Too Stoned to Watch Anything? Zone Out to the Oscillating Fan

You picked up a potent cannabis strain with plans to zonk out this weekend relaxing in front of the TV while streaming your TV show or movie of choice. There’s just one problem, though: you’ve gotten a bit too stoned to pay attention to intricate plot points or compelling drama. What now?

Fret not, my canna-loving chum! I’ve got the perfect video for you to zone out to. According to, which logs the content that Netflix and Amazon Prime video subscribers are watching, there’s a rapidly-trending option on Netflix that’s, well, blowing the competition away. The name of this red-hot video?

Oscillating Fan For Your Home. 

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No joke, this 60-minute video of a table fan gently oscillating back and forth is even more popular than Netflix’s insane documentary series Making a Murderer (which you should totally watch when you’re of sound mind). Lest you think the video is on a repeated loop, the shot includes a tall glass of ice that slowly melts, proving that you are indeed watching a fan blowing air around a room for an hour.

Oscillating Fan For Your Home

Much how viewers enjoy watching a yule log burn down to glowing embers during the holiday season, the Oscillating Fan video is perfect background fodder while you chat with friends, multitask, or just zonk out with a packed bowl of your favorite strain. The video even has its own tongue-in-cheek trailer that’s rated “F” for “Fans” and was approved for “all fans of fans”:

So if things are feeling a bit too intense for you, don’t worry — just sit back, relax, and enjoy the fake relaxing breeze.

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Image Source: Netflix