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Gary Payton

I just tried this and it’s so strong and I smoke daily, so if your a new smoker idk about this one for your first time. It’s so DANK idk where to start. I feel soo happy. I feel like I can’t get in a bad mood. Visually staring at things is so nice. You can get easily lost watching something fascinating. It’s tastes amazing and smells so good. It’s very euphoric so take it slow with this one or you’ll be knocked on your ass. It delivers a good head high. I feel comfortably numb and overall great. Buy this if you can get your hands on it. 10/10

Tropicana Cookies

This strain is so good. It tastes exactly how it smells. It hits pretty hard so a little goes a long way and that’s coming from a daily smoker. I just took some hits and I feel pretty happy. I got into a good mood and started to have more energy. I feel very uplifted and very focused on what I’m doing. It’s a strong head high so be ready to get high af. If your a new smoker take one hit and chill on it. Overall I’d give it an A+!

Lemon Pepper

Okay where do I start... This strain blew me away. I’m currently smoking it and I’m high af. I immediately was hit with happiness and started smiling. Then I got this uplifted and very relaxed feeling. I smoked some bong hits and took a few gravity hits and went to space. It’s like a good head high. Your completely consumed in this peaceful dreamy celestial haze but still able to function and think clearly. I’m able to write this so I think that’s a good example cause I’m wrecked. Highly recommend!

Glueberry O.G.

This strain made me feel relaxed and clear minded. It’s a nice cerebral high and made me feel all happy and tingly. I was definitely in a better mood. I’m actually smoking this rightnow as I type this. Good stuff❤️

Sour Kush

Love love love this strain! I smoked some bong hits earlier and it completely relaxed me and put me in a good mood. I suffer with chronic depression and this immediately cheered me up. Very uplifting and spiked creativity. Mellow but very well aware body high. Definitely a good strain for mood and mental state. A+💚

Sour Candy

This strain really surprised me on how light and uplifted I felt. Definitely a good day weed. I also felt waves of euphoria and felt more focused. Not so heavy body high but it’s amazing. A+