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BC Organic Apple Toffee

by Simply Bare

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Simply Bare Cannabis Flower BC Organic Apple Toffee
Simply Bare Cannabis Flower BC Organic Apple Toffee
Simply Bare Cannabis Flower BC Organic Apple Toffee

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About this product

This BC Organic Apple Toffee is a FVOPA Organic Certified hybrid with a slight indica leaning. Visually this cultivar has big, thick leaves surrounding slightly fluffy-looking, yet dense buds. With a lineage of Sour Apples and Crème Brûlée you get an interesting combination of kushy and fruity, sweet aromas - you can almost smell the apple. Grown in living soil, hang-dried for 14 days and cold cured. Hand-harvested and cold cured, these buds were carefully selected, trimmed and placed in a recyclable glass jar, sealed for freshness. THC: 18 - 24% CBD: <0.1% TERPENES: >2.5% TERPENE PROFILE: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Farnesene, Humulene

About this brand

Simply Bare Logo
ABOUT US The happiest plants are the most natural ones, so we grow organically in the heart of Fraser Valley, BC and work hand in hand with nature every step of the process: we plant our seeds in hand-mixed living soil, nourish them with fresh water, and grow them under the golden light of the BC sun. We’re careful not to strip anything away or add anything artificial. Instead of artificial pesticides, we enlist the help of nice bugs to eat the not so nice ones when we need to. FULLY ORGANIC, FLAVORFUL CANNABIS Our dream has always been to grow the most flavorful cannabis by using only organic ingredients and processes. We’re proud to be recognized as Certified Organic by the Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association. We’re the first cannabis producer to achieve standards for an Environmental Farm Plan, which means that we’re continuing towards 100% rainwater recycling, carbon capture and reuse, and net-zero energy and waste. We are the first Canadian recreational cannabis brand from Rubicon Organics – a producer of super premium, certified organic cannabis. HOW WE GROW Our way is not always easy, but it’s the only way to grow the best cannabis on earth, for the earth: • Grown in Living Soil • Hang Dried for 14 days • Room filling aroma

About this strain

Sour Apple

Sour Apple
  1. Myrcene
  2. Caryophyllene
  3. Pinene
Sour Apple, also known as "Sour Apple Diesel," is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Sour Diesel with Cinderella 99. Sour Apple is extremely potent and may make your tastebuds tingle. This strain delivers relaxing effects that may leave you stuck on the sofa. Sour Apple is ideal for after work or on a lazy afternoon. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to relieve symptoms associated with stress and pain.

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Mon Mar 08 2021
Love this strain! Helps with my endometriosis pain and nausea. Also help me sleep and is very smooth. Apple toffee is one of my favourite strains!
Thu Jan 07 2021
I wanted to try something different and was so happy with this suggestion from Purple Haze! Nice size dense nugs covered in crystals. Perfectly cured with some sweet aromas. Smoked like a dream! Felt inspired, creative and energetic. It didn't leave me feeling sluggish or heavy on the come down. Highly recommend this flower! Thank you Ben for making the match 💜
Thu Nov 12 2020
We give Apple Toffee a very solid applaud overall. With lots of competition in it’s price range, we do believe the organic growing methods, robust terpene profile and 10/10 trim job make this one of our top pandemic picks. Reserve yours now at www.evergreendream.ca/orderonline or come see us at 113 Second Street East, Revelstoke, BC, V0E 2S1. Grower Info/Background: Simply Bare is very well known within Canadian cannabis circles as one of BC’s first FVOPA organic certified greenhouses located in the Fraser Valley, BC. To us, Simply Bare is consistent with caked, crafty buds featuring rich, multi-layered aromas achieved through organic growing methods, slow curing and glass packaging. Look: With not a single poorly trimmed bud in sight, Simply Bare appears to have the aesthetics dialled using precise hand trimming and cold curing; leaving us with very recognisable buds that live up to the hype. Subtle brown/orange hairs line the outside with a subtle glow of trichome crystals. The recycled glass jar is a nice bonus as well that adds to the whole experience. Smell: This is where Simply Bare truly excels. Their grower stays true to the basics by using organic living soil, slow curing and recycled glass packaging. This optimises flavours and has caused Simply Bare to regularly have some of the terpiest, flavorful cannabis we have come across. Apple Toffee is no exception, and an initial nose of fruity gas gives way to a sour apple aroma that fills the room. TERPENE PROFILE: Caryophyllene (Cracked pepper, Wood), Limonene (Citrus), Farnesene (Green Apple), Humulene (Hops, Cannabis) Taste: Sour diesel on the inhale that rounds a corner to notes of green apple, crème brulee and pear. We found it to be all of bright, vibrant, sour and fruity. The Terpene profile promises a similar story with 4 major terpenes all combining together to make the sweet n’ spicy apple cannabis taste one receives. Experience/Value: BC Organic Apple Toffee is a memorable experience from the get-go with great jar appeal, a well-stacked terpene/flavour profile and a moderate THC content that leads to a satiating, joyous high. We found that the strain is also clear, focused and fun. It has lots more than just a THC content to boast - the listed terpene Caryophyllene in particular to be known to bond to deeper sites into the Cannabinoid system than most available terpenes, which in it’s simplest terms works to make you higher, regardless of tolerance. A great pick heading into the holiday season and one of our favourite BC strains right now. While stocks last. Reserve yours at www.evergreendream.ca/orderonline