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7 sativa-dominant products perfect for pumpkin spice season

Published on October 4, 2022 · Last updated November 15, 2022
Pumpkin spice latte in a glass mug with cinnamon, nutmeg and cookies
Grab your sweater and fav sativa for an autumn hike amongst the changing leaves. (fahrwasser/Adobe Stock)

Once Labour Day is safely in the rearview mirror, it’s cable-knit and copious cups of PSLs all the time because — it’s fall, y’all. 

Cringe aside, Canadian autumn is one of the best seasons of the year. As fall foliage morphs from summertime greens to moody reds and oranges; pair the visual beauty with a hot beverage and oversized sweater and you’re ready for a walk in the woods.

And while the shorter days and crisp air might have you craving a cozy afternoon nesting on the couch and binging the new LOTR, we recommend saving those melancholic moping days for November. If camping is more your speed, make sure to familiarize yourself with the rules of camping with weed in Canada.

Grab your sneakers or hikers and pick up a couple of these sativa-dominant cannabis products for an energizing autumn walk, perfect for pumpkin spice season. Before long, you’ll be able to see your breath with every huff you make, so make the most of the fall months of 2022 while you can.

Here are seven sativa-dominant cannabis products you can buy across Canada this fall:

Apricot Jelly 510 Thread Cartridge

(Courtesy of ~ness)

Brand: ~ness

Licensed producer: BZAM Cannabis 

Potency: THC, 82.00 – 88.00%  |  820.00 – 880.00 mg/g

Two of the best things about the Apricot Jelly 510 cart from -ness are its uplifting effects and smooth inhale. It’s as potent as it is flavourful, too, and will have you considering jogging up those inclines during your hike rather than leisurely walking. Expect unmistakable flavours of stone fruit, including apricot, obviously, as well as citrus, from the blend of caryophyllene and limonene terps. 

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It’s no secret that a common consumer frustration with 510 carts is how easily they clog, making it difficult to pull in that delicious vapour. Well, slide this Apricot Jelly into the Winner list for its utilization of the brand’s No Burn Technology, which honours that OG terpene taste while being incredibly smooth and consistent.

Sativa 20% Plus Pre-Roll

(Courtesy of Weed Me)

Brand:  Weed Me 

Licensed producer: Weed Me 

Potency: THC 29.00 – 35.00%  |  290.00 – 350.00 mg/g 

A 10-pack of these super strong sativa pre-rolls will leave you with more than enough to share, so bring your buds on the trail. Each pre-rolled joint is packed with 0.35 grams of milled flower that’ll kick you into gear. Weed Me has done its due diligence to put the consumer’s enjoyment first. They use lightweight paper cones that shouldn’t canoe or not need to be relit.

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It may feel a bit elitist to smoke a joint that’s been rolled on your behalf if you’re used to rolling your own. But trust us, pre-rolls are a super convenient way to blaze when you’re on the go. Just make sure you light up in designated smoking areas if you’re on a trail, and of course, be considerate and don’t toss your roach where animals might eat it.

Cinnamon Biscuit

(Courtesy of THC Kiss)

Brand: THC Kiss

Licensed producer: THC Biomed 

Potency: THC, 9.00 – 10.00 mg 

This isn’t one of those homemade weed cookies that you attempted to bake in your younger years. THC Kiss based out of Kelowna, B.C. has managed to whisk up a delicious sweet treat that has 10mg of sativa-dominant THC.

These cookies are sold as singles and have a distinct and warming cinnamon flavour — a spice that always feels more appropriate come fall. 

If you’re new to the world of legal edibles, remember to start low and go slow. Edibles hit differently than cannabis flower and it’s totally ok to start with a quarter of a cookie, wait a few hours and then up your dose if you want or need something more. 

Omega CBD Softgels

(Courtesy of Briight)

Brand: Briight

Licensed producer: Breathing Green Solutions 

Potency: THC, 1.00 mg/capsule, CBD, 23.00 – 30.00 mg/capsule

While edibles like cookies and gummies are pretty easy to carry and consume, softgels and oils are the ultimate discreet method for dosing under the radar. Omega’s CBD soft gels are primarily CBD with 23 – 30 mg per capsule and just 1 mg of sativa-forward THC.

Still, if you’re heading outside to marvel at the changing fall colours, these soft gels will relax your body and lift you up without making you feel overly high. 

Ghost Train Haze Flower

(Courtesy of Station House)

Brand: Station House

Licensed producer: Sensi Brands

Potency: THC, 18.00 – 22.00%  |  180.00 – 220.00 mg/g 

Ghost Train Haze is a skunky sativa contender that’s energizing in all the right ways. This cultivar is the love child of Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck and has buds that grow incredibly dense, unlike a typical sativa flower. 

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This heavy-hitter will be energizing for some, depending on tolerance, and could even help with depression and pain. Sativa lovers note feelings of euphoria and stamina. This Ontario-grown bud includes terps like beta-caryophyllene, humulene and myrcene, so expect your mouth to quickly recognize those earthy and floral tastes with a touch of citrus. 

Sour Diesel Shatter

(Courtesy of RAD)

Brand: RAD

Licensed producer: Voyage Cannabis 

THC: 72.00 – 80.00%  |  720.00 – 800.00 mg/g 

If you’re into that mouth-puckering taste of gas and tang, Sour Diesel has got to be on your radar. Rad has made the popular strain into a shatter using a hydrocarbon extraction process and the final product is such a perfectly brittle texture with a golden hue.

You’re likely not bringing a dab rig on a hike, but you can certainly use a dab pen with this distillate, and if you’re a heavy consumer this shatter will go a long way in your device. It’s also fast-acting, so you can expect to feel those cerebral and euphoric effects pretty quickly, so figure out when to dose yourself accordingly.

Ginger Ale Galaxy

(Courtesy of Deep Space)

Brand: Deep Space

Licensed producer: Tweed Inc.

Potency: THC, 10.00 mg 

Weed drinks are a modern consumption method that is enjoyable and familiar. There are a number of tasty sativa-dominant beverages in Canada this fall and there’s something so nostalgic about the old-school flavours that scream stomping-through-piles-of-leaves-at-recess that it’s hard not to be drawn to them as a legal adult. 

One of those throwbacks is Ginger Ale, which is enjoyable and refreshing for any outdoor adventure.  Tweed is responsible for Deep Space, a strong 10mg OG drink in the Canadian weed beverage realm, and has recently released a few different options. The Ginger Ale Galaxy, which packs 10mg of THC per 222ml can, has a bit of a classic weed taste, but with a recognizable ginger ale finish. 

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