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Best prices in the area usually, for edibles and lots of good deals on joints. Everyone is so helpful. Will return :)


Feels like a hug. Very warm, positive feelings 😌🙏🏽One of the few strains I can smoke heavily because usually large amounts of THC give me headaches or paranoia. This one offers calm, relaxing effects on top of a subtle tingly body high. I can still go about my day without feeling sluggish or stupid. One of my fav strains. Weight of the world feels lifted 👌🏽

Space Queen

Love this strain! I'm a newer medical user who suffers from frequent stress, social anxiety, depression, and muscle spasms in the low back. Space Queen treats and uplifts each of those issues. Not only has my back pain stopped, but I feel like I can stretch it for miles. Not only is my happiness there, but it's elevated to euphoria. Not only am I calm and collected, but I'm in a state of pure contentment and meditation. I wouldn't smoke it before bed simply because it's a strain that makes you feel happy and want to observe more than sleep. I was afraid it would give me too strong of a head/body high because most strains do that to me. They make me unbearably sleepy and then I can't enjoy myself like I want to because I'm so overwhelmed with tiredness. But this one takes the cake! She's subtle and strong at the same time. :)

Green Ribbon

Great for pain relief, stress relief, and stimulating your appetite. However. As a newer medical marijuana patient I have to say this strain gave me some issues. If I smoked as much Green Ribbon as the amount of bud I normally do, I'd get a really intense pressure/throbbing in the front of my forehead.. not pleasant at all. It goes away after an hour or so but after that I'd be so tired I could barely function. I felt great when I woke up in the morning, though. In conclusion, I'd use it on a restless night if I had cramps and I wanted to get some sleep, but I'd never again use it for daytime pain.


I've been looking for a strain that could help with my depression while simultaneously combat the chronic muscle spasms in my low back. I tried strains that had high ratings in pain relief/stress relief/uplifting/happy but none of them did the job quite like this one. It's nice to have Bubbleberry because it doesn't make me unbearably sleepy while treating my pain. It gives me a very relaxed, smiley attitude without fogging up my brain and making it difficult to focus. I like smoking it with my bong before a long day at work and before cleaning/cooking. Very pleasant smell and taste. I do wish the "happy" was a bit more intense but other than that I absolutely fell in love with this strain!