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The Newest Cannabis Products in British Columbia

Published on August 30, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Illustration by Robyn Flannigan for Leafly

What’s New in British Columba

Stay up to date as new cannabis products make their debut in British Columbia.

From freshly harvested crops of dried flower to an influx of extracts, edibles, and topicals due out before the end of the year, this round-up is dedicated to featuring brands, strains, products, and accessories that are newly available across the province.

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January 2020

Infused-chocolates from Foray

With flavours like Vanilla Chai, Salted Caramel, and Dark Chocolate, these infused chocolates from the Dosecann brand are made using chocolate supplied by one of the world’s largest chocolate suppliers Barry-Callebout. A foray into the 2.0 space, these chocolate squares come in balanced and THC-dominant varieties containing up to 10 mg THC per unit.

Infused-chocolates from Aurora Drift

These chocolate bars from Aurora contain 2 mg THC per square, totalling 10 mg THC per package. Available in Sea Salt & Caramel and 64% Cocoa Dark flavours, these confections are billed as “ethically sourced.”

Chillers from Aurora Drift

If you’re in the market for fresh breath and a touch of cannabis, Aurora Drift’s Spearmint and Peppermint Chillers are neat options. Expect up to 2.3 mg THC per mint in this five-pack, depending on the flavour.

Grape Oasis Gummies from Aurora Drift

These grape flavoured gummies contain between 1.7 mg and 2.3 mg THC per unit and come in a pack of five.

Lemon Riot preroll from Sundial

A take on Rascal OG, Lemon Riot has high THC content and energizing properties. Caryophyllene, myrcene, and pinene make up the strain’s terpene profile with undertones of pine and pepper.

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Glueberry preroll from Cannmart

A cross between Gorilla Glue and OG Kush, Glueberry is described as “very” dense with hues of green and purple. Scents of pine and berry come from this kushy myrcene-dominant strain.

White Rhino from Pure Sunfarms

This pack of three 0.5 gram prerolls has sweet and fruity flavours—made from whole-flower, not trim—and produces THC levels on the higher scale, ringing in between 16% and 22%. The strain’s genetics blend White Widow with cultivars from India and Brazil.

Critical Cali Mist from Pure Sunfarms

A complex cross between Critical Mass and Kali Mist, Critical Cali Mist makes for a potent, energizing strain with intermediate THC levels ranging from 12% to 18%. Grown organically in BC, the pinene-dominant strain comes in a pack of three 0.5 gram units.

Pregame preroll from Zenabis

This three-pack is available in limited quantities, producing THC content ranging between 16% and 23%. Commonly known as Ultra Sour, the energizing strain might be named after that “pregame” ritual you do with your friends before a big night out.

Dry flower from Re-Up

The brand promising high value at lower costs has released a handful of new strains to customers in BC. Costs come in around $5.70 to $6.50 per gram for mostly familiar (but sometimes re-named) strains like DTHBBB, SNSSTR, LTRSR, and CTRQ.

Sour Jack from Whistler Cannabis Co.

A cross between Sour Diesel and Jack Herer, this “hard-to-come-by” strain packs a punch with THC levels within 20% and 25%. Diesel scents combine with tropical fruit on this premium bud, slightly dominant in limonene with a myrcene counterpart

Unite Organic from TGOD

The Unite Organic dried flower has an intermediate-to-high THC concentration between 15% and 24%. Dominant in pinene and followed by myrcene and ocimene terpenes, Unite is described with herbal aromas like pine, pepper, and thyme.

Vape kits, cartridges, and devices from various producers

Many major licensed producers have brought their vaporizer offerings to market, including Cannmart, Dosecan, Pax, Spinach, Cove, Top Leaf/Sundial, High Park, Aurora, and more.

December 2019

Sativa pre-roll from Houseplant

This pre-roll from Houseplant is a high-THC sativa strain (Chemdawg) with OG Kush and Sour Diesel lineage. Strong, earthy aromas come from dominant terpenes caryophyllene and myrcene.

Sativa (Proprietary) from Grasslands

BC consumers can get their hands on this Alberta-grown bud from Grasslands, offering a mid-THC potency in a proprietary sativa strain.

Strawberry Cream from Topleaf

Another new offering available to BC customers, this sweet, indica-dominant strain has notes of creamy strawberry, lemon, and pepper.

Pūr Dew CBD Oil from Blissco

Made from 100% CBD cannabis oil and MCT carrier oil, this oil comes in a 750 mg bottle, with a balanced bisabolol, geraniol, and humulene terpene profile. Blissco’s CO2 extraction method ensures the retention of terpenes.

November 2019

Cinderella Jack Preroll from Weed Me

Just released in limited quantities, this high-THC sativa dominant preroll comes from a lineage of Cinderella 99, Jack Herer, and Magnum genetics. Cinderella Jack is said to have a sweet and fruity flavour with herbal notes.

Northern Dew Oil from Canaca

Sold in a 20 ml package, this high-THC blend contains 25 to 30 mg of THC per ml. A highly concentrated THC distillate bonds with a coconut-based carrier oil, making the drops easy to include in a variety of applications.

Saturna (Muskmelon OG) by Broken Coast

This original high-THC indica-dominant Saturna strain, a.k.a. Muskmelon OG (with OG Kush lineage), hit the BC market recently and was created out of a complex hybridization process. So far Saturna is available in 3.5 and 7 gram packages.

Jean Guy Oil from KKE

Jean Guy from 7ACRES was selected here for its taste and “pungent, citrusy, woody” aromatic profile. Another high-THC oil, this one contains around 24.5 mg of THC and less than 2 mg of CBD per ml.

Zen Berry from Sundial

Sundial’s Zen Berry, a Shiskaberry variant, is a mid-THC indica-dominant offering from the Alberta-based growers. Ontario was able to get their hands on this product back in August, and now it’s available via BC retailers too.

October 2019

The Batch from High Park

The Batch is a line of pocket-friendly flower new to the BC Cannabis Store. Categorized by potency rather than cultivar, this blended whole flower contains between 10-16% THC. You can try The Batch in a variety of forms, from affordable quarter and half-quarter ($26.99!) packages to solo prerolls ($4.99!) or a package of five.

September 2019

Pure Sunfarms

The brand of BC-grown bud is launching eight strains that are set to become available at licensed retailers in British Columbia and Ontario this month. The new line will debut with cultivars such as Afghan Kush and White Rhino while strains Critical Kali Mist, Hash Plant, Headband, Island Honey, Purple Sun God, and Pure Sun CBD are set to follow.

Zen Berry from Sundial Cannabis

Products from this Alberta-based grower are now available to BC consumers. Zen Berry, a variety of Shishkaberry, is the first to hit store shelves but more products are expected to arrive this fall including strains like Lemon Riot and Citrus Punch.

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