Where to find the best cannabis-infused food on Chicago’s South Side

Published on October 14, 2021 · Last updated February 18, 2022
Herbal Notes, above, is one of a number of South Side restaurants that offer special cannabis-infused tastings as well as a 420-friendly atmosphere. (Photo courtesy of Herbal Notes)

In Chicago it seems like the North Side gets all the love when it comes to weed. But there’s a thriving cannabis scene south of Madison Street, and it’s been around since long before legalization was a blip on the radar.

The South Side’s cannabis community is predominantly made up of small businesses led by BIPOC, and many of these businesses specialize in cannabis-infused dining.

Here are some of those South Side weed-infused food companies that you should put on your radar.

Mateo’s Pot

Enjoy the infused private dining experience at Mateo’s Pot on Chicago’s South Side. (Image courtesy of Mateo’s Pot, Chicago)

An infused private dining club on the South Side, Mateo’s Pot has a long history in Chicago cannabis. Offering all kinds of infused dining packages, they allow guests to choose from dinner parties, brunches, puff & paint nights, and more.

The Heart of Chicago Bakery

This bakery with the meaningful initials (The Heart of Chicago) is located in Pilsen. Their menu includes small-batch sweet and savory infused treats of all kinds, with a mission to “educate as well as meditate.”

Mary Jane Cafe Chicago

This is the first Black-owned CBD infused café in the city, located in the South Shore neighborhood. Choose from chicken, salmon, lamb, desserts and more at this full-service restaurant, and follow their Instagram for additional specials.

Herbal Notes

Herbal Notes chef Manny Mendoza offers special tasting dinners, in-home catering, and more. (Photo courtesy Herbal Notes)

Led by chef Manny Mendoza, Herbal Notes is another mainstay on the South Side’s infused dining scene, offering in-home catering, special tasting dinners, and more. Get on their mailing list to learn about the members-only, cannabis-friendly workspace, We Toke Club, in the Pilsen neighborhood.

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Cần Sa Bakery

This South Side micro bakery offers an updated menu every two weeks. They also specialize in using local ingredients only. Follow the site for more details.


In addition to full-service dining experiences, Planda also offers weekly meal prep, infusion classes, and personal consultations.

Flame Princess Confections

This Latina-owned artisan bakery offers gummies, cookies, confections, jams, drinks, and more. Follow their Instagram for details on pop-ups and special events.

Incredible Edible Chi

Daaamnnn. The chicken & leaf cakes at Inredible Edible Chi are to die for. (Photo courtesy of Incredible Edible Chi)

Incredible Edible Chi, an infused bakery on the South Side near Northwest Indiana specializes in treats with a soul food twist—like the chicken & leaf cakes with danq syrup, pictured above. They also serve infused ice cream on selected days.

8th Street Treats

This unique infused dining club offers Filipino themed cooking. Access to the club is through invitation only, and you can only get an invite through a referral. They have a reputation for high quality, offering items you can’t get anywhere else, so it’s worth checking to see if you know anyone who can get you in.

Sunrize Cafe


This new full-service restaurant located in the far south suburb of Calumet City was created by the owners of Incredible Edible Chi. Sunrize Cafe offers a complete menu with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including a wide variety of desserts and drinks. Choose from CBD and delta 8 infused options.

Your dollars matter

When you support these local caterers, makers and restaurants, not only are you supporting BIPOC in cannabis, but you’re also supporting small independent businesses. We’re at a point in the cannabis industry in which legal weed is increasingly made up of corporate consumer packaged goods companies. But weed infused food is of the last areas in which small businesspeople in weed can thrive. So, let’s show them our support!

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