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The Newest Cannabis Products in Quebec

Published on August 30, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
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Illustration by Robyn Flannigan for Leafly

Illustration by Robyn Flannigan for Leafly

What’s New in Quebec

Cannabis consumers in Quebec can look forward to an increasing selection of products hitting the market in the months ahead. In addition to new strains of dried flower, expect a whole new host of topicals, extracts, and edibles (excluding candy and confections, sadly) becoming available as legalization 2.0 comes into effect.

In this round-up we’ll feature brands, strains, products, and accessories that are newly available across the province.

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January 2020

CBD tea from Everie

A limited number of wellness teas are available from Everie, in flavours like peach/ginger, vanilla/rooibos, and lavender/chamomile. These CBD dominant teas come in a three-pack with 10 mg CBD per unit and negligible THC content.

White Russian from Indiva

Available in preroll and dry flower formats, this newly available strain from the Ontario producer has just been released to Quebec. Medium THC levels hit between 12% and 20% while CBD content measures under 2%.

Jack Herer from Indiva

Also new to the SQDC is the popular Jack Herer, available in both dry flower and preroll varieties. Known as one of the rarer terpinolene-dominant strains, Jack Herer will have between 12% and 20% THC and 0% to 2% CBD.

September 2019

La Batch from High Park

La Batch
New to the SQDC, La Batch is a new line budget-friendly flower. Find half-gram joints that cost just $4.50, or buy them five at a time for just $16.90. Prefer to roll your own? A half-quarter will set you back just $17.90.

August 2019

Dried flower from 48 North

48 North is officially selling dried flower throughout la belle province. Stocked by the SQDC, find strains such as Crush VertPower Plant, and Kosher Kush available for purchase online and in stores now.

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