaining what a majority is to c bemis. He seems to have an issue with the word majority. Hey bemis, it would still be a majority if it was 26 states that in some way legalized marijuana. WHY oh why you ask?
        Because 26 will always be bigger than 24! 26+24=50! again, the number of states in the US.
        Now if it was 25, that WOULD NOT BE A MAJORITY.
        Or anything below 24 all the way to 1 would not be a majority.
        However, in this instance 29 is a majority of states.
        You can not change facts. Good luck on that next 8th grade language arts exam. I may have just answered a question that you will never get wrong for the remainder of your life. You’re welcome!

    • Steven

      Like what Dale said, ask your doctor for a recommendation since he had shown signs of increased appetite from using marijuana. Also, If you live in a state where marijuana is legal on a medical level, go to a licensed marijuana doctor and tell them that you need a marijuana card for cancer.

      • gone or rea

        Currently, they just give you a synthetic version, Marinol, which is prescribed to those with HIV as an appetite stimulant.

  • Debbie C. Boone

    Vapors . I’m wondering how the effects versa flowers are.?? Seems the best flavors aren’t in vapors yet.. and are hybrids better for that??

    • surfer dave

      If you are an occasional smoker … like at most once a day or less but you don’t want to get too “high” then I recommend vapes. Vapes allow you to control how much you smoke. You can take half a hit or 5 hits … whatever your tolerance.

      The good thing about vapes is you don’t smell like you just smoked bud so you can hang with anybody, parents, police, manager. If you shows signs, just say you’re a bit sleepy.
      The negative aspects of vapes is that you don’t get that wonderful essence of good bud. There is nothing like the taste of fresh squeezed orange juice in the morning, just as if you nipped some fresh buds off a plant, dried them, and enjoyed that fresh squeezed orange juice at the same time. The two will bring it all together.

      I also recommend getting the two types (one Indica and one Sativa) vape to find which one you like best and at point of the day; keeping in mind that different strains have different effects/affects. It takes time to find what works best .. hence the reason there are now so many strains.
      It’s the most amazing weed when you think of the medical and spiritual benefits AND variations.

  • Raul Tsi

    studies need to be conducted on the ‘entourage’ effects and also whether strain types make contribution to the concentrates, tinctures and cannacapsule products made from them. I’ve found the typical effects of the sativa and indica continuum to be pretty accurate. So far I’ve only had a few cannacapsule (concentrate in oil packed in gelatin capsule) and I can’t really discern where in the continuum of effects they inhabit. When I asked at the dispensary which type of flowers were used to make them, they did not know.

  • $parkle Puss

    Eh. Sometimes these classifications hold true but many times they don’t. I just smoked some medical-grade Presidential OG, an Indica. I feel energized and uplifted with no sedation whatsoever. It looks the part of an indica with its tightly compacted buds and pungent skunky smell, but the high is more in line with a sativa or hybrid.

    As with all medications and supplements, pot affects people differently. This is why some folks can smoke blunts all day and remain chill while others have a 3-hour panic attack after a single hit. Generalizing is what leads to trouble. As helpful as it is to learn about weed, we should also be looking within the human body and brain to figure out what accounts for these differences in effects.


      “Generalizing is what leads to trouble.”
      Does it? Or is it because people take a generalization as fact, which would be their own fault. If we can’t generalize, how are we to pass along information? Is the answer to just tell people: “Hey, there are no concrete answers, so go figure it out on your own.” It seems to me a newbie needs some sort of guidance. “Trouble” happens when they have no information at all.


    I have been smoking for 40 years now and find the results listed above to be accurate. As a person with ADD, I have always liked Indicas because I wanted to be relaxed. If I have a busy day plan, I would enjoy a Sativa. But mixed is best. I have been a Master Grower for years, and just left the USVI, where I was one of four top growers of high grade bud. Even some of their police officers were buying bud from myself or my other friend who is one of the four. Our government has for way too long kept this from the people because some old fart back in the sixties thought this was the same as LSD. Wake up government, not even close. I would rather smoke pot any day than drink. You can smoke and drive, but most can’t drink and drive. I was so excited that Florida has approved Medical Marijuana! Way over due people.
    It needs to be legal every where!

    • Christy McPeek

      I agree !

    • John

      Great 🙂

    • gone or rea

      Yes !!!! Mixed is best, fuck adderal, ritalin and other amphetamines, big pharma fears MJ as it is a replacement for all of these schedule II drugs used for pain and ADD.

      • aces

        opiates are the cheapest drugs available. Pot at 2000$ lb is a ripoff.

        • Dolph Ramey

          Big Pharma controls the cartels and thus all imported weed. Big Pharma is using the Mafia to muscle the legal weed supply chains to cap their output. Big Pharma is a friend of Obama and the Clintons……Schumer and Pelosi too…..

          • Ann Knickerbocker

            Uh… Then why does Big Pharma contribute so much to Republicans, why do Republicans resist legalization or decriminalization, and why do New York (Schumer) and California (Pelosi) have such liberal marijuana policies? Who are you trying to kid?

          • Dolph Ramey

            Have you seen Schumer and Pelosi lately on MSNBC? They are always stoned but the question is it for medicinal or recreational purposes. Some of Nancy”s recent behavior confirms she has been a frequent abuser of LSD and shrooms.

          • Craven Morehead

            Ann you say that Like there’s a difference

          • Craven Morehead

            Our heroin problem here in the state’s is compliments of the CIA. Do you ever wonder why we’ve never pulled out of Afghanistan ? The Taliban had nearly eradicated it all in one year, insert U.S. and production has risen almost every single year since U.S. occupation except for a few drought years. And you wonder why it’s an epidemic lately.

        • Rick

          PSST! Grow your own!

          • But seriously, Grow You Own. Here’s the manual:
            This is a really beautifully designed and written book. If you just like books, you’ll want a copy of this.

          • WARRIOR OF GOD

            I’ve been growing for the past decade. When I lived in St Thomas, I started big time there. I was one of four top growers on the island! Only the best too!

          • michael grosser

            Aren’t you “Special”?! (at least you seem to feel that way)

          • iRaHuman

            Hello Warrior of G-d, great handle, curious to know what you’ve been up to since a year has past and there are terrific things going on with ‘our gift’ being legalized in many states and more coming.
            Do you have a site that we can peruse? Please let us know when you have a moment, thanks!

          • aces

            I’ll check it out when I buy my own house in a legal state.

          • WARRIOR OF GOD

            PSST, I do! 12-15 different strains!

          • petit stephane

            i want to grow my own but space is the problem and the wheelchair so any suggestion lighthing vitaminees for 5t0 10 plants would be great i grow out door before in the wild and the team have spread up ii,m on my own stsrt from scatcts can you advise me me

          • Rick

            Read high times for info.

          • aces

            Not legal to do so in Florida.

          • Rick

            do it in secret!

          • aces

            I’d rather walk around with my head held high even though I’m being conned by the med mari industry, at least I am not risking years in a cage.

        • mayor mccheese

          Its expensive because of cost to grow. Nutrients, labor and electricity are big factors in growing indoors and account for pricing.

          • WARRIOR OF GOD

            But well worth it! The end product out weighs the cost!

          • WARRIOR OF GOD

            That’s why you grow a lot and share with friends for donations!

          • So, WG, good to see you out of the slammer finally. It seems like it’s been a year !. OK just kidding.

        • linda vergowven

          Cheapest and most dangerous…really

          • aces

            Most of the danger comes from the fact it is sold only on the black market. Opiates aren’t very dangerous if the dosage and purity aren’t a guess.

          • William Walton

            Huh?! Opiates, like generic opiates, like fenntanyl?! Really?! Please. They destroy the kidneys and liver in short time. Let’s not forget the side effects besides your vital organs disappearing…another Pharma Troll in mix!

          • aces

            opiates do not destroy the liver or kidneys. They re very benign drugs.

          • Keith Thomas

            Only for the chronically ill or pain.No one can possible want a monkey on your back?

          • aces

            Well, yes, but I was referring to damage to the organs of the body. Other than horrific withdrawal after extended use, and death from overdose, opiates are perfectly safe drugs.

          • daniel yadegar


          • They certainly are if used properly and not abused by some knuckleheads. Opiates are wonderful as long as you don’t horsemouth ten of them five times a day.
            Weed will not replace painkillers. Compound fracture your femer and see what a joint does for you. Nothing.
            The people here condemning opium are probably victims of Geneology and prone to addiction. The addicted are forced to develop a hatred for their drug of choice. It makes it easier to abstain.
            Opiates have been used safely for thousands of years.

          • Jerry C

            I suffer from Sciatica. There have been days I have been so crippled with pain I can do nothing but lay on the sofa in tears the pain is HORRENDOUS. I was given Percocet for it. It made me sick to my stomach, nauseous for HOURS AND HOURS and did NOT kill the pain. It reduced it slightly but did NOT make It much easier for me to walk. As soon as a friend of mine said try a joint….I smoked the joint…I was able to get up and walk around. Wanna try again? Weed DOES kill pain quite effectively without making you want to spend the afternoon sitting over toilet waiting to puke your guts up.

          • Sorry you had a rough time, glad it worked out. Sciatica is nerve pain, not the type of pain I described. Weed does have muscle relaxing properties so it makes sense that you may have experienced some relief.
            Also, though you may be allergic to something in a pill that doesn’t mean everyone else is.
            Glad you’re feeling better but your response has little to do with the general point I was making.

          • John Ross

            Stretch dude – stretch. That’s how i solve my piriformis syndrome pain. When i forget to stretch, it comes back. But stretching does more than anything….of course my mmj helps.

          • inthe28269

            Double blind placebo trials show marked reduction in opiate use after surgery. No, cannabinoids are not going to eliminate or substitute for opioids for pain relief, but they do have pain relieving properties and can reduce opioid use.

          • John Ross

            Too bad people with chronic pain or terminal illness can’t just chill out with pure opium in a hookah like back in the day. Smoking unprocessed opium is fairly safe isn’t it? It’s the concentrating that’s the bad thing.

          • iRaHuman

            A joint, man you think too current…won’t replace opiates, but they’ll find that marijuana does contain components that might be ‘stronger’ than opiates and they don’t have the same ramifications as opiates. Think ahead, Captain!

          • Perhaps. Only time will tell.

          • Greenleaf910

            If there was a way to keep feeding the monkey!

          • Dolph Ramey

            All you gotta do is Shock the Monkey

          • daniel yadegar

            finally, some words of wisdom

          • Latard Odom (Emir of Africa)

            All they do is kill you…


          • You mean all people do is kill themselves with them. Inanimate objects don’t kill.
            But addicts love to blame the drug for their hereditary illness and lack of responsibility.
            If you’re allergic to peanuts you don’t blame the peanut. You avoid eating them.

          • daniel yadegar

            you are dillusional

          • aces

            Fentanyl is not an opiate.

            Opiates are very benign with respect to the internal organs. Your information is wrong. You are probably confusing items purchased on the black market with pure opiates and opiods. Heroin, morphine codiene, methadone, and even fentanyl don’t do any damage the organs, which can’t be said for ibuprofen or acetomenophen (sic) which damage the kidney and liver. Opiates combined with those drugs (Vicodin, Percocet, Percodan, etc.) are added in small quantities. Addicts using these combinations often have kidney and liver damage due NOT TO THE OPIODS but to the over the country generic Motrin and Tylenol.

          • The Real Amy Lolley

            Your comment was educational. Thank you.

          • daniel yadegar

            you are a misinformed buffoon.

          • No, he’s right. Opioids are dangerous if abused. Just like most drugs.
            Instead of hurling insults and running off at the mouth about matters you have limited knowledge of, try educating yourself for a change.


          • Jerry C

            How about a third party source that is NOT part of the medical industry who is killing people with this crap. Mayo Clinic LOL! I’d trust what they say about opiates about as much as I’d trust a fox guard the hen house.

          • Your hyperbole is unfit for response. But by all means, next time you or a loved one needs emergency medical treatment, be sure and not go to the ER.
            That way the “medical industry” can’t kill you with any of their crap.

          • Jerry C

            Oh you don’t have to worry about that. I woudn’t waste my time or money going to the ER. Let’s see, my mother’s “doctor” let her collapse of CHF to prove a point. That’s pretty psychotic, she also had seen a doctor 3 days a week for kidney dialysis for 7 years yet had a stroke “nobody “ saw coming? Right…and when the hospital she was taken to asked how much Heparin she had received since she had JUST come off dialysis as they were planning to give her TPA, but isn’t it funny the “doctors’ who she had just seen couldn’t tell the hospital how much Heparin she had been given after treatment so TPA was out of the question. My father was overmedicated to the point of death. I won’t go into how I was also damaged with surgery as a child. Hyperbole? LMAO! No hyberbole mate-that’s the truth. Holistic is the only way to go.

          • iRaHuman

            Hey Jerry, know you’re bitter right now and you have the right to be, but unfortunately or because of it, we’re humans and as such, we make mistakes. But, for every mistake there are positive outcomes and maybe some ‘miracles’. BIG Pharma is a problem here in this country, where greed and corruption are rewarded while the majority suffers…Hang in there Jerry, we’ll persevere!

          • Dona Lee

            You have a point. I would have trusted a Mayo Clinic report until you highlighted the fact they are naturally biased toward Big Pharma and their research will display that bias even if it is unintended.
            Doesn’t mean that Mayo is deliberately misleading, but they may be prone to accepting the information that backs their theory and rejects yours.
            All of you who are attacking each other? Stop! Big Pharma and modern medicine have brought us miracles. They have also brought us pain, death, and suffering. Bottom line: They are corporate and their goal is to make a profit. OFTEN various pharmaceutical companies have been found guilty of deliberate misinformation that caused death or major suffering.
            Legalization will hurt their bottom lines. They are fighting viciously to prevent that. Both can co-exist and that is the way it should be. The pharmaceuticals just don’t see it that way because they don’t want to lose market share.
            We have a long way to go, but the energy is with us to accomplish what Canada has. Complete nationwide legalization.

          • Ron

            True but that’s more of an argument for the countless antidepressants, BP meds, statins, ED drugs, and other such BS drugs. There is a reason why morphine is on the list of essential drugs designated by the WHO.

            “Essential Medicines Lists

            Essential medicines are intended to be available within the context of functioning health systems at all times in adequate amounts,in the appropriate dosage forms, with assured quality, and at a price the individual and the community can afford.

            The Model List is a guide for the development of national and institutional essential medicine lists. It was not designed as a global standard. However, for the past 30 years the Model List has led to a
            global acceptance of the concept of essential medicines as a powerful means to promote health equity. Most countries have national lists and some have provincial or state lists as well. National lists of essential
            medicines usually relate closely to national guidelines for clinical health care practice which are used for the training and supervision of health workers.”

          • They are extremely dangerous even when used as prescribed. Stop spreading disinformation those who say it’s not. People are dying from prescribed use of Opioids, because it is prescribed long term for chronic pain sufferers. My wife took them for 50 years. They were all prescribed, it destroyed her liver and shut down her Kidneys. It didn’t happen all at the end of those 50 years either. She had little choice, can’t live without them, using them long term, will kill you.

          • Fifty years is a long time to use just about anything. I am very sorry to hear about what you’ve been through.

          • Ron

            Correct. Opiates are well tolerated, very predictable and can be reversed by Narcan. Pharma has been trying for almost 100 years to find a replacement and that’s where the NSAIDS come in which cause all kinds of damage. However if used for “kicks” they will kill you eventually or put you in a position where if you have a very painful accident your tolerance may be so high they can not give you a high enough dose to alleviate your pain. So they have to induce a coma. Trust me on this…as you age there will be times in which you experience excruciating pain. You are a fool if you abuse pain meds. One day you will have to have them. MJ will not kill the pain of a traumatic amputation of a limb or other such severe pain episodes.

          • Mick J

            Fentanyl Is a synthetic opioid.

          • Yes, but it is being mixed with Heroin. A lethal opioid mix..

          • No they most certainly are not benign. I just buried my wife from damage done from Opioid use. Not from abuse either. Just long term abuse. Her Doctor asked me if she was an alcoholic. .My wife didn’t drink a drop. Her liver was a mass of scars from Opioid use long term. She died of Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis because of it. Years on hydrocodone, killed her.

          • iRaHuman

            So very sorry to hear of your loss, but hydrocodone comes with a lot of acetaminophen and that alone will ‘eat’ your liver. Wondering if her Dr. kept up with liver functions during the course of treatment? Mine does, every 3 months, but I’m taking stuff that needs to be monitored. Take care Caveman…

          • in view of the situation as it exists today, a year after your post here, I would have to say the evidence shows you to have been completely wrong. As to Morphine for instance. I use it. I have for about 3 or 4 years now. I’m paying the price with my second heart surgery slated for Feb, 2019. Morphine slowed my heart rate to 28 bps. Permanently. Pace maker helped, but they come with problems of their own. Like they can be hacked. I think your view is a bit narrow and unmotivated to look at the truth in this matter.

          • Huh, wasn’t Fantanyl a factor in the death of music artest Prince ? ,R.I.P.
            My Brother was on that stuff its strong and very addictive ,and it can do psychological damage. but he stop that drug.Now he takes a new drug called NuCintia , think that’s how you spell it,but its works like narcotics for the pain by blocking the receptors,and some other stuff its, synthetic ,and very expensive too.

          • Kenneth Daly

            how can they bunch weed in as an opiatr??? hello, opiate=opium….theres no opium in weed??

          • Please refrain from denigrating all Trolls. It’s a bit racist to be so prejudice. There are Trolls, and then there are Trolls young Master Walton. (any relation to John Boy)?

          • Kenneth Daly

            not black market anymore…in most states, if its not available now legally for recreational purposes, it’s available medically.

          • WARRIOR OF GOD

            Black market still strong as ever!

          • Good to hear. It’s great that weed is becoming legal because it keeps innocent people out of prison and keeps families together.
            But I’ve never let some bullshit law keep me from my Herb. And never will.

            Keep up the good work.

          • Segador LaMuerte

            And less expensive. Just like most things on the black market.

          • daniel yadegar

            you should really consider detox facility

          • iRaHuman

            You’re correct, eventually they will legalize everything; please use in moderation…

          • Bobsbride2

            Wrong! Opioids have been proved addictive, and they can build tolerance in the body. Are you a Big Pharma rep, by any chance?

          • aces

            No. Far from the most dangerous. Don’t believe the hype. Very few people die from heroin, considering the vast number of people using several times on a daily basis.

          • Cheryl Wicks

            You cannot seriously believe this !

          • aces

            Do the math. There were about 10,000 deaths from heroin until the fentanyl started being added to it five years ago (on a regular basis). There are about 1 milllion heroin addicts using 5 times a day. That is 5 million iuses each DAY. Or over 1 billion uses a year.

            That means the odds of dying is about 1 in 10,000 per use of ILLEGAL heroin (before five years ago). Legal heroin is much safer since you know the purity and dosage and the mixture is consistent.

          • Scott Sinnock

            If I believe you statistics of dying odds of 1 in 10,000 and usage 5 times a day, then 5 times 365 times equal the annual risk, of 1825 per 10,000. Do you really mean heroin addicts have a nearly 20% chance of dying each year? If so we should be rid of most of them in a few years, so what’s the worry?

          • Jerry C

            There is no such thing as a heroin addict…that’s a term used to stigmatize people. They are actually morphine addicts. They body doesn’t know what the hell to do with heroin so it’s metabolized into morphine. The gubmint LOVES to stigmatize people

          • Segador LaMuerte

            Legal heroin…..
            Ok, now I can not condone anything you say. First, your “fentanayl is not an opiate” and now “legal heroin”!??!
            How can you see to type with that hood over your head?

          • Robyn

            Are you stupid? So, besides heroin you also smoke crack I’m assuming. You do not need to attend school to know the dangers and side effects for heroin. But you’ll probably be dead be for you read this. The is an upside. That is you get to choose how you die, and you’ll die high. R.I.P

          • aces

            I’m 53 and stopped using herion regularly years ago. But the fact I’ve living this long should tell you it is fairly safe. Very few addicts die from overdoses.

          • Robyn

            Founded in 1874 by C. R. Alder Wright, heroin is one of the world’s oldest drugs. Originally it was prescribed as a strong painkiller used to treat chronic pain and physical trauma. However, in 1971 it was made illegal under the Misuse of Drugs Act. Since then it has become one of the most destructive substances in the world, tearing apart communities and destroying families.
            The side effects of heroin include inflammation of the gums, cold sweats, a weak immune system, muscular weakness and insomnia. It can also damage blood vessels which can later cause gangrene if left untreated.
            That is how I found my dad. And that is how others their family, friends, loved ones. Does not matter if its oxycontin or heroin. Im glad you are here today. Most people will not be lucky enough to quit. Thats also where alot of OD’s occur the heroin user believes the amount they are using is safe because they used that much or more before. And its way too much. Good luck. If you do use again make sure someone knows where or how to get Narcan either the nose mist or syringe.

          • aces

            Injecting heroin does not damage blood vessels. It is the cut from black market heroin that does this. The fact is that heroin is very safe if you dose properly. Making it illegal makes safe dosing impossible.

            Placing heroin on the black market is what kills heroin users.

          • daniel yadegar

            opium addicts like you equating your terminal addiction to smoking weed keeps marijuana illegal.

          • aces

            Weed bigots like you propagating the hysteria of the drug wars are the reason people die from black market drugs.

          • Ed Sargent

            My son drank whiskey with Roxy’s 30 mg and never woke up. Dead at 23. Mix opiates with alcohol and you will get what Robyn says, Brain forgets to breathe. RIP TYLER SARGENT 01/27/1986 -01/30/2009

          • daniel yadegar

            my heart goes out to you

          • Jerry C

            I’m very sorry for your loss 🙁

          • daniel yadegar

            Sorry about your Dad

          • Scott Sinnock

            Many more from doctor prescribed overdoses — ” I think I’ll take a couple of extras tonight to sleep better”

          • daniel yadegar

            you are a lying dope addict

          • michael grosser

            “Very few addicts die from overdoses” Did you really say that? Time for your meds, my Friend.

          • Dona Lee

            BS. Depends on where you live. We are in a small city in Florida and we have hundreds of deaths a year for the last five or six years from heroin (laced with additives) overdoses. The only reason for the slowdown in fatalities this year is that most of the addicts are dead. No one is dead from a pot overdose. Not one person in the last five or six years.
            I have no idea how many people died of overdoses of “legal” opiates like Vicodin and all the derivatives. It may be more than the heroin deaths, but either way–opiates kill. They destroy the user’s quality of life into one of living for the need to reduce the pain–even when their is no longer any reason for the pain to exist.
            Yes, some people are genetically prone to addiction, but almost all can become addicted with extended use of any prescribed medication with addictive properties, such as occurs with major injuries.

          • Sasz

            Lol. No, that would be alcohol

        • Colin Cote

          Bwahahaha…you paid $2000 a pound..

        • Sarah Vaccaro

          Tell that to your liver mate.

          • aces

            Opates do absolutely zero damage to the liver.

          • daniel yadegar

            opiates have damaged your soul, they have taken over it.

          • aces

            Society should not make illegal activities that damage one’s soul. At that point it’s just a theocracy.

          • aces

            That is my choice.

        • petit stephane

          opiiattes llike hydromorphon hydromorph coontin are cheap but addictiveand numb-numb all fucking day so l.m switching to withdraw from opiates too converge to cannabis because i,ll get my will to live an active life while being endurre my sseevere pain while wwaitting for the replacement of bothh knnneessss

        • Latard Odom (Emir of Africa)

          Can’t OD on weed…somebody dies every 12 minutes due to opiates.

          • daniel yadegar

            another voice of TRUTH

        • daniel yadegar

          opioids are physically addictive you moron, jerks like you equate them on same level. did heroin 25 years ago, you can’t compare the two you idiot.

        • TabootTaboot

          Wonderful, keep taking those opiates and fuck up your life….If you even make it out alive. Whadda dumb ass post!!!!

        • Richard Pickel

          When the first recreational marijuana dispensaries opened in the United States state of Nevada, I couldn’t believe that the prices were higher than the black market sellers had been charging. It might have been the first time in the history of the world that a product went from illegal to legal status and it’s price increased. I guessed there would be outrage and revolt and boycott from their intended customers, resulting in much-reduced, far less-rapey prices. The weak, wimpy sheep said and did absolutely nothing to protest the prices, ever, but just lined up in lines wrapping around the buildings to be the first to buy it, and they frequent those economic rapist dispensaries, with their same outrageously rapey prices, just as regularly, years later. It just shows what kind of weak, cowardly sheep most marijuana smokers actually are.

      • Andrew wilkerson

        Ant that the truth

    • Gookso Kim

      WOG, do you grow in a warehouse or is this for personal use? We are the US/Canada consultants for our smart farm containers and with the legalization of cannabis that is expanding in the US, we are marketing our efforts especially since our smart farms grow plants free of soil, chemicals and our patented lighting technology saves operating costs and energy consumption.


        Personal use now. Waiting on Florida to get their act together and allow us to grow our own bud as well as grow it for others as “care givers”. Then I will go big time!

        • Dolph Ramey

          Finally found a BLOODY WOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BuggeDMichael B. Branson

      Very interested in your experience. I too had many years as a user. Drifted away from it for quite a while, but my wife has fibro and I injured my back to the point where it has pretty much sidelined me for about a year. Want to be a scientist in the area of growing. Any advise you could extend would be fantastic. Thank you.



    • Elijah


    • Tammi Young

      It sure does! Waiting for Texas to wise up & legalize! Considering that it’s TEXAS, I may be better off moving where it’s already legal instead!

    • Richard Morris

      You said the truth very well


      Can you give me email address I have some question?Alex

    • Zoey Thompson

      Visit ANNCANNMED for inquiries and medical purchase. They have good strains at good prices too


        Why look into medical purchases, when I grow 12-15 different strains, and only the best! Northern Lights, Granddaddy Purp, Pineapple Express, Blue Cindy, Kush, Chemdag 4, Cookies Kush, Fruith Chronic Juice, Gorille Cookies, Peyote Cookies Tangerine Kush, and White Widow, just to name some!

    • Boss lady

      How can I try your flavors


        Where do you live?

        • WARRIOR OF GOD

          How do I know if you are the police or not?

          • fatehasfans

            WOG, would it be possible for you to send me some of your harvested bounty? I live in Ireland. I’ve been a smoker for many years now but I am listening more to my body and it would seem I need to find more CBD-based stuff because what is available here in Ireland seems to be the same stuff no matter where you go and given how it makes me feel it would appear to be very high in THC which according to research is why I’m getting too anxious and sometimes have a panic-attack.

          • Fate, I have a sister that had that problem too. She turned out to be allergic to THC but CBD helped her. Get real CBD, stay out of the smoke shops.

          • Vicki Green

            True…I found hi CBD and low thc…which works out to be 20 to 1..the most trusted is Charlotte Webb by Stanley brothers..I just ordered their jellys they are now making..there was Calm..Recovery..and sleep that has melatonin..go to their site and take a look

          • James Meredith

            Dude, you’re paranoid. Put down the bong man.

    • Successful Loser

      To smoke pot and drive, is to get lost and drive around in circles. Unfamiliarity remains unfamiliar while high. What is not a habit while you smoke is difficult to master (it weakens the will), not complaining, have been a pothead more years than you, and still am, but a sense of reality and perspective is needed, if we are going to make this movement valid, let’s hear both the pros and cons, and make our decisions in an honest and informed light.
      Transparency is the real key to our future.

    • Greenleaf910

      Hi Warrior, I’ve just started growing and I need something that will give me energy and get me out of my slump. What would you recommend as a good Sativa strain for energy. Thanks.


        Jack Herer (100%) and Blue Cindy (75%) is the best! Mostly Sativa! Gets you feeling good and keeps you going. I use it when it’s cleaning day! lol

        • Greenleaf910

          Thanks, the Jack Herder is one that I wanted to try, now I’ll definitely get some seeds.

    • Craven Morehead

      It’s not so much the government as it is Big Pharma. They have the money to back there agenda and that agenda is to eliminate anything that threatens their bottom line. How are they going to keep racking in those billions with weed putting a dent in the thousand and up cancer poisons in addition to all the antidepressants they got the DR’s handing out like candy. Serious side effects no extra charge. Not like DR’s haven’t succumbed to early death not going with the narrative.

    • William Minsterman

      I would like to try your Indica. I live in NY

    • Bobsbride2

      I agree. However, it was back in the 1930s, in the USA, that people were turned against cannabis and hemp, and the reason why is that Big Pharma realized it couldn’t become the multi-billion-dollar industry that it has while people could treat their many ailments and improve their health with a natural plant made by God, the Creator. So, the government and Big Pharma, working together, found a way to turn people against it. They put paranoia and fear into parents, lying about this wonderful plant, telling them that their children would become psychotic killers and that their white daughters would get pregnant by black men. For proof of such ridiculous propaganda, see the movie Reefer Madness (full movie available on You Tube) and a few others like it, plus written propaganda pieces created during that time. The system that has made cannabis “illegal” and a “schedule I drug” is based on and over-packed with lies. Smell the money trail. It leads to Pharma, which also, by the way, has given us the opioid crisis, which has killed many and destroyed lives. The gov has employed many churches to teach cannabis as “evil” through the control of seminary programs and further paranoid propaganda. People need to educate themselves and stop just believing what they’re told is “fact”, and wake up. It’s really just a plant; a harmless plant in most cases.

  • Douglas Alves

    I was wondering if Hybrid and Indica and Sativa mixed?

  • gone or rea

    As a person with MS for 20+ years, I use Rx opiates for my primary symptom of pain, the side effects being dreadful, constipation, nausea, GI upset, gas, horrible, miss a dose or two, and the horrible feedback I get from my body is beyond explaining. I cant imagine what users of heroin go through, its the most awful feeling in the world. I find the Indica strains very beneficial, a 50/50 mix of sativa and indica very good during the day, indica great at night with sleeping and nocturnal pain that wakes me up just about every night. In addition, I actually cut down on the need for opiates to manage my pain when using edibles, WITHOUT getting the awful opiate feedback. The Indica strains seem good for managing the neuropathy associated with MS. I had tried smoking 10 years ago, but it made my pain symtoms feel much worse. I believe the science of different strains for different purposes has been groundbreaking over the last few years. Living in NY prevents me from wanting to get a med card as I do not want to lose my 2A rights, as pistol target shooting is a hobby of mine. I wish they would make it a CII or CIII classification so more folks can consider it as an option for chronic pain, without the stigma and threat of losing your 2A rights. My Neuro offered med MJ, told him NO ! I’ll use it via edibles I get every now and then, which are TOPS ! Love the chocolates and jellies, they make for a pain free day, without the side effects from Norco and MS Contin. I have NEVER had any type of negative side effect with MJ edibles, in fact the side effects are beneficial, normalizing my GI function, providing the best nights sleep I have had in decades and NO OPIATE WITHDRAWAL feeling, which I do not wish upon anyone. if you do not need a dose, or stop using.

  • SyrenaD

    i would try it but straight MJ makes me go nuts after relaxing. i become a mega bitch. any ideas?

  • Donnie Darko

    I’m very inexperienced with Cannabis. I’m an every weekend/every other weekend social drinker, but I absolutely hate the way I feel the next morning. I would like to try it as a replacement. I love the happy, giddy euphoric feeling alcohol gives you for maybe the 1st hour or so after drinking. I’ve been doing a lot of research online. If I’m looking for this I should try a Sativa like Sour Diesel, correct? The couple of times I have tried it, mooching of people at parties I felt very, paranoid, lazy, lethargic. I thought to myself, this sucks compared to alcohol. I’m pretty sure though I took too much and had no idea what it was, but it most likely was an Indica strain. Any suggestions?

    • Green Rabbit

      Donnie,I am exactly the same and have the same questions! I wish someone would reply. Did you ever get any answers? I live in a state where recreational is legal, and the guy working at the dispensary tried to point me in the right direction, but what I bought didn’t produce the effect you described of that first hour or so of having alcohol. I love that feeling but problem is I like it so much, I drink more to maintain it, then like you, felt terrible the next day. I don’t drink often enough to become more tolerant of those after effects (if that is even a thing or a thing to aspire to! Lol) so I just drink every so often but wish I could zero in on the right strain and have recreational, hangover free, fun weekends!

      • Kiana

        Hey @GreenRabbit! Not sure what exact problems you’re experiencing, but if you’re looking for a strain which will help you feel giddy and euphoric – I would recommend any Sativa or Sativa-dominant hybrid with a good amount of THC. I think that one of the main differences in how you feel in that first hour with weed vs. alcohol is the speed at which you take it. In 1 hour with alcohol, it’s not unreasonable that you can go through 1, 2, or even 3 alcoholic drinks. With weed (at least for me personally) I usually take my time and when I get too high, I’ll forget I’m smoking or get to lazy to continue. In short, if you’re looking for that feeling get a good, strong Sativa and try to sit down and smoke it all the way through. Maybe with a good friend. 🙂 Hope this was helpful man.

        • Donnie Darko

          I just had a 20mg Gummy Bear that was made with Super Lemon Haze. Definitely better as far as a Euphoric high than the Granddaddy Purple one I had the other night.

          • Kiana

            Nice! That sounds about right though – Granddaddy Purp is a known, hard hitting, Indica while Super Lemon Haze is a nice, uplifting Sativa. I would suggest using Leafly – you can look up different strains, read about their effects, and read reviews from people who have tried it before. I LIVED on there when I first started smoking. It sounds like you’re in a legal area too so it’ll basically be like browsing the menu haha!

        • Green Rabbit

          Thanks so much for your reply! 🙂 I will look for Sativa with a good amount of THC and give it a try! 🙂

    • Kiana

      Hey Donnie Darko! Professional stoner here haha!

      But really – I think I can help to answer some of your questions.

      First, in my experience smoking in environments with other people is drastically different than when I’m at home with my dog, in my own environment. Weed is not a game changer, it’s more of a game enhancer – especially for newer smokers, I always recommend that you smoke somewhere you’re comfortable.

      Secondly, the way that weed makes you feel is due in large part to the strain that you’re smoking. Unless, you’re buying from a dispensary, it’s often a mystery (though you’ll come to recognize certain effects straight away once you’ve been smoking for a while). In addition to the type of weed you’re smoking, what you’re using to smoke also makes a difference. Smoking with papers, blunts, pipes, and bongs each bring a certain set of additional side effects. For me, with blunts, the tobacco and extra smoke that comes with it is mostly unpleasant. I prefer joints, (with natural papers) as they have a more “clean” feeling for me, and pipes, which have even more of a “clean” feeling since you’re not actually lighting anything but the weed on fire.

      Last, be sure to hydrate while you’re smoking! Water and some fresh fruit is THE BEST and super healthy. Smoke going in and out of your body can be very dehydrating which can be a contributing factor in you feeling lazy and lethargic.

      Hope this helps man. This is my first time ever commenting, but feel free to hit me up on Twitter (kanatoocool). I’d be happy to walk you through the process man. I’ve been smoking for a few years and it’s helped with my digestive issues, anxiety, and stress levels. Plus – sometimes it just feels really nice to kick back and smoke man lol!

      • Scooter Bell

        Excellent advice Kiana! Another point for a first-timer is the munchies during and after. We line up food we like and is (relativley healthy – peanut-butter crackers,carrots,limited cup of M&M’s – and only eat from this table. Sometimes we cheat 🙂 If not setup before, we eat WAAAAYY too much! – Enjoy!

    • Donnie they have some pretty cheap genetic testing out there these days. DNA ancestry is $69 and 23andme you can get for $99. And then there are apps all over the internet that show genetic setups. I’m actually building one right at the moment for the endocannabinoid system . I study epigenetics and nutrigenomics.
      There is a gene called COMT short for catechol o methyl tranferase. When someone has COMT V158M/H62H homozygous they have the inability to break down methyls and amines. Sometimes up to 85% of their methyls and amines. I do work with MDs who and the autism community and we are learning so much. People with COMT compromised like this almost never do well on sativa as it is high in Arachidonoyl dopamine. They do much better on Indica. COMT folks can get unusually paranoid on sativa.
      Now there is also a gene called AKT1 and they cannot handle high doses of THC. Also Disc1 when compromised. Everyone has an endocannabinoid system and it is important to support when impaired. Vegans and people with fatty acid metabolism issues usually have the most impaired endocannaibnoid systems because their arachidonic acid is usually hugely impaired.

      • Women Empowerment

        Sterling, I really need some help with getting my son’s 23andme results converted so I can understand what is happening in his body. I want to know what supplements he needs and which ones to stay away from. There is one Genetic specialist in our area but he wants $700 to tell me what my son needs and to help us with plan to heal him from his mild Autism. Can you please assist me?

        • Gitaelia

          You can use promethease or livewello on the internet.You download your raw data from 23andme and upload it there. Promethease is $10. Livewello is free. Also genetic gene has methylation and detoxification profiles that will use the data and it’s free (donation appreciated).

      • Amy

        This information is amazing!! I have DNA tested with Ancestry, can you tell me how I can convert my results to know which genes I have that would affect how I react to certain strains? Thanks so much!

    • Hank Williams Jr

      okay here are what to do kindly inbox me on here

  • iToke420
  • MJS

    Iv wasted my life following what Big Pharma prescribes.Someday I may get to try POT which is my last meager hope on Earth for a taste of pain relief.Iv no interest in opioids but I could get them for sure but they are to scary.Big Pharma loves the toxic addictive junk.

    • ConcernedGOM

      FL pain patient & Medical user that cannot seem to find any that works (for 15 years of chronic severe almost full body) pain. Doctor prescribes CBD that did nothing. I buy a product from the dispensary & I get relief . Then the next batch does nothing. Fourth works & fifth fails to help. Sixth fails. I think they do not heat the product to produce the THC (they do not say but labs show THC levels). I try Sativa, Indica, hybrids of both & CBD.
      My hope is dwindling & doomed to stay on oxy

      • Alex Villanueva

        THC/CBD can be a cure to anything, but destroying your body with food and other things will not help out. You will need higher THC for pain relief, but don’t do too much if your tolerance is low.

    • rex

      F*** big Pharmacy, we went to the stupid doctors because they said at school that my kid should see a doctor about add, first off when it is it the school’s place especially as a state paid employee to recommend your child ADD medication because they cannot hack it as a teacher, an old school marm would have beat your ass for being bad in class. So as I hate painkillers and add drugs and all the other b******* that the pharmacy likes to give everybody I wanted to really know how my son felt because I saw him high as a kite staying up all night long with the rest of the family was going to bed keep in mind he is only 11 years old and he would also be extremely agitated I said the hell with this and took those things away and if I was stupid enough to give it to my kid then I want to see what it felt like so I ate one 27 mg methylphenidate pill and it was awful I stayed up all night of scrubbing walls was basically being high on amphetamines. never again in my life. I want to see that s***. I do not recommend feeding the s*** to any child you are only setting them up for an amphetamine Addiction in their future life I feel bad for the victims it’s already claimed. I know I had trouble focusing on high school and grade school as a child myself but after I smoke a good joint I’m focused like a laser beam

  • Joyce Steiner

    Now I know the difference.. I first tried it some 50 years ago.. at that time, it was one that was more hallucinogenic.. don’t know what that would have been called.. then it was a while and I got married, my husband got some from his son, that was more sedating, as all I wanted to do was go to sleep.. that husband passed, now I’m with a gent, in another state, the stuff he got didn’t do anything for me.. btw, I have MS, so was hoping for some relief of symptoms of that… but no.. anyways..

  • Jeremy Smith
  • Jamie WD Moore

    You are so ignorant and then you say warrior of God when you are probably religious and the most judgemental people like you is the reason why people don’t do things you don’t know him do you know him personally in the reason why he smokes weed you are going to feel real dumb if somebody had cancer or something like that and then you say he has no ambition he probably makes more money than you do so before you go and judge somebody you better look at yourself in the mirror me personally I don’t smoke weed I don’t do other drugs and I don’t drink and I’m very spiritual and I will say this again forgive me God that you’re ignorant b**** and I will say it again

  • Lancaster2020

    For both Sativa and Indica, the most complete absorption of cannabinoids is eating them raw, with some oils or fat (solubility). One can absorb 60-70 times more of THC-acids than THC with no high or very minimal high.

    Dr. Courtney MD explains this absorption in a few videos on Youtube as the best way to get the ‘entourage’ effects of many cannabinoids working together.

  • ConcernedGOM

    FL pain patient & Medical user that cannot seem to find any that works (for 15 years of chronic severe almost full body) pain. Doctor prescribes CBD that did nothing. I buy a THC product from the dispensary & I get relief . Then the next THC batch does nothing. Fourth THC works & fifth THC fails to help. Sixth Sativa/Indica (CD) hybrid fails. I think they do not heat the product to produce the THC (they do not say but labs show THC levels). I have tried Sativa, Indica, hybrids of both & CBD. Never had a high or buzz but it was GREAT to not have the 24x7x365 PAIN when it worked. Suggestions please (be nice if possible)

    There seems to be a lot of name calling here, judging people. Just wanted to point out to one reply that Christians are not judges as there is only one Judge. Mathew 7:1-2 (that is my belief that I do not force on others) Perhaps some people judge others through their value beliefs (don’t know). Seems Warrior of God is hated. I would appreciate finding help & to not worry if my post is misunderstood or contains errors.

    • Anon Amos

      Maybe you need to rotate through several varieties. If you are using edibles, maybe you need to be sure you get them from a reputable source, one that tests and reports truthfully. If you are smoking, surely you know that is the heat that is necessary to change THCa to THC.

  • nubwaxer

    i became a daily user this year, edibles and smoking, at 66 years old because 1. i can, and 2. because of the mild euphoric/hypnotic effect to relieve depression.
    what’s the scientific evidence that sativa is stimulating while indica is whatever? any strain always made me drowsy which kept me away from using it. i use sativa but only 15 mg THC edible and a half joint or less for a full day. that’s my ration and about $70/month, an amount i’m comfortable spending even on $900/month SSI.

  • Grass Chief

    Fantastic post. Very helpful and informative. It will help people to identify the differences between sativa vs indica vs hybrid.

  • Skippy76

    I’ve recently been prescribed cannabis oil to help with my chronic pain.
    Originally I started on pure CBD oil.. which did absolutely nothing for me.. at 1.5ml/dose.
    I switched to a blend of CBD/THC oil and felt awful after my fist dose. It felt like I drank way too much alcohol. Not the good happy buzz. More like the spins and heavy head. Also, super dry cotton mouth. Is it possible some people just can’t tolerate cannabis?
    I remember the first time I smoked it back in College. It felt I was on a carnival ride spinning 100 miles/hr. Worst experience in my life.

    • Hmm.. There is always the possibility that you are intolerant or low-tolerance, for one reason or the other. Perhaps if you carefully watch the THC levels in the products you are using, and try to start with very low THC amounts, you may have a more positive experience. I’d been quite sensitive to THC, and I think I can relate to your college experience, but it seems to “grow on you” (pun not intended) if you take it EASY!!! Hope this helps 🙂

    • hardboy

      You must find the dose that is right for YOU. Start with a little. If that is not enough increase it A LITTLE until you find the desirable effects. Each person responds differently so nobody can dictate to you exactly how much you need.

  • rex

    I love these pages I catch myself reading them on my downtime and then I catch myself reading even more of the comments. Thank you to all the people that have taken the time to put their educational notes down and a big no thanks to the people that treat people like s*** and call them out on this page, also a big no thanks to the people that have no business being on this page and then troll the comment sections

  • Francisco Casals

    ADVICE, PLEASE. I’m a traditional pipe smoker (I prefer the smoothness of bongs but I always end up breaking them) so I just bought the HEBE Titan to try vaping dry flowers. Being new to vaping, I researched about the optimal temperature. At 389 up to 392 (right before the combustion point or so they say) and although I do “get” some when I inhale, when I exhale I don’t see a thick cloud as I see other people vaping making. Then, I raise the temp to the 400s, burns quicker and still there’s not a lot coming out. So, although I do feel the “high” and I don’t feel it coming nor see it, thus keep making me wonder if I’m doing something wrong or if I’m getting as high as I think I could get. THANKS!

    • Anon Amos

      Get a silicon bong on Amazon. It won’t break and is foldable if need be.

  • Andrew wilkerson

    For the one talking about opiates not being dangerous besides the stupid side effects opiates are one of the main causes of death in America right along side heroine, crack, and meth anyone who’s stupid enough to compare opiates being better than pot go back to school and read some more better yet look it up or go ask a Doctor. The US government has known since 1973 that marijuana can cure some types of cancer and yet they make it illegal and on the same boat dead approved for synthetic marijuana pills in Indiana in order to help cancer patients with pain and sickness so please stop entertaining yourself with the media puppets and start picking up books and learning real knowledge and don’t get me started on the ignorance of alcohol as well as cigarettes. Just saying…..

  • tocil

    as for growers, can trichomes color changes (clear> milky > amber) be a standard measure to gain energizing effects or sedating effects on the final products?

  • Colin Cote

    They can cause withdrawal almost identical to severe heroin or alcohol withdrawal . The full blown psychosis or paranoid scitzophrenia that will result during withdrawal in rare cases can be permanent. For many it will last 10 – 20 days. It is extremely dangerous.
    Stick with pot. The high potency thc extracts should not be sold at all.

  • Norman Hirsch

    sounds to me that the terpenes need to be isolated and classified scientifically and then carefully studied objectively and subjectively in numbers to see the effects each has. Then one can analyze any given strand of bud and make informed decision on what it’s effects are inclined to be. what is missing in this entire discussion is in the mind of the individual at the time of taking the “medicine”. that is perhaps the biggest variable and no one at this point in time is even close to approaching that subject.

  • Sal Yer

    I have found that mixing different ratios of the herb itself from a couple desired strains works so much better and is easier than looking for an exact strain, especially since so few are pure

  • Glen Folkard – GWS Survivor.

    Sativa for work or social and Indica for no nightmares.

  • Henrik Hansson

    I will recommend you visit ANNCANNAMED.COM for inquiries and medical purchase. They have potent products at good prices too

  • Zoey Thompson

    Visit ANNCANNMED for inquiries and medical purchase. They have good strains at good prices too.

  • Oldr_4_me

    Driving a vehicle while under the influence of any substance that can alter perception should never be considered safe no matter how long one has been using be it alcohol, THC or god forbid opiates. A car may not have a trigger but it still is an 2000 lbs + object capable of speeds of 100mph or more. Getting behind the wheel when mentally impaired (including extreme upset or anger) is a toxic mix. I am a big fan of smoke (not much for alcohol) but think of everyone else around you before getting behind the wheel.

  • Scott Sinnock

    I’ve smoked all my life, well almost, since 21 yrs, and haven’t noticed one lick of difference between the “grass” varieties I’ve had, until Death Star from DeBeque, CO, which put me to sleep. Maybe some others did in the past. I can’t remember, you know, pothead that I am.

  • Greenleaf910

    Hey guys, I’m just throwing this one out there. Any recommendations on a type of plant or strain that doesn’t mind growing in hot weather? If any you know of any autos, that would be even better. Thanks.

  • daniel yadegar

    this website and this article is about WEED, opiate addicts, find another site, this is why some think it’s a gateway drug, because of you losers.

  • Dub Steperka

    I’m sorry im seeing this 2 years after but i will reply too, anyway. My grandma told me they cultivated fields of hemp for fiber when she was a child, when they banned it shortly afterwards. She told me that the smell of flower daze them and they just laugh a bit.. there wasnt anything negative in growing hamp. But anyway i think people from the village will never have idea to use it in bad “bussiness” plans 😀

  • Garry MacRoberts

    I have been smoking cannabis for 25 years. When I started I thought that all weed was the same. I realized when I got really into it that, of course there are differences. No matter what the research may say, I find there is a distinct difference in sativa and indica strains. If you want to go back to the 1800s there was a lot of misinformation about a lot of things. Sativa typically produces an energetic, upbeat buzz where an indica typically produces a lazy buzz. Of course there are strains in each category that produce mixed effects. Also hemp is in the sativa family. With a thca content of less than 0.03 %. The mixed effects of terpenoids with different cannabinoids can produce wavering effects in different people sometimes when they take a certain strain. But this is the same with any drug!! What one person gets off a drug isn’t necessarily the same as another. We all have different physiological traits that metabolize drugs differently. This doesn’t mean that all cannabis is the same. Evolution dictates that strains from different parts of the world will gain different compositions and effects. I find all my peeps have a type they prefer. Either sativa or indica or hybrid. So this article is only confusing an already confused new-to-cannabis audience. The indica/sativa/hybrid is accepted among connoisseurs so what makes you the authority

  • michael grosser

    This seems to be about heroin not weed. All you old junkies coming out of the woodwork because you miss your one true so much. Junkies are loosers. Pure and simple. Not in the same world nor dimension as pot smokers (me , have smoked for 50 yrs now). One lesson I have learned from being in the drug culture is: Never ,Ever Trust a Fucking Junkie! Period. Signed, sealed delivered. End of discussion.

  • David W Lacey

    I have found it difficult to find a budtender that will even ask specific questions addressing the talking points in this article. Of course dispensary survival first revolves around profits; but, wouldn’t it be nice if more budtenders had some training in interviewing with these points in mind?

  • Some stats: Center of Disease Control

    2017 Deaths

    Drug overdose: 63,632
    Opiate overdose: 42,249

    Alcohol: 88,000 apx
    Cigarettes: 480,000 apx

    Variables include intentional and accidental. I personally don’t buy into “accidental”. Addiction is largely hereditary, but sticking a needle full of Horse in your arm is not. That’s a choice. It’s all suicide if you abuse.

  • Jerry C

    I tend to agree with this. having smoked before it was ‘acceptable’ I preferred “indica” as it tended to not induce paranoia and anxiety. But after so many years and not being a registered MMJ consumer, I notice no real distinction as far as Sativa and Indica go. I began going with “Sativa” because I wanted the energetic, uplifting and creative boost but a lot of the time I found sativa to be as sedating as ‘Indica’ So began to question if this whole indica vs. sativa was erroneous. Personally, I feel it is and highly dependent on the strain and it’s genetics Since I started almost a decade ago, I have recently found only ONE strain (I’m sure there’s many others but my dispensaries only have a certain selection that tends to remain the same). Star Dawg is the only strain in recent years that has given me the uplift, high rather than couch lock. One thing that really made me begin to question this is that when I first tried Blue Dream, the initial time I smoked it it was AMAZINg…it was such a clear headed, creative,happy, energetic feeling I loved it. I only got that ONE time, Blue Dream has never hit me that was since…it is a wonderful strain but tends to give me couch lock.

  • William Minsterman

    I would to try your Indica…

  • Tee Bee

    I am a boomer, and I am being educated….still trying to wrap my head around terms being used now, (sativas/indicas) which is being considered to be tossed out of the word vernacular and being replaced with cannabinoids and terpenes….what ever happen to the good old days when smoke was just smoke. The only time ,when a description was needed to to tell the difference between a good smoke from a lame smoke was whether or not the product in question was “high grade” and “home grown”

  • Peter Kings

    How can this be possible?

  • Drobkick867

    Oh no! I’m gonna get in trouble again just because I’ve been dangerously oversimplifying something my whole life!! 😉

  • Leo Van Sickle

    1968 and into the ’70’s, Panama Red was the smoke of choice, when it could be had. Laughed so hard ,almost busted a lung. So was that a THC-dominant strain?

  • What about autoflowering starins? Ruderalis is the most holistic cannabis plant.

  • John

    The names of the plants shouldn’t be confused with the names of effects. I look for indica effects in strains. So indica and sativa have a place if you are using them to describe effects and not plants.

  • I fully understand your point. And you are largely correct. But it’s not the opiate, it’s the addict that steals, etc.
    I have known plenty of addicts that have too much honor and pride to lower themselves to stealing. Unfortunately, we don’t all carry the same moral code.

  • Great, thanks for posting this. Doing some research so this all comes in handy.

  • Exactly right.
    Please read this.
    And sorry to hear about what happened to you. Glad you’re ok.
    Watch this video all the way through.

    They did it with Denatured alcohol in the 20s. They tried it with Marijuana and Paraquat in the 70s and 80s. They’re doing it with Fentanyl and several drugs now.
    The DEA is killing people who are addicted to drugs.

    “If some people die in order to have a more sober society, it’s a price worth paying” – Seymour Lowman : Asst. US Treasury Secretary 1927

  • Tracey Keenan Contreras

    I’m loving the hybrid, actually I dont see a difference so I stay with the hybrid or 9LB hammer my go to

  • all4 weed

    Allfourweed is considered as one of the best legal weed dispensary which both types of Cannabis as Indica vs Sativa. The indicia is Short, Bushy, Leaves, darker in color, grows more rapidly and higher yield. On the other side Sativa is tall, thin, narrow leaves, paler green, grows more slowly and Lower yield.

  • Jane Jones

    All of my friends that smoke indica, cannot tolerate the intense, awareness and mind expanding nature of the sativa high that aided all of my 3.9 MS PSY degree. As a strict sativa smoker, I cannot tolerate indica, because it knocks me out, sleep just sounds so good. LOL. Why does this one person have all of the say on that?

  • This really good , perfect no wonder Everytime lots of people come and ask if I have sativa at the dispensary I never really thought the was huge difference in sativa and Indica this great. Thanks.

  • please guys what the best cannabis strain for anxiety ive tried so many but it not working out..??

  • But what about Ruderalls? It is more than likely the original strain of cannabis and the most holistic strain.