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The Apothecary Shoppe - Las Vegas

My husband and I went into this dispensary and bought the top hat grape candies & the disposable euphoria CBD pen. The grape candies kinda felt like they were more 2 mg rather than the 8+ it claimed which was ok. However the disposable pen battery ran out at 1/4 way through. So we brought it back. The lady at the front desk said we probably wore out the battery by the frequency of the draw we were taking. But Ive had plenty of disposable pens and this has never been a problem. Also we weren’t drawing on it hard or that frequently as she assumed we were that wasnt the problem. We got it replaced and guess what THE SAME THING HAPPENED! As you can imagine I was being extra careful with the draws I was inhaling with it and the frequency. This is very disappointing because I don’t live here and wasted $35 on something I can’t use tonight or bring on the plane with me. I’m not going to spend another 15 bucks taking an Uber going back to return the second pen. I wish they would have just let us put that money towards a different pen or cartridge the second time we were there. The first time service was terrible. The guy that was helping us was either stoned and just not able to remember anything we said, undertrained or not knowledgeable of cannabis or their products. He brought over two things in place of other items we asked for and a battery we did not need at the time. It really confused the person ringing us up why we were saying no we didn’t want those products we actually wanted the other items. It wasn’t that we changed our minds it was that the requested items weren’t brought to us in the first place. The second visit we were taken care of but again just wish they would realize there’s something wrong with their disposables and let me put that money towards something else. I will never shop here again and I will not recommend to others. I have had great success at the apothecarium a few miles away, I wish I would have went there again this time they were very knowledgeable, professional, and had great customer service.

Night Nurse

One bowl will knock you out. It’s an even body high and head high right in your occipital to your crown, which makes me think this activates my hippocampus, which is what a benzodiazepine does, I have ptsd, have had a lot of concussions, depression and anxiety and had a dependency to klonopin( I was on it for a year and a half at a high dose, you are only suppose to be on it for 2 weeks tops) needless to say I had horrible withdrawals and wish I had this strain to get me through those, this was two years ago and I still have bad residual effects like skin crawls in my bones. This strain takes care of all of that, and it basically gives me the feeling of a benzodiazepine but the positive kind of effect without the terrible short and long term side effects. I’m very happy I chose to use cannabis, I wish I would have sooner, it would have really helped me wean off the benzodiazepines, and would have given me the relief I needed in the first place. I’m very sad there is such misinformation about canna use. It’s just so so good, it’s from the earth, all it needs it to be dried, cured, heated up. It’s always been around, it’s all over the world, you can’t overdose, it makes a gentler happy human, there’s no terrible side effects. Compared with drugs that haven’t been around 20-100 years that we don’t know what the long term side effects are. This strain is exactly what I want a night cannabis to be.

The West Seattle Marijuana Store

So thankful for this dispensary! The staff really know their stuff, they are very professional and courteous. I appreciate the thoughtful questions they ask to be able to better recommend strains, they don’t just ask you if your looking for Sativa/ indica/ hybrid and then slap something down on the counter for you to take seriously as a recommendation... We see the difference in quality and professionalism when compared to some of the dispensaries down the street, even tho they don’t carry a grower brand I love “harmony farms” (that the one down the street carries) I would rather give my business to these guys. They just get it, the atmosphere is upscale coffee shop vibes but still down to earth and friendly, doesn’t make you feel like there’s a drug deal going down like some others in the area will make you feel. Hands down fav store in West Seattle. Keep up the great customer service! We thank you! Also very nice check in guy, we appreciate you too so thanks for telling us every time you check us in that you appreciate us! 🤝🤙🏽🙌🏾🖖🏿


Heavy hitter in the head! Relaxed and refreshing.

Strawberry Fields

Had this in a cartridge, only three draws it took to get me stoned. And I️ mean stones (yes stones- how many?- I️ don’t know’, a lot of them!) high. I’ve been reading the review as a wake and bake, creeper, or clear headed but man I️ could not blend in a crowd with this, I️ would try but would be soon found licking a side walk- thinking “this isnt normal, But why haven’t I️ been doing this all along?!” That’s all// if you get the cartridge beware you will get all introspective, want to write that long lost best friend you had that you never keep in contact with, eat that last chicken wing in the fridge that’s been sitting there for who KNOWS?! How long!!! Play with your dog until you realize an hour has gone by and the dog doesn’t even want the taco you’ve been throwing around you 100 sq foot house, crawl into bed to write a long redundant review but not before you change all your pillow cases while thinking “why, why am I️ standing on a ladder changing pillowcases” and you body goes “ because I️ can”. It’s a heavy hitter, it hits fast and hard. Just like your mom. ;)


Gives me the best cozy feel. Drys up my eyes and sinus tho. The benefits out weigh the side effects. Amazing for pain. All over tingle and pressure.


Wow. I can't even really type this review 👏🏼🙌👍🏼💰💣🚬🌯🍻🤗🍖⚡️🍾🍾🍾🍾💸🔫👹🤖💤💤💤💤💤💃💃💃💇 all those emotions. Tingly couch lock but motivated to do something...but can't move. Really love this perfect daze like starring at something for a few minutes and realize you wern't watching it because you were in the upside down