Music Video and Strain Pairing of the Week: “Take on Me” and Sweet Cheese

Music Video and Strain Pairing of the Week: "Take on Me" and Cheese

For this week’s trippy music video and cannabis strain pairing, we thought we’d bring you some synthtastic throwback pop from 1984. Despite the fact that Leafly staff writer Gage Peake is 90s-born, he can’t get enough of the Norwegian group A-ha’s literally sketch-y song “Take on Me.” In Gage’s words, it’s a great song because “the music video is like my nightmare I have every time I get too stoned — getting lost in a cartoon world and losing my shit.”

If you want to go for the full immersive experience with this iconic music video, our editor and strain expert Bailey Rahn suggests reaching for the queso:

Leafly Sweet Cheese sativa cannabis strain“For a strain as cheesy as this song, go with the sativa Sweet Cheese. Its body buzz is prefaced by a bouncy, cerebral high that can help stimulate those bad dance moves.”

Do you have a trippy music video that you love to watch? Drop a comment with your favorite and we may feature it in a future installment. Otherwise, stay tuned for more Leafly staff recommendations!